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13 Sep 2021 08:44:46
On the Elliot injury, I have viewed it dozens of times in slow mo and whilst definitely not deliberate I think I was reckless. If looked at closely the Leeds player makes contact with Elliot with his left leg before he scoops around the ball. His momentum and follow through endangered the player and we saw the result. If you have viewed it I would be interested in your thoughts. Great site btw! Followed for years but post v infrequently. Ed's are by far the best to go to for everything that goes on behind the scenes when we have to rely on media bs to inform us. Keep safe guys YNWA.

{Ed025's Note - a mistimed tackle for me dickie without malice, unfortunate for young harvey who has been great since his introduction but not a sending off for me mate..

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13 Sep 2021 09:24:56
100% Ed025. Don't often agree with Neville but did yesterday. And the red card will probably be rescinded too.

{Ed025's Note - i think it may well be OMM, things happen in football and this was just one of them things..

13 Sep 2021 09:25:23
Very harsh on young Elliot but he has lots of time on his side and he WILL bounce back. The tackle was clumsy, mistimed etc etc but not a red for me but that's a debate for another day. I also felt very sorry for the Leeds player. You could see in his face that he was genuinely upset at what happened and he issued an apology to Harvey so that that should be case closed on it.

{Ed025's Note - great point about struijk barry and im sure hes gutted mate, when gomes was done by son there was a great outpouring of sympathy on here for the spurs man but nothing much on here for struijk, it will affect him and we need to think of him as well imo..

13 Sep 2021 09:52:09
When it's not your player Ed025 it's much easier to be more objective, I'm sure as time moves on more and more will look back and just say it was bad luck but right now it's still a little hard I guess.

Myself I've never been a big fan of those tackles anyway, there's typically never any intent I just feel like people feet get trapped under the weight of the other player far too often. Not that I think it's a red but I've always felt they more likely to cause injury.

{Ed025's Note - yeah i get that dan and its just the way it is mate..

13 Sep 2021 11:31:39
I was a poor tackle that we all agree. Now I'm pretty sure that the Leeds player woke up this morning and wished yesterday never happened. He didn't wake up yesterday and say"I want to hurt a Liverpool player"so I do have some sympathy for him. He will regret yesterday for a long time so let's leave that with him and just keep sending Harvey all our best wishes YNWA.

13 Sep 2021 13:14:15
Honestly can't believe I'm still seeing this nonsense. You can't fly in intending to hurt someone because you can't deal with them cleanly and haven't been able to for half an hour, and then play the sympathy card when you do more damage than you thought you would. Don't want to have that on your conscience? Don't lunge in from behind. Don't go in with both legs. Don't 'forget' that your full weight is about to go through another players knee when they have no chance to adjust or prepare.

And as for rescinded - if you think a straight red confirmed by VAR with two looks from the ref will be overturned because he had a bit of a self pitying panic after doing it you're off your rocker. Couldn't even manage the word sorry or an once of taking responsibility in his statement after.

13 Sep 2021 13:35:01
I don't think it was intentional but you can't leave the ground and make contact with an opponent, whether you get the ball or only make contact with the trailing leg. You are out of control.
If you dive in like that you can't make contact with another player or have the other player have to avoid your contact.

13 Sep 2021 13:50:27
I think the OP summed it up when he says "I have viewed it dozens of times in slow mo. ". The game moves at pace, not in slow motion. It was an accident and nothing more really, these things happen in football.

13 Sep 2021 14:00:56
What wound me up was Neville and Tyler seemed more upset at the red card rather than the actual injury. When they’re commentating I have an album evening (Black Keys last night) but unmuted it to hear what was going on. Can’t stand the pair of them.

13 Sep 2021 15:13:15
Yeah it amazes me that anyone listens to Gary Neville he's always contradicting himself and comes out with absolute crap mostly.

13 Sep 2021 17:05:03
The fact that Gary neville seemed surprised that a team with the quality of Liverpool chose to pick a team to play against leeds' weaknesses rather than try and match and outdo them on their strength is all you need to know about neville and his credentials. And those are literally his words BTW, surprised we went with thiago and fabinho and didn't try and match the energy of Leeds with hendo and milner.



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