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27 Aug 2021 14:29:47
Well going on Klopps presser it certainly sounds like we have our lot with no more incomings. I hope we can remain competitive with Chelsea and the 2 Manc clubs (One of which is about to add a certain Ronaldo) .

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27 Aug 2021 14:39:53
Think United are going to eclipse Ronaldo deal 😂😂.

{Ed0666's Note - I love it. Hope they get him.

27 Aug 2021 14:56:57
Have to say if our business in and out is done i couldn’t give our summer more than a 3/ 10 Konate in but Gini and Shaqiri gone. I don’t think we’ve improved the squad. There’s no fear of us dropping out of the top 4 but was really hoping we’d go big to try win the title again. Chelsea and United signing top top players.

27 Aug 2021 15:12:36
good, time for the team to step up. can't wait for this window to be over and then let's get on with the season!

27 Aug 2021 15:14:43
Totally agree because simply put - we were stronger with gini an shaquiri in the squad. To say we don’t need to replace gini is clearly from a manager who has to say to that which began the question why not support your manager even a little bit

Same thing again - huge holes in midfield due to injuries I guarantee it

If you can’t afford the club in this capacity sell an move on fsg.

27 Aug 2021 15:39:57
Huge holes in midfield? You sure

We play 3 in the middle and have

Fab, Thiago. Hendo, Milner. Nabby, ox, Jones who play there that’s 7 players.

If we have holes that’s the coaches problem not the owner’s.

27 Aug 2021 15:40:34
Dreadful window for Liverpool we’ve only got weaker. The only chance we’ve got of a successful season is the first team all staying Fit and no Fatigue.
Relying on Luck and Anfield imo.

{Ed025's Note - even with what you have got now you will be right in the mix for the title L8 believe me mate..

27 Aug 2021 15:40:35
Klopp only has 3 more years here we should be going all in to win as much as possible. I’d hate him to leave after 9 years less successful less than Tuchel at Chelsea.

27 Aug 2021 15:43:59
What FSG has to do with it? We are literally overstocked middle of the park.

Klopp doesn't want to listen abt Wijnaldum anymore coz he was very strong in he's response when journalist asked abt Wijnaldum minutes.

It seems to me Klopp was happy to let Wijnaldum go and the plan was to play Thiago in he's position. Coz Thiago didn't leave Bayern a European winner, Domestic winner who's place was guaranteed in the team to come and sit on the bench or fight for he's position. Think it was a clear plan when Thiago was bought.

I'm even Sure if Klopp wants a player badly then the board will back him coz with the confidence he said both in he's body language and eyes to a journalist if he can show a midfield who is better then what we already have in-terms if skills then he promises will get him and the journalist was stumped.

Think Klopp is not the coach who just wants bodies in the team, he's very clear and particular abt the talent/ skills be wants at he's disposal.

27 Aug 2021 15:46:17
So a squad with a returning VVD, Gomez, Matip, Henderson, Elliott, Minamino and signing Konate is weaker than the squad at the end of last season that contained Gini and Shaqiri? Ok then.

27 Aug 2021 16:12:22
Thunderbird, pretty sure they’re talking about the entire squad that started last season as opposed to this season, and they would be right in saying, it’s weaker. We haven’t improved much if at all on the squad and first 11 that in my opinion, needed freshening up last season, let alone this season. Any notable injuries again, and it’ll be a similar story to last season, especially with all our rivals strengthening. If our first 11 stays fit 80-90% of this season, then I think we could challenge, but with our poor injury record of late, I don’t see that happening.

27 Aug 2021 16:23:53
Only in football could you name people who haven’t really brought much to the table in 3 years despite drawing a huge wage as people you can count on. Ox and Naby need to step up massively this year because the statement above is sadly true and in any other walk of life they wouldn’t still be employed by said company.

27 Aug 2021 14:48:05
Ed0666 it makes Utd much stronger though them getting him don’t you agree? So frustrating mate watching the 3 teams nearest to us spending fortunes on new players whist we don’t have a pot to p. in yet we are expected to compete with them teams in the league. All the players we’ve monitored, scouted, spoke to agents on all to no avail if we were skint to start with what was the point in even asking on these players? Owe I don’t no sorry to sound so negative but this season is going to be harder than ever to get anywhere near the top 3 spots IMO.

