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03 Sep 2021 20:58:09
Sorry, please add to my last post.
Games to name a few. Teams win games, squads win trophies. Our biggest factor this year is the crowd. Anfield wins games from the crowd sometimes. This year the crowd will be more important than ever. After a year of no fans teams will be affected by our fans more than ever. For all the fans that attend games, be patient with our team but give the opposition hell. Be relentless to the last second and believe in the team. Last of all, we have Kloop. Something no-one else has. Yes, others might have a shining new player, but they won't have the kloop hug pre game. They won't have someone to motivate them to play at 100% of their ability. If nothing else, when kloops time ends at our glorious club, make him remember that ours is the best team on the planet. Make him smile everytime he thinks of us the same way he made us smile winning the league. Stop moaning, complaining and back the team, NO MATTER WHAT, that's the least he and the players should get. Maybe, just maybe he and the the team can achieve something special again. Ynwa x.

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04 Sep 2021 03:16:33
A crowd will not help if we have significant injuries either up front or in midfield, only personnel can do that and we opted not to bring any into those positions. Jones and Elliott may help cover midfield, but if Salah gets injured we’re in deep water with nobody in the team even close to replicating his goals/ contributions. Don’t get me wrong we should still back the team, and still realize we’re good enough to be challenging for top honors, but injuries derailed us last season and, if they occur in the wrong positions, may do so again.

04 Sep 2021 04:17:31
No fans affected us last season more I feel. I might be wrong but wasn't salah injured against barca? Don't get me wrong, having no salah, mane etc would affect us, like it would any team but i feel we have enough to do well this season. Sport is a confidence game like most things in life. If we make our players feel that we believe in them, then we might be surprised by what they give us in return. Dare to dream and those dreams might come true. Be scared to dream and you will only have nightmares.

04 Sep 2021 04:20:52
Seano - we managed to beat Barcelona 4-0 without Bobby, Salah and Robertson in the second half.

04 Sep 2021 07:55:01
I’ll be honest I think most football fans are good fans and all home crowds Will Create an atmosphere that spur their team on. If ours was more special than anyone else’s then how did we go 30 years without winning the title.

04 Sep 2021 08:20:47
In reality ours is not the best home crowd in the PL. Atmosphere is definitely better at Palace for example. European nights is a different story. JK I agree by far the most important is the players.
Can Mane get back to his best
Do we get some luck re injuries
Can VVD get back to his best
What level will Elliot, Jones play at
Which Thiago turns up
And then of course how good will our rivals be?
More questions than answers atm.

04 Sep 2021 08:36:28
Because the team and squad wasn't good enough, it really is that simple.
And as for the atmosphere not being more special at Anfield than anywhere else, there is a long list of players and managers who will tell you different. Top of the list being Mourinho and Guardiola.
In Guardiola's own words "it is a bugger of a stadium".

04 Sep 2021 09:03:40
I agree with that Flash against the big teams the PL atmosphere is right up there but against the lesser sides no one can say it’s the best atmosphere. When I used to stand in the day the atmosphere was totally different in a so called normal game.

04 Sep 2021 09:07:24
Flash I’m not denying that the atmosphere at Anfield isn’t or cannot be special. European nights especially. I just don’t buy into this notion that we are better fans than other football fans. When I walk into a room with my mates who support Villa, Spurs, Utd or arsenal etc I don’t automatically assume I’m a better fan than them just because I support Liverpool.

04 Sep 2021 10:01:49
Seano, you could say that about City and Dias, United and Bruno/ Maguire or Chelsea and Kante/ Mount. All teams have their most important players that are irreplaceable and have strength in depth in different areas. Ours just happens to be in midfield and defence whereas our rivals have more strength in depth up front. If they lose any of their key midfielders or defenders it will fall apart for them quite quickly so i don’t know why people are only focusing on us being a bit light up front, we have great strength in depth just in other areas. I’d rather have a strong defence and midfield as opposed to what United have, where they have several great forwards but the rest of the team is built on sand. That doesn’t win you titles, as their own Sir Alex Ferguson pointed out yonks ago.

04 Sep 2021 10:17:36
@kingcarlos - using a one off game is a ridiculous way to make an argument.

@woolback - that is a very fair point and I certainly think other teams do have this issue. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world though, merely that we had a chance to strengthen but didn’t, so are now in the pack. If we’d of brought in another forward and/ or midfielder we’d be in a better position than our rivals, as it is now we run the same gauntlet.

04 Sep 2021 11:41:04
That’s fair enough Seano, i just think that while it would have been nice to add another forward i can see why they’ve decided to keep their powder dry and not just opt for an ‘anyone will do’ approach. There were no really standout candidates and the best of the bunch was probably Bowen, who while he is a good player i’m not sure how high his ceiling is or whether the £30-£35 million we’d be spending on him would be justified given what tangible impact he’d make on the outcome of our season would be. I can see why they’ve decided to keep their powder dry until we are a bit more financially stable and perhaps more ‘must have’ targets reveal themselves. I just don’t think we’ll be sat here in a few months time kicking ourselves saying that we’d have won the league if only we’d signed Bowen or Traore. Maybe in the future we’ll need that money to sign someone way better. Also if their careers at Liverpool were to peter out in the same way that Shaqiri’s did, whereby they perform pretty well but just aren’t going to get many games, we could be stuck in the same situation we have been with Ox and Shaqiri, decent players on high wages but with the club looking to recoup more of their initial outlay than what their market value actually is. With all that in mind i actually think it’s probably a good decision to hang back for a bit, providing those minutes do in fact go to Elliott, Jones and Gordon and allow them to grow and develop as players, and if they don’t solidify their places maybe someone who is a better fit will be available by then.



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