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01 Sep 2021 20:14:44
To all your 'FSG Out' muppets.

Take a look at Arsenal after they spent years on a Wenger out campaign and see where they are now.

My god, there really are some short sighted numbnuts showing a funny way to support our club, a club that I would like to remind you WON the Premier League 2 years ago and a Champs League 3 years ago and who suffered an unbelievable injury crisis last year and STILL finished 3rd.

As many have already suggested, take a look at the stadium, the training ground, the world record purchases of the best CB and GK at the time and in my opinion the best manager in the world today and realise how bloody lucky we are. We were nearly out of business 10 years ago.

Support the team, support the club and enjoy truly competing at the top level - because that is what we have been doing and will do this season. Believe and enjoy the ride.

Enough said.


{Ed025's Note - powerful stuff cons...i like that mate.. :)

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01 Sep 2021 20:49:06
Do they all think there is some queue of billionaires looking to blow all their money on running a football club too?

02 Sep 2021 00:52:55
Not an FSG supporter or hater but I think they’ve let Klopp down again, Arsenal are interesting to mention, could argue Klopp under fsg is similar to Wenger under the Kroenkes. I don’t think we will but can only hope when Klopp leaves like Wenger we don’t end up in as much as mess as them, we were no good under fsg pre Klopp but even we weren’t as bad as current Arsenal.

01 Sep 2021 22:41:22
Conslfc. couldn't agree more. Now I'm not from liverpool but have supported them for 32 years catching the end of their prime and then years of average or under achieving football. Obviously there was a few cups in between and the memorable 2005 CL. But to have had the joy of watching Salah, Firmino Mane and co tearing up Europe and the prem for the last few years has been a joy to watch and been the envy of many rival fans. Appreciate what we have instead of moaning what we don't have. Get being the team klopp and the owners. Just think we could still have Hicks and Gillette.

01 Sep 2021 22:49:26
It’s playing premier manager that does it - and confusing life with being able to control everything on a little box.

The sad thing about them is they don’t understand that it is all the better when you have to work hard for it and you are helped with a little bit of magic along the way. - so much more of a thrill than spending £ 5 billion and winning the title by 30 points.

02 Sep 2021 07:53:26
The same FSG who furloughed staff, raised ticket prices, and sold this club to a corporate to play in a different competition and is still doing it regardless behind the scenes.
There is absolutely no need to suck their thumps.
been hearing they have done some remarkable things. what have they done for the Woman's team? precisely nothing.

02 Sep 2021 08:12:30
Nah despite your insults, and clear lack of ambition by wanting people who are out of their depth in English football, I'll take Ron Burgandys advice to stay classy and just reply FSGOUT.

02 Sep 2021 08:23:03
What have the Romans ever done for us?

02 Sep 2021 08:29:46
FSG are a business, Liverpool fc are an asset, the fans have every right to question, disagree and protest them any time they think FSG are out of line with what makes this club what it is . FSG didn't invest in the club because they really like happy football fans, they did it for a return, for their own interests . Calling your fellow fans muppets then typing YNWA would be risible if it wasn't contemptuous.

02 Sep 2021 10:05:51
Calling fans muppets is neither risible nor contemptuous.
It's a very good description of some of the characters that "support" the club. Reading a lot of the comments on here in just the past few days alone is evidence of that!

02 Sep 2021 11:40:36
Wasting your data allowance there OP. The amount of bile spouted at FSG, and it’s even worse on Twitter, makes me wonder exactly what some of our supporters actually want, it’s as if they are either hankering for a return to our 30 years in the wilderness or as if they expect some mega wealthy oil baron to come riding in on his big dirty steed to spunk billions of pounds on the club and put us into the PSG/ City ‘Johnny come lately’ bracket.

There is nothing wrong with running a business on a sustainable basis, in fact it’s basic corporate governance, and for the most part that’s what FSG have done. In fact t I’m guessing that was the point of the FFP rules in an attempt to bring some kind of level playing field into the game.

We didn’t need to spend vast sums of money as we already have a fantastic squad. Yes it might need a bit of tinkering around the edges but it’d be interesting to see how many of the players bought by other clubs this season would actually improve this team. Very few I’d say.

02 Sep 2021 12:48:38
Calling into question fans "support" because they see things differently to you doesn't make them muppets, more and more people have had enough of the lack of investment in the team that FSG are willing or have to give, you sound as bad as the people who say "arm chair fan" or "you're not from Liverpool, you know nothing". All this is showing is that you have a very narrow mind. Most fans accept FSG have done well for us, no question, but there is nothing at all wrong in seeing and bringing it up that they clearly are now out of their depth and don't have the best interest of the team in their minds, they are building to sell at a massive massive profit to themselves, so don't have a go because a lot more people are finally waking up to it.

{Ed002's Note - Where would this "investment" come from. The owners are constrained by FFP from throwing money at the club which is loss making due to the pandemic. That leaves player sales as the way to fund transfers - and that is what has happened.}

02 Sep 2021 13:33:26
I wish I was as out of my depth as massively successful sports business group FSG….



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