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27 Aug 2021 16:35:54
Ed's can I ask please at this stage regarding our transfer targets at the start of the window. All have pretty much been dismissed as we are unable to stump up the fee required. Would we of not known the costings of these players before we spent time watching them and scouting them? Would we not of been better suited looking at other players at lesser value that Klopp could develop into good players?

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps Liverpool thought they would be able to sell players for more than they realised?}

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27 Aug 2021 20:01:00
So basically rather than sign the right players you want us just to buy anyone to satisfy your need for transfers.

27 Aug 2021 19:59:47
Ed002 - No surprise then? Unless you’re planning to fly us all over to your place in Monaco for the bank holiday weekend?

27 Aug 2021 20:34:28
Or thunderbird the owners could use a fraction of the billions they have to fund these players. We should be well able to afford bissouma at least. Arsenal are spending 140m. Westhams budget is 45m, 10 more than us it's actually laughable.

27 Aug 2021 20:43:02
Port Red, that’s a very naive understanding of how FSGs business is financially structured. The owners literally can’t just dump money into it, that’s probably not allowed under the Fair Play regulations for a start.

27 Aug 2021 20:51:22
Looking at our midfield options the only player that improves us in midfield is bissouma if this isn’t possible let’s move on. Believers.

27 Aug 2021 21:20:07
Fair play regulations johny? Doesn't seem to apply to other club, arsenal borrowed 100m or more to help with cv losses and still spend 140m. No CL money for years now but we can't at least afford bissouma? I've always back the way we're run allowing gini leave for free with no replacement is absolutely criminal.

27 Aug 2021 21:28:11
Port red what if Klopp doesn't want Bissouma? What abt Thiago? Keita? OX? and Young players who haven't done bad when got opportunity like Jones and recently Elliott?

You're missing the point those players were signed by Klopp and are still here. If you seen Klopp press today he was Clear abt Thiago being Wijnaldum replacement (coz Thiago didn't leave European and domestic champions to sit in the bench or fight for he's position when he was guaranteed starter for Bayern) . It's not that simple what we think, Klopp should be thinking the same. He's the manager and knows much much better then us and have all the time information abt our players condition, watches them everyday in training etc and have won trophies with the same players.

27 Aug 2021 21:40:44
Thiago doesn’t have to fight for his place, I take it that’s a joke Kopforever. He better start fighting or he is not going to play too often. If Saul or Bissouma comes, the atm I don’t think Thiago makes the first 11.

27 Aug 2021 22:21:57
Saul or Bissouma aren't coming though. So he's nothing to worry about.

27 Aug 2021 22:45:15
Mark, as much as I agree that Thiago needs to perform. Now do you know of any player in the squad that will play ahead of him if nobody else is signed? I’ll wait.

27 Aug 2021 22:47:37
You're missing the point Mark mate, Thiago will have a clear run unless he fails there's no way he's going to sit on the bench much when he was regularly playing at Bayern and winning everything? I'm sure Klopp must have given him some assurance hence Klopp "clearly said today he's Wijnaldum replacement and will take he's minutes"

Think he was bought to play with Hendo and fab hence Wijnaldum was let go coz today the way Klopp responded on Wijnaldum departure and replacement was Clear to see Thiago was bought to take he's place.

So that's no way Saul or Bissouma are coming mate.

27 Aug 2021 22:57:19
Harvey Elliott literally played over Thiago in the last game. You probably didn't watch it, too concerned about transfers.

27 Aug 2021 22:57:52
Thunderball 2, no I don’t want us to sign anyone to suit my agenda, I want us to sign players that we can improve and move forward with the squad to compete with the other teams who are strengthening as we speak.

27 Aug 2021 23:16:49
Well keita will start ahead if him tomorrow, that's for sure!

27 Aug 2021 23:24:11
Kopforever Ed02 has already said bissouma was out pick to replace gini, so I doubt klopp wasn't in the know there, what klopp says in public can be taken with a pinch of salt, and your seriously suggesting that ox and keita are to be relied upon to stay fit never mind have a serious input into the team. Phoden at city was on the fringes for a couple of seasons before being a regular, the same must happen with elliot, he's just a kid. It's an abs joke to allow players like him leave for nothing while whinging about finances. And there's no way we couldn't have found the money for bissouma. Complete and utter negligence.

27 Aug 2021 23:45:26
Virgil, we have players who can improve and move forward with the squad. Jones, Elliott, Williams, Gordon, Beck, Bradley, Kelleher, Balagizi, Musialowski.
All you are interested in is who we are going to buy.

{Ed0666's Note - I think Balagizi is gonna be a first team star really looking forward to his progress

28 Aug 2021 00:03:30
Port Red mate Ed2 never said Bissouma was Wijnaldum direct replacement, it seems you just want to read what you want then what it is in real.

ED2 like most of the EDS said "if we can shift the players then we've a chance coz we need to create space" that didn't happen it was nothing to do with Wijnaldum leaving or else Ed2 would've never said "we needed to make space if we want a new midfielder"?

Of course Klopp wouldn't worry abt injuries in Midfield coz last season or previous seasons Midfield was never a problem. It was defense and quickly got solved when TM open asap

We've got Fab, Hendo, Thiago, OX, Keita, Milner, Curtis - Elliott. That's 8 midfield competing for just 3 positions im sure one or 2 injuries happen we still have enough midfielders to name in our team.

28 Aug 2021 08:22:38
Port Red - key word in your point about Arsenal is ‘borrowed’. Since when was borrowing £100m to buy football players a sustainable business move? They’ll suffer for it because I don’t personally think they’ve used it well if that was the money they spent on White and Ramsdale.

28 Aug 2021 16:42:47
And I’m going to gloat a bit now and say how Arsenal are proving my point given the performances in their 3 PL games so far…….



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