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30 Jul 2021 09:06:11
City looking to buy Kane, at least £100m plus all the additional costs

Guardian reporting City want to open up negotiations with Villa for Greliesh - at least £100m plus all the additional costs.

Money most be growing on trees along the East Lancs road 😂.

{Ed077's Note - they do have quite a few players they could move on to recoup some money, plus their loan contingent is quite big too. Have a look at the Man City page to see who they might be open to letting go.

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30 Jul 2021 10:15:04
Tongue in cheek comment 77 mate…

Every time I look at the city page it’s empty, just like the Etihad 😃.

30 Jul 2021 11:06:40
There was a time that there was 'banter' in the Man City page, but then Harry decided to flip-flop back to Liverpool and it was dead once again!

30 Jul 2021 12:16:23
Can’t really be bothered with Citeh.

Financial doping…. we know it they know it everyone knows it… what’s the point really?

{Ed025's Note - "the green eye of the little yellow god" me thinks..

30 Jul 2021 12:33:06
Not really Ed025 just a sign of the times we live in.

Would like to have a level playing field but I know that’s unrealistic.

Pretty clear tha cycling athletics etc are tainted by drug use it’s a shame football has been ruined by money.

Citeh are not alone of course.

At least it keeps Man Utd quiet and from winning the league so every cloud.

{Ed025's Note - liverpool are hardly back of the queue when it comes to spending though tommy, over £200m on 3 players puts you right up there mate, people who live in glass houses and all that..

30 Jul 2021 13:38:50
Fair enough Ed0025 but Klopp seems to have to work a bit harder for cash than Pep does.

Just think Citeh PSG and maybe a couple of others should be handicapped…. a bit like in horse racing… maybe we could put lead in their players boots?

30 Jul 2021 16:25:10
25, last 5 years (posted a year ago)

1. Man City – £601.98m
2. Man Utd – £484.88m
3. Arsenal – £267.88m
4. Everton – £225.42m
5. Brighton – £214.86m
6. Wolves – £205.22m
7. West Ham – £187.49m
8. Bournemouth – £176.95m
9. Aston Villa – £166.65m
10. Watford – £125.69m
11. Leicester City – £124.83m
12. Newcastle – £122.91m
13. Chelsea – £115.57m
14. Liverpool – £107.58m
15. Tottenham – £106.62m
16. Crystal Palace – £75.69m
17. Burnley – £59.4m
18. Sheffield United – £56.71m
19. Southampton – £22.32m
20. Norwich City – £25.42m profit

Everton spent double 🤣.

{Ed0666's Note - yes but you Townsend was free

30 Jul 2021 16:28:42
200m on 3 players but 140 of the recouped right? So net 60. Those players prob wouldn't' have come in but for Coutinos sale.

{Ed0666's Note - we didn’t get 142 mill for countinho mate no where near so net spend was higher than 60 mill mate but I get you’re point we wouldn’t have got all three hadn’t couts gone on strike with a dodgy back.

30 Jul 2021 16:36:55
Well I can only write what i read but wanted to make the point that 025 is way off in his commentary. We've done incredibly well w the funds we've had. Our buys had to be spot on and the big ones were just that.

30 Jul 2021 16:38:59
but no matter how we slice it, the money in the league is just obscene and doesn't sit well with me, It's bonkers.

30 Jul 2021 19:13:08
Put everything into context. How many of those teams, in the list above, spent 150 Million on the addition of seats and two new stands? How many added a new 50 Million training complex and ground? Look at it like FSG having to choose between spending 200 Million on stands and training complex that will last 20-30 years against FSG spending 200 Million on players that will last 10 years. I know what I would choose.

30 Jul 2021 19:39:24
Ed25, 200m? Pep spent that on fullbacks alone. Even Everton alone have outspent LFC. Pep alone spent the same amount as Klopp on defenders and GK’s alone and his spending will get well past 1bn if they sign Kane and Grealish. That is in addition to the near 1bn the club had spent before Pep arrived. Seriously, man.

We spent money on players. Of course we do. Everybody does. So do you at Everton BUT NO club spends or have spent to the levels City do and have done so pls, don’t rope us into that argument. Financial doping for City? We know it happened BUT no one cares. Just like no one cares when they win stuff. Even their fans don’t care cos well, no one has met any of them.

{Ed025's Note - money is ruining football oli thats for sure, but i certainly have no sympathy for the likes of liverpool who were one of the instigators of the breakaway super league reap what you sow..



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