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20 Jul 2021 20:13:46
ed0025 I could not be bothered to go to the bottom of the post to reply so I thought I would start it again.
but let's go by stats Robertson is 2 years younger with more assists and goals. better tackle success rate. his been in the premier league team of the year 3 times in 4 season for us and only missed out last season when we had all that trouble at the back.
And one last point ed if Digne was better than Robertson he would not play for Everton and that's not me having a dig he would play for a champions league team.

{Ed025's Note - i do agree that digne is better than everton deserve at the moment grino, hes a very good player in a poor side, its just how you see it i suppose and i think digne is a better all round player than robbo, i think digne would do well in the liverpool side but robbo would be joe average in a blue shirt, he has thee advantage of having the luxury of the likes of mane and salah who,s movement are excellent, if you had digne in your team i would think you would be in the top 4 sides in the EPL mate..

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20 Jul 2021 20:45:23
Everyone has there own views Ed but yeah are probably right if we had Digne we would be a top 4 team rather than the best team in the league that we will be back to with a fully fit squad. Can you imagine where city would have finished without stones Laporta and Dias for the full season let alone losing Rodri and Fernandinho as well.

{Ed025's Note - yeah grino but thats the value of having a good squad like city have, instead of having back ups that are championship standard mate..

20 Jul 2021 21:15:58
The wind-up wannabe😆.

20 Jul 2021 22:11:20
Let’s be honest, Digne has the luxury of world class talent in front of him when he plays for France and he’s bang average for them too.

20 Jul 2021 21:41:51
I disagree there Ed I don’t think any team in the league could have had the injuries we had last season and still finish top 4. I thought we had no chance yet with youth cb and a player with no top flight experience and a young player without any premier league games we still went on a run that only a few teams can go on and I don’t think city with would with the sort of injuries.

{Ed025's Note - the lads stepped up to the plate grino and you should be proud of them, but you do need better quality on the bench mate..

20 Jul 2021 21:20:17
You're right Ed, if only we had Digne we might finally break into the top 4! It gets me so mad how we miss out on CL footy every year. Fingers crossed we start looking across the park for our transfer statergies going forward. Does anyone know if Townsend is still available? :)

{Ed025's Note - taken im afraid FF..

20 Jul 2021 22:15:51
Maybe we should look at Digne as a back up to Robbo if he is that good? ;)

{Ed025's Note - in your dreams 6GS.. :)

20 Jul 2021 23:26:51
Dug be us a very good LB. He prolly really looks great in a bang useless team hence, a big fish in a tiny pond. I say this cos he was at PSG, Barcelona and Roma and didn’t pull any trees whereas Robbo rose thru the ranks and became arguable the best LB on the planet thru sheer hard work and a will to succeed unrivalled. Now, If only we could make the top 4 with him the same way Digne makes it with Neverton every single year. That would be nice.

21 Jul 2021 03:20:24
OliRed - exactly. Digne has played for a a string of top clubs, losing his place each and every time, eventually ending up at Everton. Digne is far more useful in Fantasy Premier League than on a real football pitch, Ed025 is just doing what he does better than most.

21 Jul 2021 07:19:04
Digne flatters to deceive when it matters the most. There is a reason the lad couldn't hack it at PSG or Barca. Lowly Neverton is his level Ed025, where there r no expectations.

{Ed025's Note - my problem is that im a football purist IB, i prefer a baller than a headless chicken mate...its one of my failings.. :)

21 Jul 2021 10:00:10
Ed25, so you like ballers now, init? Seriously, You wouldn’t know a baller if he walked up to you and kissed you. You claim to like ballers YET you dislike Bobbie who is the most technically gifted baller at LFC along with Thiago. Same for Thiago. Absolute filth and class with the football at his feet yet you say he is bang average. You prolly want to google what the word actually means before you use it cos the contradiction is deafening here.

So Robbo, the best LB arguably on the planet, twice in the PL team of the year, UEFA team of the year, PL and CL winner and PL Assist king in 19/ 20 is a headless chicken, now? But Lucas Digne, a bonfide failure at every big club he played at who has found his level at mid table Neverton is a baller? Yeah, I would call him a baller too if I didn’t know what a baller actually was.

{Ed025's Note - i dont dislike bobby at all oli i just think hes a very mediocre player thats all, if you like flicky tippy tap players then hes your very man but i like my centre forward to score goals and be robust.
I have actually complimented andy on numerous occasions and he gets everything he can out of his ability even though thats quite limited, thiago cant seem to get in what is the worst spanish side in history mate so its not just me it seems that thinks he is a luxury a top team cant accommodate, its all about opinions i suppose but your insistence that every liverpool player is world class is wearing a bit thin..



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