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01 Aug 2021 11:01:46
I am pretty sure I posted it about a year ago, but my biggest concern is still our chance conversion. We miss too many opportunities.

Even in the title winning season we had too many close games due to chances being missed.

I am confident we'll get a midfielder in replace the availability of Gini. No concern there at all.

However, I am not so confident that we have a solution for changing our poor chance conversion. Jarrod Bowen is not the answer to that I am afraid as he will be nothing more than ok cover.

And I am not going to get into some weird debate about Salah's goalscoring exploits. It's perfectly possible to be a top goalscorer and be profligate at the same time.

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01 Aug 2021 11:24:15
Bobby is the problem. He doesn’t score enough goals and the supposed strengths of his game such as link up play, awareness and his press were none existent last season.

01 Aug 2021 11:42:32
Agree with ipc Bobby looked off last season in his passing and goals anew forward or jota playing in his role may work better.

01 Aug 2021 12:03:20
Whilst Bobby had a very poor season I do think he didn’t have the movement around him either at times. Thiago suffered from the same issue.

Mane’s game was totally off after getting C.V. - even though he kept trying.

Bobby was badly missed vs Real away. Jota has a long way to go to do that job if that’s the plan.

Salah will continue to miss as many as scores. Fortunately the number he scores keep us happy.

01 Aug 2021 12:14:20
The whole team was disrupted last season, Bobby was never going to thrive in a team with a shattered defence and midfield. The front 3 need to have the confidence that what’s behind them is solid and going to cover them when they attack and in Bobby’s case do some fancy link up play. You could tell they didn’t have that same confidence and had dropped back somewhat. The front 3 will be much better this coming season than last.

01 Aug 2021 12:20:06
Statistics in isolation again. It means nothing without context. If we created twice as many chances as other teams then it’s like we will miss more chances.
Who cares if we missed chances on the way to winning the league? Salah golden boot winner most years and Mane is always close behind.
I’d say that missing chances is irrelevant if we’re scoring shed loads of goals.

01 Aug 2021 12:22:55
Mo and Sadio can’t function without Bobby. I’m pretty sure Bobby shouts left, right to them so they know which leg to put forward each time to even walk.

All joking aside I hope Bobby has a good goal scoring season this year. Same as Jota hopefully he continues how he started last season and mane rediscovers his world class form. The 4 options we have up top clubs and fans worldwide would love to have.

01 Aug 2021 12:23:58
"Bobby is the problem" - so easy to dump the blame on one player. The whole team was disrupted by injuries, loss of form and confidence. It's a finely balanced machine, disrupting one part can have a big knock on effect, disrupting most of it was catastrophic. C.V. and empty stadiums were the straw that broke the camel's back.
Blaming one player is just so short sighted.

01 Aug 2021 12:45:35
I actually thought Mane was finished last season when he wasn’t scoring as he looked totally done. But the way he finished the season strongly and the benefit of a proper rest, I think we’ll see a rejuvenated Mane and Salah and they’ll be at their prime. So I think forward wise we’re going to be fine.

01 Aug 2021 12:59:47
I hope they fire this season as I love the three of them when they are on form together and the work they put in when they aren’t.

But…how many frontlines have we seen that go into a 5th season together?

01 Aug 2021 13:05:49
Problem is our game and expectations are evolving rapidly, Bobby like Lallana is stagnating. Coz fans/ management are asking more and more not only he's link up play but even goals coz he misses big chances on a constant bases when we badly need in tight games. Hence Taki and jota were bought to freshen up things up-front. We need out and out striker coz we hardly get goals from our midfield and a lot of burden is put on Salah, Mane and now Jota to chip in.

01 Aug 2021 14:01:28
We won the league and The CL with Bobbie on this form so we can more than manage especially now we have Jota. The much bigger issue is Mane, if he gets back to his title winning form we have hardly any worries.

01 Aug 2021 14:34:10
The biggest problem last year was the erosion of team self-confidence and that was brought about by peculiar circumstances. Our four established centre halves from 19/ 20 were sold and not replaced (Loren) or had all suffered season ending injuries by Christmas.

The major knock on effect was that two thirds of our starting midfield were put into central defence and (particularly in Fabs case) good though they were, we actually managed to both our defence and midfield. Mane getting what seemed to be a bad dose of C.V. seemed to knock him back in terms of both physical fitness and self confidence (and I get the feeling he is someone who needs to feel the love) .

I think there were other effects that undermined us last season - Thiago took time to adjust and again given what was going on around him that wasn’t surprising, Trent’s confidence was shot to hell and for the first two thirds of the season he was just a shadow of what he can be and Robbo, for reasons that aren’t clear to me was asked to play in just about every game (even though we’d brought his understudy in) .

