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25 Jul 2021 09:37:49
Looks like Ed 1 was right about gini
Had my doubts but looks like he's blaming everything for his departure apart for the reason he actually left he wanted more money and Liverpool wouldn't pay it . like Ed said just have to look at the club he's joined to see it's not for footballing reasons .
Great player great serve t for the club wish him luck but he's lost a tad of respect from me with all these comments coming from him.

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25 Jul 2021 09:59:47
Lad's Gini is gone. Forget about him and his reasons for moving YNWA.

25 Jul 2021 10:18:02
Come on he wasn’t a great player, if Gini is a great player then so are 100’s of others.

25 Jul 2021 10:31:04
If another midfielder is not signed this Summer, let’s see what the effect of him leaving will have.
I’m fearful myself, it’ll be a false economy if he’s not replaced in my view, and we’d have been better doing a deal with him.
But we’ll see what Summer brings.

25 Jul 2021 10:40:15
I liked Gini, wish jim all the best. I think we can be adult enpugh to respect what he said without having to accept it and ruining our day lol.

25 Jul 2021 11:02:36
Good luck to Gini. I don't see the problem, if you don't like it don't read it or just ignore it! As Dionne Warwick once sang "Walk On By"!

25 Jul 2021 12:06:22
Ok, so there seems to be something missing here. It is very possible that Gini did not feel valued by the club’s heirschy hence, he left cos he thought he would not be rewarded financially as well as he thinks he was worth. That is football and that happens all the time.

It is also true that Gini was scarred at the relentless abuse he got from a section of the fan base for poor performances especially for those blaming his performances as they thought cos he wouldn’t sign a new contract hence, was “mailing it in” or not giving his best. Both of these points can exist on their own.

Clearly he has found a club where he feels loved, desired and wanted and is getting his due financially as a result (Don’t know his wages. Don’t care) . As for the abuse he was getting, we all know players get vile abuse and he is allowed to say it cos that’s the way it affected him. Who are we to tell people how they should live their own abuse or tell them to get off SM if they can’t take the abuse” (like the dimwit Carragher said)? For me, Gini
has emptied his bag and hopefully, we can all move on.

25 Jul 2021 12:10:43
Let's move on guys, it's not very becoming to spend the start of a brand new season taking pot shots at an ex player who served us with distinction for 5 years. Christ, some people here would have coutinho and suarez back and are giving it hard to gini.

25 Jul 2021 13:31:03
Not sure that Gini served us with distinction for 5 years Parker, as I recall he had an average first year, a decent two years, then not so good, and if it hadn't been for injuries to other players I don't think that he would have played much at all last year.
However, he was a first team player for five years, and won a load of trophies with us, and I assume that if he stopped playing football tomorrow, that he would never have to work again, thanks to the money that we paid him.
I agree that greed was the reason that he left, and I really do not see him playing much for PSG.
Thanks to Gini for his contribution, maybe he will look back on his time at LFC with fondness in the future.
Regarding fans on social media slagging him off, f*cking grow up Gini, half of them are probably rival fans.

{Ed077's Note - I guess Thiago joined Liverpool just out of greed then too. After all he did win it all with Bayern and was paid very handsomely for his services whilst at Munich and Barcelona before that too.

25 Jul 2021 13:33:45
Not sure why fans are jumping on Gini’s back at all. He’s been a great servant for the club over the Klopp era and has played an enormous amount of games. I’m of the opinion he’s a world class midfielder as shown by the level of clubs that went for him.

It seems we simply wouldn’t give him a long term contract at his age and so he left, nothing wrong with the way he went about it. His major complaint was with the fans on social media which we all agree can be very toxic at times; he came in for a lot of criticism even on here which was at times undeserved. PSG are a big club and offered more than double the wage of Barcelona, can you blame him? By all accounts he’s a great guy too and I hope he does well there.

25 Jul 2021 16:14:13
Shrewsbury Red - clubs went after him because he was a free transfer. Simple as. He’s hardly world class. Liverpool have lost far better players than Gini. He’s part of the reason we played terribly last year.

25 Jul 2021 16:45:11
Henderson’s doing exactly what Wijnaldum did, asking for an improved and longer contract as he approaches the latter part of his career.
What’s wrong with that?
Are you all going to jump on Hendo if he chooses to leave if the club won’t stump up?

25 Jul 2021 22:17:56
yes Juicer, that is what will happen.

25 Jul 2021 22:23:28
I wonder the part where gini claim during the Barcelona match, pep instruct him to come back as back 3.

This doesn't make sense with Fabinho in the team why would he being choosen to stay back ahead of Fabinho.



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