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01 Sep 2021 14:54:38
I know people are moaning about squad depth, but has anyone actually had a look at it! We have 27 lads you'd consider senior players now; including 8 midfielders, 6 forwards, 5 centre backs, 4 wing backs and 4 goalkeepers!

I also recommend people look at the money paid out for some of them. £70m on Keepers. £20m on Wing backs. £115m on centre backs. £180m on midfielders. £170m on forwards. £565m on the squad. £490m of which has been spent during the tenure of one Jurgen Norbert Klopp.

The majority of concern seems to that our that our 2nd choice midfield is poor. Keita, Thiago and Ox to be specific. 3 players who Klopp and Edwards spent £115m on.

The other main worry I see is the front 3 back ups. Firmino, Origi and Minamino who "don't score goals". Well, 1 was signed by Klopp/ Edwards and the other 2 both got handed new contracts by them. So again i don't think you can really be taking pops at FSG.

If the squads not good enough in your mind, it's not FSG who are to blame. They do not interfere with day to day financial or football decisions, and they pumped enough money in up front to make the club self sufficient. This is Klopp's squad minus Henderson, Firmino, Origi, Milner and Gomez. The other 22 all made their reds debut under him.

Personally i think the squad is absolutely fine regardless and Old Big Ears is coming home again. For crying out loud, get behind Klopp and the players now.

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01 Sep 2021 15:11:11
Couldn't agree more MK.
We now posess a strong, very settled and happy squad that has only recently proven themselves to be world, european and English champions.
Now, with an injury free (ish) run we'll be there and thereabouts at the sharp end of the season.

{Ed025's Note - thats far too positive for these pages clay, the doom and gloom merchants will be calling around your house with pitchforks now mate.. :)

01 Sep 2021 15:28:34
I with agree with mos of that. The one issue I have is you give no blame at all to FSG. I am pro FSG they have done a lot ofgood things. But Klopp asked for a signing and they didn't deliver. Klopp didn't ask for £100m signing or multiple signings he asked for Bissouma. The deal absolutely should have got done and it would have meant our league challenge would have been stronger. I don't get all the whining but we needed a wide forward or a midfielder. Maybe one will come in Jan before the AFCON.

We will compete of course but one extra quality player was needed and FSG put zero money up after trying to drag us into the super league. FSG don't get off scott free, we had access to funds and they refused.

01 Sep 2021 15:32:05
Great Post MK.

01 Sep 2021 15:34:53
MKS, we have a much better and deeper squad than the one that actually cake-walked the title and broke all types of records, if that is even possible with the way we crushed it with NO first team signings apart from Van den Berg and Adrian off his couch.

That said, you really need to stop posting facts and figures along these boards. You’re ruining it for the perennial doom and gloomers on here.

01 Sep 2021 15:45:07
That is true our squad is better now but the year we won the league evrything went in our favour. Plus Man U and Chelsea were shocking they are not now. Mane and Hendo were absolutly brilliant and the jury is very much out as to whether they can get near to that level again. Firmino is on the decline, the cb's are coming back for huge injuries. We can do it no doubt about that but we need quite a large amout of luck. Last year we got so much bad luck hopefully we are due a change of fortune.

01 Sep 2021 15:55:34
Couldn't agree with you more, Adam.

I did a 'strength in depth' analysis of our squad now compared with 19/ 20 in response to another post last night. To summarise:

GK - better than 19/ 20 as we have Kelleher as no2 not just Adrian. I believe Kelleher is more solid than Adrian and will grow (hopefully) into Alisson's successor. He certainly gives me more confidence than Adrian did.

Defence - much better than 19/ 20. VVD has shown (so far) no ill effects from his injury, Matip is just as good if not better, Gomez is more experienced (albeit not yet come back fully from his injury) and we have VVD's successor in Konate ready to be integrated too. We have decent backup to Trent in Neco (or Konate who can play there too, and we have a genuine challenger to Robbo in Tsimikas (based on early appearances) . Oh, and let's not forget we have a defender who can rough it with the best of them and bleed for his club in Phillips.

Midfield - slightly better but not much in it. Hendo is as good as always - I don't believe age has caught up with him yet. Milner is older, and will only play a bit part. Naby was there in 19/ 20 but injured for big parts of of, hopefully he can kick on - most definitely last chance saloon! Jones and Elliot have emerged since 19/ 20 and both are exciting, I think Elliot could grow into a generational talent. On the negative side, Gini is gone, but his greatest ability was availability and between Jones and Elliot, I would hope we have him covered. We have also signed Thiago since 19/ 20 and he could be our ace in the hole. Overall, I think slightly better than 19/ 20.

Attack - about the same if slightly worse. Mo is as great as ever - his pace and trickery have not dropped. Mane and Bobby are concerns due to loss of form. Jota is a big positive and someone we didn't have in 19/ 20. Ox, who could equally be used in midfield (and vice versa with Elliot) adds an alternative if he can stay fit. And big Div is still here to score that all important goal at least once this season!

I am slightly disappointed we weren't able to swap Div for someone more suited to our style - a direct replacement for one of the front 3, but it is what it is.

Mark, I am genuinely interested in why you think Klopp wanted Bissouma. There's been plenty of press speculation about who Klopp wanted, and Bissouma was one of them along with a dozen others. Was it Ed002 who said Klopp really wanted Bissouma? Or is it press speculation again? I personally think Leicester have had one of the better windows especially with Daka and Gray (for the money they paid for Gray) .

