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27 Jul 2021 19:10:12
Evening Ed002,

Sorry another random - ish question again. At the start, do you have an idea of how much of FSG's own money was pumped into the club and for how long?

{Ed002's Note - FSG is an investment vehicle that explicitly, except in the case of the Red Sox, looks to invest in sports businesses to build the value of businesses with a view to leverage further investment and eventual sales when growth tales off and better opportunities arise. They have put significant funds in to the club from day one and have their return in the value of the club.}

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27 Jul 2021 19:16:52
Thanks Ed002, was just wondering if you knew how much investment / funds they’ve put into the club.

{Ed002's Note - A lot, 100s of £M - why does it matter? They will be trashed as ever.}

27 Jul 2021 19:38:01
It does matter to me because I’ve seen the club being held back for years prior to FSG. Watching United pour millions into their squads in order to knock liverpool off their “ and I quote “ f ing perch “

Following the club through thick and thin since the 80’s . Spending countless amounts of cash following the team home and away - in the early days being forced to swill down cans of Skol lager on a 8am train for an away day….
Not to mention two failed relationships due to football

It’s was just an inquisitive question Ed002, I think you’ll see from my posts that I’m not part of the trashing and FSG out brigade. It’s interesting to read this, as there are so many that slag the owners off ( not just on here but all across social media ) - maybe your answer will help to educate the FSG our brigade.

FSG delivered the holy grail after 30 years of hurt.

27 Jul 2021 19:47:15
Their investment is probably 750m and the value of the club is 2.5bn or thereabouts. Good look to them, but they need to give us one or two signings if they want us to be successful next year. They can’t have everything.

27 Jul 2021 20:02:00
I agree we do need a couple more additions but they’ve done more for this club than mores and parry did for years.

We have one for the best managers, CB’s and keepers in the world. A brand new training ground, the new main stand with exceptional hospitality ( though more seats could have gone into the ST waiting list IMO ) . Ground work has started on the annie road end.
The league
The European cup
World champions

But I do agree we can’t stand still in the transfer market.

27 Jul 2021 20:02:41
FSG didn’t deliver anything, Klopp did. Don’t give me that cobblers that they hired him. Was it FSG who won nothing when Brendan was in charge?

27 Jul 2021 20:10:55
IPC - you clearly have no idea, good job you weren’t around under the Moore’s and Partry years 🙄.

27 Jul 2021 20:13:57
I think anyone sensible Drogie would agree. Even last year during the C.V. they bought 3 players. Now they got some investment in I just can't see any way they won't invest so we can challenge.

£ players is what we needed they have bought 1 very good player i expect 2 more to follow. FSG have been top owners imo but they need to go again as does Klopp and the squad.

27 Jul 2021 20:29:19
Exactly Mark, I just don’t get this FSG bashing, clearly there are those that were either not around or have forgotten the real lack of investment in the club both on and off the field before FSG came on board. Yes they’ve made mistakes, every owner has.

I agreed with your above post, we can’t stand still, it’s what made United so successful, they kept reinvesting and freshening up the squad with quality over quantity.

I’m pretty confident we’ll address areas of concern 👍.

27 Jul 2021 20:37:46
Drogie, your question is valid and I’m happy Ed02 once again, has answered it as concisely as possible. I feel a lot if our fans who moan about FSG have no idea of what they do and how they run the club regarding their ethos, MO and the like. All they seem to understand is how much are we spending on players so they can go brag on SM to other rival fans. This needs to change cos in order to know know how we are run, we have to know their idea and approach to management.

Also, fans in general seem to always rate their owners thru the prism of what owners of other clubs do and how successful they are in comparison. For example, the Utd mon started breaking their own stadium cos according to them, the owners were not doing enuff financially to make them successful in comparison to City. What they forget is that these sale owners have spent over a billion since Fergie left on players but cos they are blinded by what City or us have achieved, this does not compute with them.