{Ed0666's Note - when I was a kid I wanted a BMX. My parents bought me a silver chopper it did the job took me where I wanted to go but I never stopped lusting after a BMX. I window shopped it for hours, talked to the owner of the bike shop about buying it just in case my chopper broke down. Admired the friggin chopper from afar. My point is my parents were broke on top of that they were cheap and I never did get that chopper. We have a squad to challenge mate but we have to live within our means. Sometimes a silver chopper is good enough to make you champions of Europe and champions of England.

27 Aug 2021 15:18:08
Why you say that Ed0666?

{Ed0666's Note - because I have a very good friend that lives in Cheshire who happens to be very good friends with Ronaldo and I’m sure I’ll be meeting Ronaldo socially over the next year or so. No profound footballing reason.

27 Aug 2021 16:32:04
Thunderbird 2 in adddition to that, “We were stronger with Gini and Shaq in the team”. Shaq who doesn’t play cos he can’t stay fit and Gini who wouldn’t have been here had Klopp gotten his way 2 years prior and already replaced with Thiago, made us stronger? Now this is what we are being afflicted with on a daily basis, sadly. I love Gini but Klopp wanted to see the back of him in the summer of 2018 and had there been takers, none of this is even a thing. Even worse, had Thiago not been nearly cut in half at Woodison, not sure Gini plays as many games as he did and nobody is talking about his “availability” and all that.

Even Ed25 has said this multiple times in the podcasts, if we sign nobody, we still have enuff to challenge and that is my opinion as well. City have signed ONE player (one I think they don’t need), Utd have signed two players and Chelsea one player. We have signed a CB in a position that needed addressing so again, what’s the prob?

Oh, what if this or that player gets injured? What if DON’T and stay fit or does that hypothetical not exist? Enuff, pls. If we sign nobody else then great, we will go for it and see what happens. Either you will support the team regardless of whether they did what you wanted or not OR you can keep whinging cos the club didn’t get you your shiny new toy and be left behind.

27 Aug 2021 16:42:31
You don't need a second eleven that could beat any team to win the league. Klopp prefers a smaller but more tight-knit squad because it suits him and it works. It's much easier for him to get his management style across to a smaller but more like-minded group of men than a larger group who all expect to be in the starting team.

27 Aug 2021 16:49:10
I get what you mean Ed0666 entirely and it might just be that Klopp will keep us up there challenging but you have to admit our squad with the injury record of quite a few players is short compared to the other 3 teams? I thought for sure we was bringing in an attacking player enough have been mentioned and advised by Ed002 only days ago our interest in Sarr, Bowen, Traore, Coutinho (Klopp very keen) is it all just talk and interest with no bite then and we just monitor hoping for a club to drop a players value to help us as we are skint?

27 Aug 2021 16:54:01
No Rainbow Jeremy you're wrong. Klopp wants 300 players in his 1st team squad. Doesn't matter that he's repeated himself over and over saying he's happy with his options. You're wrong.

27 Aug 2021 16:58:27
Ed666 I’m a bit worried, you keep going on about your chopper 😉.

{Ed0666's Note - that’s all I do nowadays is talk about it 😂

27 Aug 2021 17:00:45
I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about, we need to win one game at a time just like the others! If we sign someone who will improve the team that’s great but if we don’t I’m sure we will be challenging still.

We’ve started well let’s hope that continues.

27 Aug 2021 17:01:24
Santo, all the midfielders you named we have 3 injury prone players Henderson and Miller are aging and Jones is a promising young player who I don't think could be relied on week in and week out. Ox and Keita have been on the physios table more than on the pitch same as Thiago (who when is fit i do rate highly) . I rate our best 11 as probably the best or atleast top 3 in the league but beyond that we are lacking in any real quality. Still think we can challenge for the title but its going to take a lot of luck that our players stay fit.

27 Aug 2021 17:06:12
I imagine it’s worse for our rivals, spending such large sums on flashy players and they are still not as good or as complete as us.

27 Aug 2021 17:12:53
I used to have a chopper.

{Ed0666's Note - till you got married. And we’re emasculated

27 Aug 2021 17:27:01
Northern red you do realise Thiago who is always on the physio table made more league appearances than Hendo last season.

