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31 Jul 2021 12:04:35
Who ever in the club thinks we are progressing is majorly kidding themselves, we are again relying on injury prone players and putting lots of pressure on the youngsters to perform at a very high level to keep us on top.
If no signings are made we are again giving our rivals a chance to steal a march on us on the pitch, trying to fit ox up front, and making the front 3 perform miracles up front for a 5th season is again a gamble to avoid Injuries, becoming predictable, and loss of form .

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31 Jul 2021 12:19:26
yea let's go the front 3. they can carry us to a trophy again. along with the rest of the squad we have. given we can't sign anyone as of right now, it's wasted energy getting yourself in a twist about it. perhaps talk a walk and get some fresh air.

31 Jul 2021 12:26:21
The CV C.V., and the disastrous financial impacts it brought, hit Liverpool just as they were on the cusp of a league title. We all know very well how revenue was slashed, just as increased wages and bonuses were about to kick in for the playing squad too.
We’re probably two or three new quality additions to the squad down because of lost income during this time, but on the plus side we’ve only lost Wijnaldum and kept everyone else, and retained CL football after an injury fraught season.
It’s been like swimming against the tide but, all told, it could have been a lot worse.
I think the club, Klopp’s team and the players have done well in the circumstances.
We were maybe set for another title or two but it’s going to be a real fight to hit those heights again. But we’re still in there swinging, that’s the main thing. Have faith.

31 Jul 2021 12:33:37
Transfer fever bites hard.
So many people looking to write the season off before a ball is kicked.
Folks who are so consumed by the transfer window that they forget what Klopp has already achieved. Only the next expensive signing interests them.

31 Jul 2021 12:43:02
Good advice faith. It’s not a front 3 anymore. There are now 4 players competing to play. Plus Elliot will be quality from the bench and ed002 has stated time and again Liverpool are interested in signing another forward player.

During the last 3 or 4 seasons FSG has provided funds to sign players, why will it be different this summer?

31 Jul 2021 12:44:28
Hahaha I am not angry just being super realistic the truth hurts sometimes but it needs to be said, we aren't moving like a club that wants to win trophies and stay at an elite level .
155 million net spend over past 5 seasons, arsenal in same period 264 million an even Everton 260 million we are continually asking klopp an the players to perform miracles.

31 Jul 2021 13:05:49
Net spend means naff all, Arsenal and Everton have had a higher net spend but have they won anything?

I bet our wage bill far outstrips those two as well.

The club needs to be sustainable and we don't have resources to drop £100m on someone.

The club have done incredibly well to compete and I trust them to know what they need.

Plus the teams that are spending big amounts, none of those players are guaranteed to be a big success so let's see how the window ends before we lose our minds.

31 Jul 2021 13:33:43
When you are on top you make every effort to stay there, its not about shiny new toys or flexing our money for the sake of it, the team actually needs to be given a fresh jolt of quality in midfield and up front .
I will trust the defence with great caution as if fit is world class but 2 are coming off serious injuries, matip won't play 5 to 10 games in a row, konate we don't know.
I cautiously have faith .

31 Jul 2021 13:36:42
I didn’t realise the league went to the team with the highest net spend.
Spending all that money hasn’t really worked for either Arsenal or Everton has it so your theory is flawed Hailstones.
Need to stop being so negative and be a little patient. I’m sure the club has targets but there are a few to move on also. I’m sure they’re working hard to free up some money as well as spend it. It’s the same on here every transfer window.

31 Jul 2021 13:39:05
ffs get a grip hailstones.
Sometimes not adding to the squad strengthens it.
The current players all understand what Klopp wants them to do as a team.
Bring in too many new players and that cohesion goes.

At least give the lads a chance before you write them off.

31 Jul 2021 13:46:54
Can we at least wait until the end of the transfer window to complain about the club not moving forward and being competitive?