Next season will be different - we won’t have anywhere near the same level of disruption through the spine of the team and some of the players who we introduced perhaps before they were quite ready - Jones, Neco, Rhys - will be better for the experience. We won’t have the same collective problems with the team confidence - the return of the injured players will act as a kick start to confidence and there looks to be 3, potentially 4 youngsters who can be introduced gradually - Elliot, Cain, Clarkson and perhaps Gordon (in the League Cup, FA Cup) .

If we sign a good midfielder that would be the icing on the cake for me.

01 Aug 2021 14:53:37
If I was Bobby reading all this crap, I’d F off out the club. I kind of see what Gini meant. Beat fans can also be complete idiots. Some people ain’t got a clue about football or take everything into account for the season we just had, the factors that contributed. Gini got the blame but he has gone now so let’s get on to Bobby. Bobby is quality and once he goes you will realise this YNWA.

01 Aug 2021 15:39:36
Who's blaming bobby? It seems we are not allowed to have opinions cause players might feel bad if they read LMFAO 😂😂😂

It's not only last season is it? Bobby's game has declined for 18 months now and was dropped by Klopp on the bench.

Sentiments have no place when it comes to football. Like one of the greatest manager to ever manage us was Ruthless and hence we enjoyed more success in he's time then any manager.

01 Aug 2021 15:59:21
Gini got some unfair criticism last year, he was last man standing on a few occasions. Not sure how it’s unfair to Bobby though he hasn’t been playing well, he would say that himself. If you want to play for Liverpool and you are not doing your job well then what do u expect? IMO he is very very lucky to be in this side and has to do more to contribute.

01 Aug 2021 15:59:50
Bobby still got 9 goals and 7 assists (according to whoscored) last season, which is pretty decent considering he was having a run of bad form, apparently over the park, Richarlison was having his best season ever, but still couldn’t match Bobby and Bobby scored as many as Gabriel Jesus, so the the idea that Bobby had a shocker last year isn’t really backed up by his numbers.

I think Bobby will have a good season.

01 Aug 2021 17:13:26
One thing is for certain if Bobby has a good season we will be far better off as a team. I have a feeling he will have a big point to prove.

01 Aug 2021 17:21:05
And still we have people blaming Bobby. When are people going to realise that he's effectively an attacking midfielder and not a striker in our system. He drags defenders and creates space on the regular for mane and salah, unfortunately last season only salah was willing to take some of the chances created.

Regarding signings I can vaguely remember that everyone moaned the summer before we won the league because we signed nobody and everyone else was supposedly strengthening. How did it work out that season?

Support the club and stop carrying on like twitter kids YNWA.

01 Aug 2021 20:55:38
“Bobbie is the problem”. Absolute tosh. Bobbie had a down season last season BUT bar Salah, who didn’t? Our issue with scoring goals date back to the 18/ 19 season so was Bobbie the problem then it was it the front three as a whole? Again, absolute tosh.

Bobbie can score goals BUT he is not a goalscorer and we all know that so why judge him for what he clearly is not? If Klopp wanted a true goal scorer (you know, like his creation Lewandowski) he would have NEVER built his system around a no.10 playing the CF position. Bobbie has always averaged 10 - 15 league goals a season so if he is having a down year at 9 goals, he is where he is supposed to be production wise.

Like many have said, Bobbie has to come back fit and firing after a good summer rest cos when the team is fit l, pressing well and firing, Bobbie comes alive and we all know that when Bobbie plays well, WE play well, fact. Goals? Bobbie gives us 13 and 10 assists, I’m good with that. Jota is not in Bobbie’s league as a false 9 BUT is a better goal scorer BUT Klopp won’t alter his way of playing to accommodate him.

{Ed0666's Note - Hey Oli I echo you’re thoughts although I think this will be Bobby’s last season with us due to his contract/age. I truly hope he proves his stupid distractors wrong and has a glorious season. How was he supposed to play well on the midst of a pandemic with no Rhythm, players dropping line flies every day, curtailed training, empty stadiums, and a stop start season. And you know what Oli even if he doesn't have a great season so what for me the guys a bonafide ledge. He’s one of the most selfless players I’ve ever seen in my life and a real company man whose smile is as bright when he assists or when he scores. If we had 11 Bobby’s we’d win every single football match we’d play in. Sorry mate I’ve gone on a proper impassioned advocation but the guy is criticism proof in my opinion.

Anyway I better shut up as I’ll combust because I’m already frothing at the mouth 😂



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