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20 Jul 2021 16:53:33
What is the expectation on Tsimikas? Is he to be sold or are we looking to keep him?

Hoping he gets a shot, as much as Andy Rob is the best in the world, he needs a break now and then


{Ed025's Note - come on mate get a grip, andy is a good player and works his socks off and that makes him a real asset, best in the world????...not in the top 20 im afraid, say no to drugs..

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20 Jul 2021 16:59:46
Not in the top 20? Ed025 has finally jumped the shark.

20 Jul 2021 17:02:55

Cheers Ed 😂 his work rate makes him the best! In my opinion anyway!

Who would you have?

{Ed025's Note - to be honest TAA hes not even the best left back on merseyside mate, lucas digne is...check the stats, but i do like him as he gives 100% every game..

20 Jul 2021 17:02:58
Ed025 - I think TAA very much means the best left back in the world!

I can only think of a couple that would be fighting with Robbo for the starting spot in the World XI (Alaba and the Canadian chappy at Bayern who has taken Alaba's spot) . Robbo is a top 3 in the world for me (at left back! ) .

Say yes to drugs!

Red Sandman.

{Ed025's Note - as i told TAA hes not even the best left back on merseyside mate..the hallucinogenics you are taking are too strong RS.. :)

20 Jul 2021 17:19:05
Best leftback in the toughest league in the world! i'll settle for that.

20 Jul 2021 17:03:59
I think he meant 'best left back in the world' not best player.

If you want to dispute that, go ahead, but I'd be interested to see someone name *20* better left backs without running into obvious nonsense.

{Ed001's Note - Lucas Digne better than Robbo? Not even Digne's mother would agree with that assessment!}

20 Jul 2021 17:39:44
Isn’t Digne the 3rd best behind Robbo and Milner?


20 Jul 2021 17:07:03
no sour grapes at all from 25 ;)

{Ed025's Note - not at all td only truth....its my middle name mate.. :)

20 Jul 2021 17:20:33
Name the 20 left backs currently better than him please and thanks. Not saying he's the best in the world or any rubbish like that but this should be good.

{Ed025's Note - im basing it on regional logic OMM...robbo is scottish.. :)

20 Jul 2021 17:38:39
Would you care to name your top 20 left backs then, ed025? 🤣🤣🤣.

{Ed025's Note - no .. :)

20 Jul 2021 17:42:10
Stats had Lucas Leiva as the best passer in the world at one point. Take frosty specs of Ed and use your eyes, laughable assessment.

{Ed025's Note - i do my own assessments IPC, robbo is a grafter thats it just a grafter mate.. :)

20 Jul 2021 18:07:29
I'm pretty sure Richarlison is better than Salah and Mane put together, eh Ed025?

{Ed025's Note - no mate hes not as good as either of them zed...i tell the truth always im an ex altar boy and lay preacher.. :)

20 Jul 2021 18:08:28
Fair enough Ed025 mate. Your opinion and you're entitled to it. Be a boring world if we all thought the same.

{Ed025's Note - it certainly would OMM mate..

20 Jul 2021 18:13:39
Haha There is nobody at Everton anywhere near any of ours, if we're that average and deluded why is an Everton fan wanting to be an ed on a LFC site? . just saying 25 ;)

{Ed025's Note - i love the craic rum lad, liverpool are not average mate they are a damn good side, 4th or 5th best in the league i would say..

20 Jul 2021 18:25:49
Ed025 i’m not sure if you’re on the wind-up or not, but there has never been a group of supporters that i have ever come across that are quite so consistently misjudged in their player assessments as the Everton fans.

The pattern is always the same; sign new player, claim that new player is world class and infinitely better than anything Liverpool currently have or have ever had, turn on said player and give him pelters at the ground as soon as there is a downturn in form, hound him to leave, never acknowledge your misjudgement, repeat the cycle. Never in my life have i seen a group of supporters so dedicated to the craft of building players up to impossible heights before knocking them down with embarrassing hostility.

Off the top of my head, here are just some of the claims i have had made to me by my Everton season-ticket holding acquaintances:

Arteta being better than Gerrard
Fellaini being better than Gerrard
Magaye Gueye being better than Sterling
Jelavic being better than Suarez (a particularly nasty turnaround of abuse i saw first hand at a game i attended at Goodison, the abuse i witnessed being directed towards Jelavic was unlike anything i’ve ever seen) .
McCarthy being better than Henderson (this individual actually went to the trouble of getting banned from Wikipedia for editing Hendersons page to insert this statement)

Feel free to have your opinions and go on the wind up (its what the Banter page is for after all) but there’s absolutely no way anybody is going to take you seriously, we’ve seen it all before and i honestly don’t think there has ever been any disagreement i have had with an Everton supporter about players where they’ve been proven right in the end.

