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02 Aug 2021 14:38:11
Seems to be a lot of panic about nothing regarding these midfielders.
We have our own set of top quality players. If we add one fine if we don't then fine too. Klopp knows what he's doing.

We've got what's touted as being potentially one of the best teams in prem history just 18 months ago.
And I'm not going to let a C.V. hit injury ravaged season make me panic into thinking great players aren't upto it when they are still in their prime.

The main centre back issue has been addressed with a good signing and players returning from injury.

We get linked to a player then build up a frenzy over someone half of us hadn't seen play more than a few times.

Would be nice to add a forward. For me the teams ready for a title and champions league challenge. I'd put us as favourites especially with the mentality we will be coming with this season.

As a team we have a complete package. Tried and tested. Personally I see us as using that crazy season we've had as a catapult to beat them all this year.

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02 Aug 2021 15:02:04
I agree with a lot of that Mag but come on mate I think everyone of us agrees we need a quality midfield addition. The vital 2 Hendo and Fabs will not be able to stay fit for long enough.

02 Aug 2021 15:20:31
"The vital 2" forgot thiago didn't play for us.

02 Aug 2021 15:27:04
Well mate he didn’t for 80% of last season. He had 5 or so very good games and far more shockers. Jury’s out.

02 Aug 2021 15:33:51
Southern Red, Thiago is a good player, but he needs a solid holding midfielder alongside him to function, without Fabinho and/ or Henderson he isn’t effective.

Mag_ic, you say ‘tried and tested’ but we were very much tested last season and found out to be very far short. Hoping and praying for a repeat of 19/ 20 to happen again isn’t going to make it happen.

02 Aug 2021 15:33:56
Don’t dumb this on Klopp. He is forced to work with what he has. The beauty of FSG is that they have managed fans to believe Klopp is very happy with no further additions. He and the team needs two more signings.

02 Aug 2021 15:36:20
Yes but 18 months are a lot in football. I've no problem if we sign or don't. Coz it's out of my control.

I have full faith in klopp, think he has a lot of credit in the bank after the success he has brought.

Now not only as an LFC fan, even just a football fan isn't that difficult to see we need some reinforcement to fight against juggernaut like City, Chelsea and even United. Coz these clubs owner no only one thing to win trophies. Chelsea (European winner) and City (EPL champs) are going to push us to the limits and it's not going to be like 18 months coz now will be competing against domestic and European winners in our league who will be more confident then us after the season they've had.

02 Aug 2021 15:44:07
He was brilliant in our final run when being played in position and alongside Fabinho. Vital for us finishing top 4. Also excelled when he played in the champions League.

He just took a bit of time to adapt and then looked like one hell of a player after he did. Don't see the needless slander tbh. On the back of the last 1/ 3rd of the season I'm quite excited to see what he can offer us.

02 Aug 2021 15:45:11
Mark I genuinely can’t wait for Thiago to prove you wrong. Ever heard the saying form is temporary class is permanent? He is world class and we should be adapting our game to suit him and let him boss games from midfield rather than having him sprinting all over the pitch to press and wasting his energy.

If Fabinho and Hendo stay fit - more importantly Fabinho, you will see the Thiago of the last part of the season.

02 Aug 2021 15:46:04
Markp08 I think a lot of people have been unfair on Thiago for last season. He came in late looked good when we had a full team, then got injured and came into a disjointed team.

Once there was a more steady starting 11 and defence we seen the real Thiago and he was fantastic mate.

02 Aug 2021 15:53:13
OP agree with a lot of your points however ManCity are massive favourites due to squad depth and if ManU sort out their home form with fans now back, Chelsea having their manager in his first full season I’d suggest that we are nearer fourth than first favourites.

However if we get more luck on injuries side as we simply don’t have depth or money to build a bench of £40m subs I wouldn’t be surprised if we at least challenged.

02 Aug 2021 16:16:15
Thiago actually played in more league games than Hendo last season but let’s not mention that as Thiago is the injury prone one. I think Hendo, Fab or a lot of top class midfielders would have struggled in our midfield last season with a makeshift defence. After all Hendo was in there on his own when the Christmas rot started with draws against Wba and Newcastle. And previous draws to Fulham and Brighton a couple of weeks before. I think a lot of top midfielders would struggle when there is out of form or not top quality players beside, behind or in front of them.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Hendo, Fab and Thiago play together. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Kieta links up with Thiago and Bobby in the games where teams park the bus and we have to break them down.

