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06 Sep 2021 12:37:08
For Nathlfc and anyone else wondering about current wage bills in the EPL per season current as of this season -

1 - Utd 27 active players - 227 million
2 - Chelsea 24 active players - 152 million
3 - City 22 active players - 143 million
4 - Liverpool 27 active players - 135 mill
5 - Arsenal26 active players - 95 mill.

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06 Sep 2021 13:03:11
Out of interest, is that just playing staff or everyone involved at the club?

06 Sep 2021 13:15:21
In relation to the players only.

06 Sep 2021 13:45:22
Do we pay non playing staff. Are they not all still on furlough 👀.

06 Sep 2021 13:50:37
Liverpools wages and salaries in their last financial statement was circa £325 million and increase of £16 million on the previous season.

I've no idea how or what the figures are above 🤔🤔.

06 Sep 2021 14:18:40
Rediculous figures.

06 Sep 2021 14:54:20
Where did you get those figures from? If you doubled our figure you are still £50m short.

06 Sep 2021 14:56:06
I would imagine those are basic salaries and not including potential bonuses. LFC were reported changing
the wages structure to give a stronger emphasis to achievement bonuses, so final figure could be a lot larger.

06 Sep 2021 14:57:12
These are players wages ONLY not all other associated staff to the club.

06 Sep 2021 14:32:58
At this point Ed2 is rolling his eyes. Let's stop speaking about finances we have no idea about. Don't give the old bugger ammunition ;) .

06 Sep 2021 15:00:59
The figure in the accounts relates to and includes aggregate amounts for both staff and directors including wages, salaries, social security costs and pensions.

No wonder the Eds don't try and get into figures!

06 Sep 2021 15:20:18
Salah why be so condescending? Perhaps enlighten us with your wisdom in this area if what I've posted is so ridiculous please do correct where exactly I'm wrong?

06 Sep 2021 15:34:08
Do the players have to pay for their meals in the canteen?

Do they have kit laundry bills or is the use of twin tubs included in their contract?

06 Sep 2021 15:46:03
Jkh I have no idea so I am out on this topic.

06 Sep 2021 15:49:49
Your figures imply that despite our known high wage bill, we are still a whole arsenal yearly wage behind man United. I can't believe that to be true.

06 Sep 2021 16:40:07
So even if them figures were true, and for FSG sake i hope they aren't, we made near £180 mill from tv and prize money alone the last couple of seasons, each season too, we won the CL, went to the final and won the League, on them figures (without match day rev and the like) we should of had at least £50 to £100 mill for transfers, without having to sell, would we not? So my usual question and in a hope that fans start to question how the owners do take us forward, where's the funds for players and why are we some of the lowest spenders about, consistently, the club isn't being run well at all.

{Ed001's Note - how do you figure this rubbish out? Do you think the only spending is wages? Jesus you are embarrassing. Give it a rest for god's sake you don't have a single solitary clue and the ignorance is incredible. I don't like FSG and would be happy to get rid, but you just make up nonsense to push the agenda and it does nothing but make you look like a complete idiot and put people on FSG's side.}

06 Sep 2021 17:12:33

06 Sep 2021 17:19:48
So associated staff account for £190 million circa of Liverpools wages and the players only £135 million? Hmmmm.

06 Sep 2021 17:52:57
I give up - you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

06 Sep 2021 18:02:49
The important comment made here was by Wirralean.

We know that we tend to structure our deals heavily towards bonuses - its how we are able to compete (sometimes) with our wealthier opponents like Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea.

So the difference between these figures provided (in good faith) by jkh and the figures in SR's analysis is mainly going to be player bonuses. There will also be things like other staff and director pay, Eers NI, pension etc, but the vast majority of the difference will be bonuses.

I'm not sure that this adds much to the discussion (sorry jkh), but it is interesting nontheless to try to understand our pay model for players as opposed to other teams that may be more skewed towards basic pay than bonus pay.

I would imagine bonuses have been more attractive for players joining us recently (and re-signing) as we have become more and more successful. No surprise that Man Utd are more skewed towards basic pay as they haven't won much of note recently and have a PE teacher at the helm rather than Norbert!