I 100% agree we have a good enough team to compete this season and our squad isn’t all that bad. For me I think it’s key what injuries we get this season. I think we have some players in the starting 11 that can be replaced and then others that cannot.

Allison - I would have had him in the irreplaceable category and although he is world class Kelleher showed last season that he can indeed step up. If it’s Adrian having to replace Allison then I’m not as confident as his confidence seems shot since the Athletico game. Losing him for a long period of time though would be huge.

Trent - would be a massive loss due to no one else in the squad being able to offer what he does.

Centre backs - not seen Konate yet but I think if we were to lose a centre half the other 3 are more than capable of stepping up.

Robbo - again would have been irreplaceable but early signs are Tsmiskas can do the job.

Fab - would be a huge loss if he was injured for a substantial period of the season.

Hendo - massive leader on the pitch but he’s been injured plenty during the last few seasons including the season we ran away with the league. If Hendo is missing then VVD leadership would be key.

Thiago - not stepped up to the plate enough as of yet to be regarded as a big loss if he was injured so I think Jones, Elliot, Milner or Naby could fill in if he was missing.

Jota/ Bobby again if one is missing then the other steps in.

Mane / Salah - I think either these 2 missing for a long period would be a disaster for us as they compliment each other so much and the fact even when they are having an off game they draw the defenders to them which stretches the opposition which then normally allows one or both To run riot.

For me I think the following nico, ox, Milner, Kelleher, Naby, Minamino and Origi can step In for minutes here and there but if we had to rely on them for anymore then it would be a struggle as the players they would be replacing are too much of a jump in quality.

27 Aug 2021 17:32:33
Ed666 I had a grifter mate- smashed my ba*ls every time I tried to get off the bike 😂

Always wanted a big chopper 😂.

{Ed0666's Note - I would have killed for a grifter or a BMX mate. I had the James Milner of bicycles! It’s not the size of you’re chopper Drogie it’s how you ride it 😂

27 Aug 2021 17:51:56
Did you get the Chopper or not, Ed?

"Whose motorcycle is this? "

"It's a chopper, baby".

"Whose chopper is this? "

"It's Zed's".

"Who's Zed? "

"Zed's dead, baby; Zed's dead".

{Ed0666's Note - Pulp Fuction Baby…😂

27 Aug 2021 18:04:58
This entire notion that somehow we are destined to fail is tiring. Perspective is needed here so take a step back and see what we have. First, arguably the best defense in the league. Ali, Trent, Jomez, VVD, Matip, Konate, Robbo and now Tsimikas is starting to show some great form. What other club in the league possesses not only the quality of a starting back four, but quality depth as well? United are turgent on the left back position and all over the place in the center with slab head and co. Who is going to come off their bench or provide the depth needed to see through the winter months with European and domestic football to play? I don’t see it. So what about Chelsea. They are Incomplete and inconsistent. Man City? They rely on keeping the ball upfield rather than being pressed and we all know they are one brain fart away from throwing it in the sink. Not to mention the repetitive nature of Pep’s team becoming worse over time (Barca/ Bayern) and they seem completely unsettled (Sterlin, Laporte, Silva et al) . He is deep into his tenure and has announced he is leaving in two years so who knows how that effects players over and above how they already feel.

Looks at our midfield - Hendo, Fab, Thiago as the go to with Milner, Ox, Keita and now Jones/ Elliot pushing through. They are mostly tried and tested and sure, Keita and Ox have a lot to prove, but we all now the damage that Hendo and Fab alone can do. Good luck trying to get through that wall. Each and every team around us has huge holes in their lineup.

Then there is our forward line. Mane, Salah, Jota and Bobby. Who in the right mind is going to bet against those four?

So let’s appreciate what we have rather than what we don’t have and give the team our full support. Never ever bet against Liverpool. Milan in 05, Dortmund in 16 and Barcelona in 19 did and look how that turned out. Without belief, you’re dead on arrival. But with belief, amazing things can happen.

Can’t wait for the season and see what our guys can do against all the rest.

27 Aug 2021 22:30:10
Spot on, St Jacques BUT by some accounts on here, you would think te sky is falling just cos the club doesn’t or Klopp didn’t do what they wanted so they can go brag to their buddies as to who we signed and for how much 🙄.



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