02 Aug 2021 16:16:43
SLANDER - are you for real? And he won't be proving me wrong at all I said the Jury is out on Thiago. Of course he will be far better than last season as nearly the whole squad should be. He came with many saying he was in the top 3 midfielders in Europe I don't think anyone thinks that now. If he reaches Fabs and Hendo's importance to the team then great I am just not sure one way or another. At the moment we have far more important players than Thiago.

Class is permanent, people have been saying that to me for three years regarding Firmino.

02 Aug 2021 16:19:55
1jj, We have got that depth mate, the ox £35 million, Keita £50 million +, Diogo Jota £40 million, now if gomez and van dijk both start we then have a £40 million Konate also on the bench? What else do people want lol.

02 Aug 2021 16:30:28
The 1st team is great but ageing, so fatigue may play a role late in the season, esp if we're still in all the competitions. Bench may play a big role then and not to discount the unexpected risk of C.V. putting 1 or more players into quarantine at a critical time (applicable to all teams though) . Bench will probabpy play a big role this season as well.

02 Aug 2021 17:07:50
The jury is out according to markp08 - who's judging a player off a few months and choosing to ignore the form of the player when in position and in a settled side.

I like how you've also said you expect him to get better next season, the jury is still out however so I'm guessing at the end he still won't have lived up to your expectations (aka I don't want to admit I'm wrong) .

02 Aug 2021 17:27:33
I haven't choosen to ignore his form at the end of the season but it looks like you have chosen to ignore his performances when we were getting beat left right and centre. He was a massive part of our problem. What you are saying is Thiago is a one trick pony, he can only play in a settled side, with Fabs at number 6 and only if we are controling the game. Of course he will be better next season because he can't be any worse. Will he get to Fabs level not imo and that is what he was bought for. He wasn't bought to be a squad player he was bought to be one of our best players, that is what he should be judged on next year.

Will he get to the level of

I don't think he will, hence the jury is very much out.

02 Aug 2021 17:28:04
The jury might be out on Thiago to some of the folks on here, but it's pretty clear Klopp rates him highly.
I'll take Klopp's opinion every day of the week.

02 Aug 2021 17:33:39
So do FSG twist Klopps arm and force him to say he's happy?

02 Aug 2021 17:57:12
Klopp rated Can, Gini highly but let them both go. Klopp also dropped Thiago for the cl matches. That gave Thiago a kick up the bum and he was much improved after.

02 Aug 2021 18:13:22
Red Joe, if time and previous experience tell us anything, relying on Keita and Ox as squad depth is not a good idea, as Keita is utterly hopeless and out of his depth, and Ox is extremely injury prone. If we lose Henderson and Fabinho for any periods, we’re done for.

02 Aug 2021 18:24:41
Oh Mane, Mane it’s called PR. He’s not going to come out and critique the owners about no signings. But if you think he’s happy getting championship players like Ben Davies last minute and barely any reinforcements at this point, then you’re lost.

02 Aug 2021 18:50:08
Thiago ‘can’t be any worse’ 😭😂 did you watch the same player i did last season or did you somehow get him mixed up with Wijnaldum or Keita?

He was trying too hard in some games but that was mainly because both the form and mentality of the team at that time was completely obliterated. He tried to get stuck in while others were hiding. The man basically had to play two midfield positions on his own because Wijnaldum was so useless.

The disrespect to somebody who has achieved as much as Thiago and has class just oozing out of him is just unfathomable to me. You’d have to blind as a bat to miss his very obvious ability on the ball, his technical abilities are some of the best i’ve seen in a Liverpool shirt.

As is often the case i think rival fans are just very jealous that we have what they don’t and are very quick to jump to on the hate train, painting false narratives that aren’t there. I couldn’t believe the journalistic dross in this country when they tried to blame our woes on Thiago and i barely can now. I swear some people are watching a different sport.