{Ed0666's Note - Eds 002 stated that Bissouma was enquired about but the payment plan we offered Brighton did not appeal to them.

01 Sep 2021 15:56:21
Totally agree MKS - great post. You and Zeddicus post the most sense on this site by a country mile. It's easy to get a bit carried away with "transfer fever" and really wish for a shiny new signing, however, I have seen us buy average players so much in the past (pre Klopp) and never want to return to those days. Much rather wait for the key buys rather than waste money on the wrong players. We have had very few "failures" (purchase wise) under JK and even those few may still come good (Keita perhaps! ) . I'm glad the window is shut and we can just look forward to a proper title race and CL campaign. Personally, I think we are right in the mix and if we win one of the two "big" trophies this season - it will be the best achievement ever. Can't wait #YNWA.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m hurt by what you said Stan. I thought I was the one that posted the most sense on this site by a country mile 😂

01 Sep 2021 16:03:31
Couldn't agree more mark08, be careful now as talking sense is moaning according to a lot on here. I keep see the we are skint comments but we're owned by billionaires who chose not to invest. It is what it is now and as you say hopefully we have some luck with injuries after the horrendous run last year.

01 Sep 2021 16:23:10
Your right Port mate, if you don't trot out every post saying everything is bloodly magnificant you get called negative. If FSG had bought the player Klopp wanted it is one less player we need to fund next summer. Fingers crossed on the injury front.

{Ed025's Note - i dont mind posts showing concern that you may be a little light mark or even that you should have signed him or him, but that yesterday was well over the top mate, comparing arsenal with liverpool and saying you have no chance to reach a top 4 place is just ludicrous, it just got silly after that..

01 Sep 2021 16:39:39
Can't say anything against the owners though or people on hear start crying, there is no question about the numbers we have, the quality of those numbers is a very poor standard after 14/ 15 players.

01 Sep 2021 17:09:33
Its more than that Lancaster though.
2 keepers
2 lb's
4 top cb's
Hendo, Fabs, Elliot, Thiago,
front 4

I would say 16 minimum. Milner can still do a job also and I dream Keita and Jones will step up.

01 Sep 2021 17:17:42
I gave up on the site last night ed, it was totally OTT. I read most of it and I got voted the most negative poster, hilarious.

Your lot are off to a good start, long may it continue until you play the mighty Reds.

{Ed025's Note - yeah it got a bit maudlin mark, but the blue boys are doing fine at the moment mate and long may it continue, so when we play very afraid.. :)

01 Sep 2021 17:22:02
Mark, and how do you know Klopp asked FSG for Bissouma knowing full well that FSG do not handle such things and MKS just said so? How can you blame them for things they do NOT handle. And you can’t just dip your hands into your wallet and “put your money up” as an owner anymore so why complain about what you know won’t happen? And how do you know they had access to funds and refused to produce them? Are you in the accounting dept.? Pls, your feelings are not facts. MKS posted facts. Stick to facts, please.

In any case, ED02 said the Bissouma deal could not be done NOT cos the money wasn’t there. It was cos Brighton did not agree with our payment structure which is within Brighton’s right. That’s it. I wanted Bissouma too BUT let’s not start acting as if we know what went on in these meetings whereas we don’t and in fact, no one knows, okay?

As for saying the year the we won the league everything went our way and other teams were shocking, I expect that from a bitter rival fan who wants to take away the credit of this awesome achievement away from this great team, NOT from an LFC fan. Do you know how much difficult it must have been for the team go again and get pretty much 100 points (breaking multiple records) after getting 97 the previous season and not winning it? Nah, bro. Don’t do that. You’re better than that.

01 Sep 2021 17:52:40
Tell you who needs to be afraid Ed025, the T Rex keeper. I think Virgil might be looking for some revenge on him….

01 Sep 2021 18:44:05
I know I am right Olired because I RTFP. Maybe you should try it. The owners were allowed to put some money in they chose not to. They were allowed to borrow money to finance the deal they chose not to. We went for Bissouma they rejected our low ball offer. Just read the posts man.

01 Sep 2021 19:37:34
Mark, a couple of points, I don't believe our offer was low-ball from what the Eds have said above - Brighton wouldn't accept our payment terms. Unfortunately its an outcome of our business model and the impact that no gate receipts have had on our turnover.

Also, in your earlier post, you left out TAA, so there's actually 17 players, and possibly 18 as Neco grows and develops - remember he's had more premier league games than Tsimikas and almost as many as Curtis Jones.

01 Sep 2021 20:28:16
Mark, ok fair enuff. If they didn’t do it, do you know why? Also, cos they were allowed to put money in doesn’t mean they were going to use it for signings, either even if they did. You can’t just say they made the wrong decision just cos you think they didn’t do what you wanted. Again, that’s just your feeling. Not facts.

01 Sep 2021 20:33:57
Oh and one more thing, Mark. You are wrong if you think we low balled Brighton for Bissouma. We were ready to pay the fee but Brighton refused our payment structure, per ED02. Just sticking with the facts.

01 Sep 2021 20:52:51
Zeddicus, not sure how I forgot Trent. I can’t though put Nico on the list atm. As for Bissouma no one will convince me that FSG did all they could, in fact they barely did the minimum. I still hope they will step up in January. I am not anti FSG but this window they could have obviously done more.



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