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09 Sep 2021 14:53:18
@Ed002 or anyone else that might know - how many days before an international match must a club release their players? Or is it just to be released for the date of the international window?

With the rules in Brazil stating that anyone who arrives from the UK must isolate for 14 days then I believe in order to play, they would have to leave the UK 17 or 18 days before the match. I don't think the national teams have the authority to request them to travel that much in advance of a match. This potential ban is a bit of a farce.

{Ed002's Note - You are picking at irrational straws.}

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09 Sep 2021 23:06:23
And there was me thinking I was being rational.

10 Sep 2021 05:45:17
Did the Brazilian FA (or national team) say that players had to travel 17 or 18 days before the match? I missed that bit.

10 Sep 2021 08:16:58
@WDW no. When landing in Brazil the rules were that coming from the UK you must isolate for 14 days.

Would that not mean, land, hotel for 14 days and then you are allowed to join your teammates after this for training and the match - this is why I said 17 or 18 days to allow a few days with the team before the match.

Point being, the 14 days is the rule in Brazil so to follow those rules players would have had to leave the UK a lot earlier than the Brazilian FA would have been allowed to request.

If the Brazilian FA didn't get an exemption from the 14 day rule then players would have been flying there to isolate, miss the matches and fly home to isolate again.

I really genuinely thought this was all logical what I am saying here. I'm not trying to take the mick, to follow Brazil's own rules it could never have worked.

10 Sep 2021 09:17:59
Actually, given what happened at the Brazil v Argentina match with officers storming the pitch to arrest players from Argentina (playing in EPL) suggesting they falsified paperwork for entry, it should perhaps be the case that FIFA needs to look at how Brazil has behaved and makes Sean's question pertinent. It is not irrational to talk of the 14-day rule because THAT rule formed part of the case against the players when Brazilian authorities pursued Martinez, Romero, Buendia and Lo Celso. Brazil is clearly angry that their players weren't released and so their authorities got the game abandoned by storming the game five minutes in. WHY these matches were not played at neutral and safe venues baffles me. the USA would have made a lot of sense.

10 Sep 2021 11:48:32
I think the US would have been a no go, they currently (I think it is still in place) have a presidential order in place barring non US citizens from traveling there.

10 Sep 2021 12:06:42
I think Reynard's point still stands, if Brazil did not want people flying in to the country from the UK then could the Brazilian FA looked at finding a safer country to play their match.

That would mean giving up home advantage but it is their own countries health restrictions that anyone flying in from the UK is to isolate for 14 days. If all the Brazilian players travelled then their health authority should have been taking them off the pitch 5mins in to the match as well v Argentina - utter madness and it just shows that they did not think the match through.

10 Sep 2021 12:27:47
So given the rules being as they what do you think will happen the next time Brazil play a home qualifier in Brazil and chose to select Ali, Fabs and Bobby?

{Ed002's Note - They have five games over the next 8 weeks, two of which are at home. The will select the players and depending what happens in terms of an offer made by two of the English sides they will pick the players and in not released will invoke the five day rule twice more.}

10 Sep 2021 16:45:56
Surely an exemption to the 14 day isolating rule will be agreed by then with the Brazilian health authorities.

If someone can prove that they have been vaccinated, tests negative before leaving the UK, tests negative after landing in Brazil, then it would make sense to reduce the 14 days rule - of course this is just my opinion.

11 Sep 2021 01:07:00
Good to hear the lads are allowed to play now so no ban 👍

Will be interesting to see if any plans are made for the next batch of international fixtures.



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