06 Sep 2021 18:36:11
Bonuses, as well as improved deals, provide some context to Liverpool’s rising wage bill, after recent success on the field.
The club still has a wage structure in place and the figures would not be anything as high if all those shiny pieces of silver hadn’t been won.

06 Sep 2021 19:52:55
Spot on, Juicer. The owners chose this route cos in the past when they took over, they identified that a lot of players where on stupid wages their performances did not deserve. They changed the wage system and it has worked so if we are going to have a crazy wage bill, I’d prefer it to be accompanied by actual trophies won cos here, you see what you are actually paying the wages for: Success on the pitch.

06 Sep 2021 20:36:21
This is embarrassing. It literally took me 5 minutes to find our last published accounts and our salary costs (including pension, NI, etc) are clearly shown as £326m. If you’re going to post stuff like this it really isn’t hard to find out the truth without looking daft.

06 Sep 2021 21:42:31
Johnnyr perhaps you should learn to read the accounts properly and what is broken down into that category before you make a complete fool of yourself on here!

06 Sep 2021 21:46:31
Cheers Zed hope your well pal.

06 Sep 2021 21:57:53
Come on then JKH, educate me. The club spent £325m on wages according to the last set of accounts - it’s on page 25 if you want to have a look. I know it’s not all on players but it all comes from the same place e. g the club revenue. I’m an Accountant by the way so I think I know my way around a set of financial accounts.

{Ed002's Note - This why we don’t discuss finances.}

06 Sep 2021 22:00:43
If it is based on performance and winning trophies etc then surely our wage bill will go down after last season.

06 Sep 2021 22:01:55
Apart from about 90% of the thread being gibberish, and whatever the figures actually are, what’s the point of the thread? Nobody here pays the wages and the owners pay what they feel they need to pay.

06 Sep 2021 22:18:52
I agree Ed2 take the post down bud it’s not worth it.

06 Sep 2021 22:32:20
I hear you Ed002 but I’d still like to know where that £135m on 27 players wages comes from as quoted in the OP because I’m not seeing it in the official accounts and Im guessing the club wouldn’t publish that breakdown anyway?

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea.}

06 Sep 2021 23:29:30
Where did you get the nonsense from since, where did arsenal get 26 active players cause I've seen about 3. Love it😅😅😅.

07 Sep 2021 00:49:38
I just came here to see if ed2 says the OP is correct or not lol.

07 Sep 2021 03:45:14
I think a few of these posts should be moved to the conspiracy page.

07 Sep 2021 04:02:53
Ed001, is your dislike of FSG due to the Super League fiasco? I just don't think there's many 'likeable' candidates out there to own the club.

{Ed001's Note - that was the final nail in the coffin, but I do agree, there are very few realistic alternatives.}

07 Sep 2021 08:49:52
Mark, not sure if your post was tongue in cheek BUT no it won't. The success that the bonuses are linked to, were in the past hence, they are due now. Pretty simple stuff.

07 Sep 2021 09:17:18
@Irish Rover: The figures of £325 million you mention feature in the financial statement as the total wages/ salaries/ pensions etc. of 880 employees which include (as is in the financial statement)

- Administration, commercial and others (620)
- Players, managers and coaches (203)
- Ground and maintenance staff (57).

I think the OP may have extracted this data from spotrac. But some of the data may be incomplete (if the site is reliable), like there is no cost mentioned for Saul (which should be pretty significant I guess)

07 Sep 2021 13:06:44
The numbers don't make sense, as i said, i hope they weren't correct but i will always stand by my belief that these owners can't take us forward and don't have the means too, nothing will change my view until someone comes up with a decent argument for the continued ownership of FSG.

07 Sep 2021 13:16:43
You are one of the few that gets it @LFCDas let's move on nonetheless.

07 Sep 2021 15:28:57
Ed002's reply? "I HAVE NO IDEA" says it all.

07 Sep 2021 15:57:41
It does Irish it tells you he doesn't have an idea hahaha.

08 Sep 2021 10:06:58
Lancaster been moaning about FSG not being able to take us forward for years while the club quietly went about the business and won sh*t lol.



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