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29 Aug 2021 05:57:26
Content with the point whilst being a bit disappointed we couldn't take all 3.
In the end we just didn't execute well enough early in the second half to nick the lead. Then the final 15-20 minutes were always going to be tough. Chelsea played their part to kill the fame. I swear the ball was dead for the majority of the 3 minutes stoppage time

My takeaways:

Playing against 10 doesn't mean more space. You basically play against the same numbers in defense than if they had 11 on the pitch. Then you add in the mentality of team who feel an injustice + the fact they are a very good team, means we need to earn the result not just expect that it will come. If anything in terms of our performance I just thought we fell into bad habits midway through the second half and the longer it stayed at 1-1. We weren't cute enough to break it down today.

Harvey Elliot is the Gini replacement. He will go in and out for the rest of the season I'm sure but what a player we have

The only thing I didn't like was Robbo starting. Tsimikas had form and a full pre-season behind him. He's been firing to start the season, I think it was a real shame for him and the team to not keep that going. Robbo was a million miles off the pace

General encouragement to not be too down-heartened. Whatever you think we didn't do today doesn't mean we CAN'T do it. It is a missed opportunity but still an important point against one of our rivals. If it was 11v11 and finished 1-1 then the feeling would be different but the facts would be the same.

We go again.

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29 Aug 2021 06:19:28
Completely agree regarding Robbo, I’d have started Jota too.

29 Aug 2021 06:36:13
Nope do not sugarcoat it with words. Chelsea were good and even better after going down to 10.
We lacked ideas. We had our 11 and once we had to look beyond the 11 like we did today we don't have a game changer. It was anfield against chelsea with 10 men. There can be no excuses.
Chelsea knew what they had to do and they did it well
I dunno maybe If we had someone on bench who could add something more it would have been a different scoreline.
Here is what irks me most :
It is not a feeling i like that with us being seemingly content on competing rather than been hell bent on winning and this seems to be the general feeling i get from the team and manager and fans.
Oh my others are spending but we skint AF but you-know-what even if others are spending we will still be there fighting for it but since we didn't spend much if we don't win its okay because we tried. A load of crap. That is already a defeatist mindset.

We have missed a few tricks this transfer window but let's not put in excuses for inept performances either. This result cannot be acceptable if we really want to win the league.
We as fans should be make it clear this is the same team that won in 2019 and 2020 and lame performances won't go down easy anymore. We should be winning the title. We have the best manager and most experienced team. In 2019-20 with the same team we would have won this game. So why should not the expectations be same in 2021

Onwards to leeds.

29 Aug 2021 07:23:24
Akira, you’ve made it perfectly clear you care mostly about transfers and this post confirms you know nothing about football. Bravo.

29 Aug 2021 07:30:29
Ok thesaurus of football. What ever.

29 Aug 2021 07:34:29
Definitely a member of the "I want a shiny new toy" brigade.

29 Aug 2021 08:22:47
I don’t think we need a new shiny toy but we do need to start managing the peripheral players we have better.
I can understand Klopp’s favouritism and allegiances but Robbo had no place being on that starting line-up ahead of Tsimikas. I do not care what Robbo has done in previous seasons, we had a replacement absolutely flying and off the back of a formidable last game dropped. Bad decision.
He has previous did the same with Taki off the back of the Palace game.
Now we will be expecting Taki and Tsimkas to give 110% when next called upon and play like gods. Otherwise they are not fit to play for us. Even though they proved they had and got shafted worse than Debbie does Dallas.
Tiny ripples. It might work out OK in the king run but I think it could have been managed better and a pumped up Tsimikas would have been more of a threat yesterday than Robbo who was poor.

29 Aug 2021 08:34:36
Which tricks have we missed Akira?

Should we have signed Bissouma - even though his club don’t want to sell and even though he wants to go to another club?

Should we have signed Neuhaus (see Bissouma)

Should we have signed Saul even though Athletico wanted all all the money up front and he would smash our wage structure

Should we have signed Traore? If you answer yes can you say why?

Should we have signed Mbappe?

What type of player should we have signed?

It would be good if you could answer because at the moment you sound like my three year old granddaughter in the toy shop ‘ I want …… I want ……. I want’.

29 Aug 2021 10:02:44
Poor Akira. We draw one game against a very good and organised team that are current European Champions and all of a sudden the team, the manager and the fans aren't interested in winning. And the team were inept.
And we have a defeatist mindset because we didn't buy him anything shiny.
Is this the tripe we can expect now from Akira when teams won't roll over for us?