Same with LFC fans to an extent. Many always compare us to City and see what our owners fo thru the prism of what Chelsea, Utd, and City do while conveniently forgetting that we do NOT have the spending power of these ones. It’s not always about signings. Investment in facilities, infrastructure, stadium and medical facilities etc. are just as important and inklop it is boring for fans, things like this matter almost as much, IMO.

Our owners are responsible owners and have done brilliantly under the circumstances while at the same time, they have screwed up royally on other areas as well. They have grown us as a business and made us successful. That’s all that matters to me and as long as they don’t do a Barcelona and near send us back to Administration (where they found us to begin with) then, I’m cool.

27 Jul 2021 20:44:00
It is what made us so successful in the 80's and before that. You have to invest in quality to remain at the top. We see great sides lose their advantage very quickly. I trust FSG because they have not given me any reason to not trust them. The ed's expect 2 more signings and so do I.

27 Jul 2021 20:56:45
Rodgers was FSG's first proper managerial appointment, yes they didn't get it quite right but they got their second one right. I remember the chaos of the Hick and Gillett era, give me FSG any day.

27 Jul 2021 21:17:26
I thought so Oli, though Ed002 was a little snappy with me. understandable, some of the repetitive dross he has to reply to! But, he must read my previous posts to know I’m not against the owners

Let you off just this once Ed002 😃😃😃.

27 Jul 2021 22:00:35
What about if rather than ‘invest (ing) in quality’ the focus were to shift a priority in investing in young, primarily future home grown, young players and trust the coaching staff to bring them through to the standard required.

A naive view I accept but, to be fair, I still believe in Father Christmas.

27 Jul 2021 22:31:41
Drogie, I’ve been around under the Moore’s years so I’m aware of shifts in fortunes etc. Unfortunately I don’t wear rose tinted spectacles and this nonsense that I should not critique ownership in an objective way is dross. Whilst we are all eternally grateful for FSG saving us from the brink of bankruptcy, it hardly means they can a free pass from objective discussions. I’m not calling for marquee signings, however a club of statute requires healthy investment to compete every season, hence Utd’s continued success in the 90s/ 00s. Unlike your deluded optimism I want to win and compete for titles year in year out, not every 30 years. Klopp was the miracle worker not FSG.

27 Jul 2021 22:38:21
Man United didn't have to do much to knock us off our perch. in the 90s our ownership seemed happy to step off the perch themselves.

28 Jul 2021 13:58:56
IPC12, and how do you work that out? You do realize that Klopp was hired by FSG knowing full well under what circumstances and still took the job? Also, you do realize that KW Henry did not want Klopp and had to be convinced he was the right man, right? You had better be thankful to Henry for changing his mind cos had he not, none of this happens and you would really have something to whinge about.

You do realize Klopp could have gone to Bayern and esp. Utd with more cash to blow and his wife literally told him to ignore them, right? The guy could have gone anywhere at the time and YET said, I will go to LFC. The owners played a blinder in selling him the project and the rest is history. Again, you should go thank JW Henry for changing his mind to hire Klopp.

One last thing, Klopp at LFC has way more money to work with than at any of his previous clubs. He signed Shinji Kagawa for 50K from the Japanese SECOND division. If that ever happened here, people would absolutely lose it and I reckon with the last part of your comment, you would be one of them.

28 Jul 2021 21:15:05
You Clearly weren’t around under the Moore’s ownership, otherwise you wouldn’t be spurting such dross - FSG have done more for this club, investment on and off the pitch in their short tenure than Moore’s did all those years at the helm! They held us back big time.

{Ed0666's Note - comparing a Skoda to a Ferrari is not putting things into context I’m afraid.

31 Jul 2021 16:04:51
Great take, Drogie. The FSG badgers can be very embarrassing in their way of thinking cos due to the fact that they hate them so much, they are unable to fathom or understand how much they have actually done to get the club into the top bracket of global football clubs.

Ed666, that comparison is completely bonkers. Had me in stitches, man.



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