I’m not sure that anybody who identifies as part of a group that hounded Romelu Lukaku out of their club for having a poor touch, can seriously come on here and throw about accusations of hallucinogenics use. I eagerly await for September, by which point Demarai Gray will be irrefutably better than Mohamed Salah, no doubt 😉.

{Ed025's Note - lets get things straight AW, yes i will boost a player up when he signs for us its what supporters do, i did not make the comparisons you mention but if its on ability then no they are wrong, if its on integrity and being a nice human being then they are spot on...gerrard is one horrible horrible nasty piece of work as a person and dont even get me started on hannibal the cannibal who you all idolised.
Jelavic was not trying and was engineering a way out of the club and it was the same with lukaku so i have no sympathy for either mate, hendo has improved immensely and all credit to the guy but there was a time when even your blinkered lot were slating him week in week out so ..people who live in glass houses and all that.
i hope i have answered all your questions except the one where you are comparing a box to box midfielder with a winger, (im sure your embarrassed about that) and i look forward to chewing the fat with you in the future..

20 Jul 2021 18:26:21
Haha! Ya see that's what i like, if everyone just had the craic like this there'd be no need for daft falling out. but you are wrong 🤣🤣.

{Ed025's Note - that never happens rum lad mate.. :)

20 Jul 2021 19:02:58
This is laughable. we have now become the 5th best team in league despite not finishing 5th for some time. even ignoring the injury list. Digne is apparently world class and Robbo can't make the top 20 left backs in the world! Forget the specs I definitely want some of whatever 'Truth' drugs Ed25 is taking. honestly this is how you see it? The unbiased myth has been smashed.

{Ed025's Note - i base my logic on the past 30 years ben, you finished first once but have had the odd 6th 7th and 8th place finish as well so i think 5th is fair, digne is not world class but the facts say he is a better more productive left back than robbo, not as athletic i must admit but could you really see andy in the french squad?, i rest my case..

20 Jul 2021 19:52:56
Hey i have nothing to be embarrassed about Ed025, it was one of your lot that made the comparison not me! Anyhow i think you’ve got confused between Gana Gueye and Magaye Gueye, who was a teenage winger who played a handful of games for you during the 2012-13 season i believe and yeah, some lad decided to confidently announce that he thought he was better than Sterling😭 look how that panned out. He was that rubbish i’m not surprised you don’t remember him!

I won’t deny Gerrard could be a bit of a knob (as can someone like Pickford) but we were talking about ability and not integrity, were we not? Equally i won’t deny that Suarez was an absolutely horrible piece of work who, in retrospect, only got the support that he did because we were that rubbish at the time we really needed to hang our hat on him. However, if we’re going to talk about ‘people in glass houses’ and all that, i always did find it weird how the Everton supporters were all too willing to play the ‘integrity’ card when it cane to Liverpool players all while idolising and still employing a convicted criminal, Duncan Ferguson. For some reason foreign players always get tarred with accusations of being dirty or nasty, but when it comes to Ferguson everybody seems to treat his violent tendencies with a sort of jovial, charming rhetoric. I’ve never really understood it but i guess it’s one rule for us and another for foreign players, you only need to look at Kane being vilified for his ‘intelligence’ when he cheats compared to the criticism of some of the foreign players in the league for doing a lot less.

Even so, entirely irrelevant and clear ‘whataboutism’ being deployed to distract from a claim that even you know, in your heart of hearts, is just a bit silly😂 if Digne gets hounded out in a few years after a bad run form i’ll remind you of this conversation.

{Ed025's Note - i look forward to that mate.. :)

21 Jul 2021 01:07:15
Sissoko gets in the French squad. so I don't think you can rest anything. He's a fine footballer digne, but to diminish Robbo is beneath you. is he as sexy a footballer, no. does he have genuine ability? Yes, watch his build up play, passing, crossing and defending un general all greatly improved plus he has one of the best engines in the world, he doesn't often get injured either. I've watched football equally as long which surprises me even more in your response considering I'd compare robbo with left backs like irwin, Pearce etc Al.

The 6,7,8th or whatever finishes were largely with different squads and players. Milner and Henderson are largely all that's left.



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