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21 Jul 2021 13:15:21
Hyperthetical liverpool sell Salah for 100 m + would signing Saul and the Wolves striker Jimize propably not correct signing and Aurour would that be a decent bit of business before the start of the season?

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21 Jul 2021 13:18:23

21 Jul 2021 13:22:09
Nah, selling our biggest goal threat is never a decent bit of business, regardless of who we bring in, in my opinion.

21 Jul 2021 13:25:33
OP, I vote no on everything you just said.

21 Jul 2021 13:25:54
No not for me.
Salah at this moment in time is irreplaceable.
Regardless of if the cash could improve other areas, 20+ goals a season consistently is elite level.
I’d love if we signed Saul and aouar but not at the expense of Salah.

Hopefully the current outgoings will be able to bag us a solid midfielder and a solid attacker.

Would love Bissouma and mallen. But likely Neuhaus? and Bowen (he seems to be the name now) will sign, I’d be relatively happy with that.

Think now is the time for FSG to sell. We need an owner who will back Klopp, I know we’re not in the best situation financially but not are other teams and they’re showing more ambition.

21 Jul 2021 13:37:40
Not at all, it's like repeating our past mistake by selling our best player to fill other position.

Salah is very important for our attack which Carries forwards like Fermino and mane who both are hot and cold and can't be relied at any coast if we want to regain EPL and CL.

Think we shouldn't touch our forwards and just shift players like Origi, Shaq, minamino, Wilson to fund for a decent striker, who can helpe us with Jota from the bench when needed. Same with neco, Gurjic, Milner (in-terms of wages) Nat Phillips Ojo etc to fund a decent midfielder for us. Instead of selling our best players and disrupt the team.

21 Jul 2021 13:38:02
Jiminez has just returned after a head injury that nearly killed him. I think anybody signing him right now needs their own head looking at!

21 Jul 2021 13:55:19
Moretonred FSG Have done nothing but back klopp! Yes they totally f***ed up with the hole break away from the premier league thing but that’s a totally different topic all together. VVD, Allison, jota, Thiago, salah, mane, konate to name a few. These are all very expensive players if that’s not backing klopp then I don’t know what is. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side you know.

21 Jul 2021 14:19:51
Only player I would swap Salah for is Haaland and we know that won’t happen.

21 Jul 2021 14:27:10

21 Jul 2021 14:29:17
No I’d rather sell Mane AND Firmino before selling Salah. Mo carried us this season.

21 Jul 2021 14:33:10
So let me get this straight. We sell Salah and bring in a 30 year old striker who has never in his career to date scored 20 or more goals in a league campaign who’s just coming back from a horrific injury? Cool story bro. Lay of the drugs, yeah?

21 Jul 2021 16:09:12
Absolutely out of the question.

21 Jul 2021 20:17:53
If Jimenez was 4 years younger and didn't just have a serious head injury then he would be an ideal replacement for Firmino. He's a very good player and not just a target man just in case anyone thought he was because he scores some headers.

21 Jul 2021 20:47:33
Moretonred, you keep saying it is time for FSG to sell the club. Do you mind telling us who they should sell to? Cos the way it is right now, it is either they sell to an Oligarch or to a Sovereign State to back Klopp so which is it? Or are you and your mates going to foot the bill yourselves? I await your response with baited breathe.

22 Jul 2021 13:09:54

It’s not a case of wanting FSG or any future owner to splash wads of cash at the top players as it’s not necessary.
But it’s evident the squad needs better quality in it, as a starting 11 it’s unbelievable but past that we’re so weak.

Not to mention the ‘over 30’ policy which is nonsense. Hendo is Liverpool through and through, but because of the over 30 policy I doubt they’ll want to give him a new contact exactly like with Gini and likely what will happen to Thiago, firmino, mane. Making sure important players are tied down to contracts is also part of backing the manager and I feel like FSG aren’t doing this for Klopp, who clearly loved Gini, clearly loves Hendo so on and so forth.

FSG do deserve a lot of credit for where they’ve taken the club.
I’m not asking for an oil rich owner just an owner that genuinely cares for the club as I don’t believe FSG fully care for the club.



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