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27 Jul 2021 22:06:49
I'm so sick of this.

Surely we need to sign someone to support the front 3. We cannot expect Mane, Salah, Firmino or Jota to not go a season without injuries or a dip in form, etc.

Enough is enough.

(Suddenly sees we are being linked with Adama Trore. )

. You know what?

I think everyone is overreacting.

We don't need more attackers. Salah, Mane, Firmino, Jota are more than enough. People need to stop demanding offensive signings, we have enough, more than enough.


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27 Jul 2021 22:39:18
Jokes aside, Salah, Mane, Bobby, Jota, Taku and Elliot are not a bad bunch of lads to go into a season with.

If we could add someone with a bit more quality, that'd be great, but I consider getting another central midfielder a bigger priority.

There's a little over a month to go anyway. Nothing to panic about.

27 Jul 2021 22:56:12
Sarr and Bowen are the best 2 we've been linked to. But Sarr will go to AFCON in January with Mane and Salah so it makes no sense. Bowen is homegrown and a good player with goals in his locker.

If we signed Traore i'd lose the will to live i reckon 😂 he has 25 goals in his entire career. Bowen scored 22 in one season at 21 years old. How Traore is of interest to us, i'll never know. I'd rather keep Origi.

27 Jul 2021 23:46:59
100% agree MK.

28 Jul 2021 01:19:52
I hope we sign Traore.

28 Jul 2021 06:14:12
Plus Bowen used to play for my home town Hereford FC.
I think Kevin Sheedy was the last big name to make it into football from here.

28 Jul 2021 07:20:53
Traore is of interest to the man regularly called "the best manager in the world on here". Its him who wants him. Any complaints should be directed toward the manager.

28 Jul 2021 07:37:16
Don't get me wrong OMM, if he signs i'll back him and Klopp's decision. I'm simply expressing my concern which i have every right to do without going over board. Traore has never scored more than 4 Premier League goals in a season. I genuinely believe that if you gave Origi 2000 minutes of football he'd get at least 5!

28 Jul 2021 07:39:46
Traore is a speed merchant with no brain and Taku has yet to convince me of anything. It’s telling that Soton have not made him a priority signing. I’m excited for Elliot, but I’ll wait and see before proclaiming he’s the next Messi.

28 Jul 2021 07:45:25
I’d rather sign Djimi Traore.

28 Jul 2021 08:15:38
IPC12 that's not true Southampton do want him back but on loan or a loan to buy.

28 Jul 2021 08:50:49
I'm not sure how folks make the leap of "Klopp like Traore" to "Klopp want Traore here".
Klopp likes lots of players, he's open in his admiration for Traore. But it doesn't mean he's trying to sign him.
It's funny how people jump to conclusions on here, misreading things and declaring them as stone cold fact before going off on one.
Amusing stuff.

28 Jul 2021 09:15:50
Flash this is the second time in as many days. Please read the posts. Ed002 has confirmed that we tried to sign Sarr and Traore last summer but Wolves and Watford rejected the payment terms, so we went with Jota instead.

Now this summer Ed002 has confirmed interest in Bowen and suggested Hoppe as a maybe. Interest in Traore and Sarr is still there from a year ago. Are you saying the Ed's are lying to us and making stuff up?

28 Jul 2021 09:41:21
OP first off, calm down and take your own advise: stop overreacting. As for our transfer prospects in attack, Bowen is not who we need cos he is nowhere near the ability than the front 4 we have now.

Worse, he just signed for WH Jan of last year and since WH don't need to sell, he will cost a ton end he is NOT worth the financial hassle cos well, he ain't good enuff, IMO.

Same with Traore. Klopp may want him and that is cool. Like many others, I think he is pants, overrated, and over-priced. We will see wh.

28 Jul 2021 09:42:38
Damn! Pressed send too soon. To conclude regarding our forward transfer prospects, we will see who we get. And yes, Taki may have to be loaned out for HG purposes and YES, Southampton want him.



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