29 Aug 2021 10:10:45
I see the usual suspects are defending our transfer policy again 😴😴😴 Happy to plod along watching us struggle to break teams down.

29 Aug 2021 10:53:12
Yeah, yeah, Akira. We get it. You hate the owners cos they are not doing what you want. Even my toddler is not as petulant as you are. Change the record bro cos you have NO new material clearly . The OP makes way too much sense with his post for you to understand hence, I get the reason why you didn’t address many of the salient points he made. Funny that 🧐.

As for the game itself, we didn’t play well enuff to win cos as the OP said, playing against ten men esp vs a team as well defensively drilled as Chelsea are, means a lot less space and they are formidable overall as a team. We had the couple of chances to win esp with the Salah chance that fell to his right foot cos had that been on his left, we bank the 3 points. Either way, we take the pint and move on.

29 Aug 2021 11:17:14
More than happy to watch us plod along at the top of the league, unbeaten. The transfer policy that got us Alison Robbo, VVD, Matip, Konate, Gomez, Thiago, Fabs, Mane, Salah, Bobby, Diogo is fine by me - which transfer policy are you talking about? Wouldn’t be the one where we spend millions that we don’t have would it?

29 Aug 2021 11:27:40
We didn't beat a defense minded 10 man Chelsea who are current European Champions and it's all because we didn't buy players in the transfer window.
Nothing to do with Chelsea's resilience and ability to defend as a unit.
I don't see anyone happy about struggling to break teams down, but I'm willing to bet I'll see more people using it as an excuse to bleat about the lack of shiny new names.
Chelsea were defensively very good, they deserve credit for it.

29 Aug 2021 11:28:50
West Derby you know nothing about football, I sure Klopp "WANTS" but can't have a 150 million pound player, as with Bissouma what difference does it make if a club doesn't want to sell, it never stopped clubs before? There is nothing wrong with wanting a new player to come in and giving the squad and fans a lift, just don't see what you are trying to say?

29 Aug 2021 11:36:00
Look at those two sides yesterday, who came out of that game looking like genuine title contenders who could actually win the league? I know and I think most of you do to but won't admit it to yourselves.

29 Aug 2021 11:47:44
We are not top of the league. West Ham are top of the league. But hey don't let the truth get in the way of your narrative.

29 Aug 2021 13:40:41
Waro, both teams did. It was a top game with both teams going at it and both getting a point cos neither deserved to lose. Both teams have identical records all the way thru, as well so that’s what I saw. What did you see? I’ll wait 🙄.

30 Aug 2021 00:55:31
Akira - the big goal is winning the league. reacting to each micro-result as if we have won the league or as if our hair is on fire is just not for me. It is clearly for you. But I don't recall your presence on here much when we won the league.

30 Aug 2021 00:56:47
Waro- sure you can make a case that Chelsea looked like the more resilient team. Does that mean it will stay that way all season? who knows, but we should all know that development isn't linear.

{Ed0666's Note - bloody hell faith you’re making a
Lot of sense today. What are you on????

30 Aug 2021 00:58:50
Overall I think it's fair to be disappointed about not getting the win. In terms of managing emotions I just prefer to focus on what we have and what we can do with it rather than getting all up in a twist about signing players that we either can't afford or simply aren't after.

{Ed0666's Note - you’re no fun are you? You don’t wanna get sucked into the drama of the final day of the transfer window? Will we won’t we? I’m gonna be watching till the last second hoping the fax machine don’t jam and the FA get the paperwork we’ve faxed through. Oh and who doesent wanna hear sky sports inferring that a premiership club in the north west have 2 medicals lined up blah blah blah. And on Wednesday morning I’ll wake up to the realization that the fax machine did get jammed the FA didn’t get the paperwork in time and the squad is as you were.

30 Aug 2021 04:32:20
lol triple6, don't worry mate I'm as interested as anyone about signings. So will definitely engage in the convo, but it's just not for me to get apocalyptic about it and then start casting misplaced anger and blame in all sorts of directions ahahaha.

{Ed0666's Note - word

30 Aug 2021 06:23:22
I saw a top team playing against another top team for 45 minutes with a man less and holding them comfortably and never really looking like being breached, and before the sending off playing very well and being by far the better team IMHO. So in conclusion I feel Chelsea are the more credible title challengers and we will be there or there abouts but will ultimately fall short. Hope and pray I'm wrong but Chelsea looked the real deal yesterday and we looked like a team withering on the vine. Hope this helps Olired.



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