02 Aug 2021 19:13:51
Go back and read the reviews of the last years matches. He was called a liability for a 10 game period. He was terrible in that period. He was though very good at the end of the season. There is no way a player of Thiago quality can be as bad next season. Trent can’t be as bad either, Robbo will be better next season than he was after Christmas. There are many reasons why LFC and Thiago were so bad last season and I expect nearly every member of the squad to be better. This is not Thiago bashing.

Mane just about my favourite player absolutely stank after October but the year we won the league he was magnificent. If you think Thiago had a good season more fool you, and if you don’t think he will be far better next season, time will tell. Oh and by the way I don’t care what players have done in there past clubs it means nothing. That is only the reason they were signed. Thiago can’t get anywhere near the Spanish 11 so maybe that will give him a point to prove.

02 Aug 2021 19:16:03
Why did Klopp drop him for arguably our biggest games of the season v RM?

02 Aug 2021 19:51:40
Jesus lads, Are people still allowed an opinion on here?

Mark feels the jury is still out on Thiago, what's wrong with that?

I'm perfectly fine with that, in fact, I'd agree with Mark here.

Lads get so worked up if we're all not following the party line.

02 Aug 2021 20:00:57
Cheers mate, let's hope he smashes it next season and he gets to Molby’s level. What a player he was by the way. I used to love watching Jan play. Probably even Jan would struggle in our system. Would you still be looking to bring in a midfielder Molbyslostgoal?

02 Aug 2021 20:47:37
So Klopps a yes man then IPC12? Waste of space so.

02 Aug 2021 21:17:08
Mark, you have your facts all wrong (shocking, I know) . Klopp did not rate Can as a 6 cos if he did he would have tried and pushed to keep him. Klopp let Can go cos he wanted guaranties on game time in the 6 position and Klopp obv told him no and let him go and prolly had Fab in mind the whole time. Klopp wanted Gini to stay as well even tho, he tried to sell him before the 18/ 19 season but the money wasn’t right regarding a new deal. That’s football.

As for Thiago, you say he didn’t play for 80% of the season which is false and dishonest. You act all the time as if Thiago wasn’t almost lost for the season and had his leg almost broken and needed time to recover properly. Also, he returned into a struggling team and was literally drowning along with the team at the time until the cavalry arrived and he balled out in the final 10 games when we needed him the most.

I know you know all of this BUT you consistently ignore this context and slander him every time you get. I have no idea what your beef is with him? Oh, and He was dropped vs RM cos Klopp clearly saw something in pre game prep. (He balled out vs Arsenal the game before) that prolly warranted Keita starting and he knew he made a mistake cos he hooked him before half time for… Thiago. Fixed it for ya.

There are actually cogent points you could make about being against his signing BUT you don’t do it cos all you do is slander him without any context. I don’t like Keita either and I can make honest football arguments about it BUT unlike you, I don’t just slander him. You make it sound like the guy can do nothing right. Get a grip, seriously.

02 Aug 2021 21:27:00
It’s called the modern world. People get precious (offended) if others dare to share a different opinion to them and then the people who don’t share the same opinion get offended at the opinion and anyone who does agree with it get offended at the people who don’t. Imagine the world in 10 years time. It’ll be snowflakes 365 days a year.

02 Aug 2021 21:31:39
At no point did I refer to Klopp as a yes man Mane Mane. But if you’re dumb enough to believe he will come out and publicly criticise the owners, then you’re beyond help. At the same time, Klopp is not an idiot and will evidently want ‘fair’ investment to maintain stable challenges. It’s not rocket science, Utd did it in the Fergie years, hence their dominance. City are doing it now. It’s simple you back talent.

02 Aug 2021 22:00:40
Might have known you would butt in Oli red, if you think he was good last season great for you. I think he was poor overall as were Liverpool. Deal with it man it’s called a difference of opinion. And when I say he didn’t play for 80% of the season it was a wind up because I know he was on the field he just didn’t contribute in half of the games he played.

Let’s hope he improves next season because as I keep saying he can’t possibly be any worse. Peace.

02 Aug 2021 22:13:43
VVVV I agr3 they can't be relied upon but that's when the likes of Curtis Jones and Harvey elliot come into it. When will youngsters ever get a real chance if fans want us to have a 50 million pound back up player on huge wages for every position? We aren't city.



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