31 Jul 2021 13:55:35
"it's the truth"? If anything, it's your truth and not everybody else's. We've won titles with this group of so-called "overachievers", and I'm hoping it will continue. Its been the most successful series of years that we've had in 30 years. Arsenal and Everton haven't spent 200 million on two new stands and a new training complex. Or doesn't that count as spending on the team and club? Is it paid for in peanuts or marbles or something? Factor that in and suddenly we become the third highest spenders in the league. And we already have the second highest wage payroll in the league. But so many of you insist on painting the club as some kind of year round scrooges, just because you can't get your jollies from seeing new players come in and older players being shoved out.

31 Jul 2021 14:10:34
He is right, we won't be walking to the title but i think we would still be putting an incredible fight. Also we are in champions league and honestly I fancy us lot winning the CL over the league.
Klopp has to seriously consider the FA cup too.

31 Jul 2021 14:13:58
Hailstones how many times have Arsenal finished above us in last 5 years? There is far too much effort worrying about transfers rather than being a good coach and improving your players.

31 Jul 2021 15:09:43
I love the team and things I love I have to be honest about, I have said this in previous transfer windows an in general I don't want glitzy signings for mega bucks, but quality team players who make us stronger this is needed now .

31 Jul 2021 15:17:49
Forget Arsenal etc we have to concentrate on ourselves and to some extent City. We are only one top player away from having a title winning squad and there is a month left in the window. Klopp knows better than anyone on this site what is needed to win the title. I trust the powers that be to bring in one or two more quality additions.

31 Jul 2021 17:32:26
Spot on, ArAy1969. Who wants to talk about “hidden investments” like the ones you mentioned? Cos a lot of fans know that BUT they would rather bash FSG for not investing where they want cos they can’t moan about the other big investments FSG actually have made. LFC are worth 2.2bn for a reason BUT who cares, right?

Hailstones, your negativity is as often, misplaced and using Arsenal as some kind of yardstick is just asinine. Arsenal have been pouring money down the toilet for over 5 years now and have gone from a CL team to becoming the European equivalent of Non League football. Signing Pepe for 72m, Aubameyang, Willian and Luiz on stupid wages, signing Saliba for 27m who nobody has ever seen play for them, etc. was good business to you? Your comparison is not even worth considering.

How about you put the constant negativity to one side for once and let things play out and then, make a judgement at that time instead of always moaning about things that literally did not or have not happened yet like you thinking people think we are progressing, which NOBODY on here or at the club have ever said.

31 Jul 2021 20:16:36
I’m with Markp08 on this, I think we’re one top drawer midfielder away from being poddible title winners, so we’re not that far away, my only concern is that we’re looking at forwards when we’re probably ok on that front.

31 Jul 2021 21:10:13
Man City also have a higher net spend than us. How many times have they finished above us the last 10 years? Money spent all depends on what quality it’s spent on. Everton and Arsenal have spent more but they’ve wasted it due to the dire straights they were already in. Let’s be honest if we could spend money then we would love it as fans because Klopp would strengthen us with quality.

01 Aug 2021 01:05:58
I'm scared to ask what a "poddible" title winner is.

01 Aug 2021 01:19:30
FSG have been great owners, they have rebuilt the stadium and I am so happy that Anfield will be our home for the next 100 years and not some mickey mouse new stadium with no history, they have rebuilt the training facilities, rebuilt the squad, hired one of the best managers in the world and brought us success. I see it as a compliment that the 2 Manchester clubs and Chelsea have to spend hundred of millions to be competitive with us while we spend modestly . If you are not happy with how we are being run please look back to the not so distance past with Gillet and Hicks, Roy Hodgson and signings such as Lambert, so happy those days are well and truely behind us.

01 Aug 2021 02:46:21
what's miraculous about Klopp, who was one the best player-developing managers in world football, setting up the club that turned VVD, Alliosn, Salah, Mane, Bobby, Fab, TAA, Robbo etc etc etc into a world class squad?

Surely we should be assessed on outcome under the context right? Why criticize the net spend, when we have one multiple trophies that way whilst the lads and management have done their jobs? we have a stacked squad as it is, so you're stress about not buying is misplaced because we cna't even add the quality players you're probably thinking of anyways until we make space in the squad through sales.

01 Aug 2021 10:42:35
Spot on, Faith. Seems like just someone posting negativity without even thinking thru the very topic on which the negativity or whinge is based on.



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