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13 Sep 2021 09:47:09
Just popping over from the dark side to wish Harvey Elliott a speedy recovery.

Bad injuries are never nice to see but somehow seem much worse when it's a young promising player.

Hope he returns fitter and stronger than before.

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13 Sep 2021 09:56:45
Cheers Shappy, that's sound of you pal. Rivalries out the window it's never nice to see someone injured like that.

13 Sep 2021 10:32:15
Cheers Shappy.
I felt that the tackle, in that area of the pitch, was totally unnecessary.
He’s been coming in for a bit of attention in the games he’s played so far and this was just another example of older players taking a bit of a liberty with a younger, smaller player for me.
The Leeds player could easily have stayed on his feet and ushered Elliott where he wanted him to go, so the red card was warranted in my view.
You don’t see great defenders like Van Dijk making stupid tackles like that.

13 Sep 2021 11:15:01
My issue with it wasn’t that it was from behind or anything like that, but that the player uses both feet in a two footed challenge when there is absolutely no need to do so. He might win the ball with his left leg but he plants his right leg on the back of Harvey’s ankle from behind. I don’t think it was malicious but it was unforgivably clumsy and stupid.

13 Sep 2021 11:27:06
The Juicer -
Re van Dijk - The best players almost never inflict long-term injuries on opponents, it is exceedingly rare. I can only really remember Son but he is well-known to be petulant, as are a lot of the Spurs team.
Players like David Luiz, Pickford, Karl Henry etc are all players with confidence far beyond their ability but without the intelligence to foresee the danger they are about to put their opponent in.

{Ed001's Note - Son well-known to be petulant? Are you just making stuff up to try and suit your agenda? That is a downright lie. Son is well-known to be a nice guy, I have never heard anyone but you describe him as petulant.}

13 Sep 2021 11:34:47
LoweLFC Son couldn't be any further from being petulant mate literally widely known as one of the nicest guys on and off the pitch.

13 Sep 2021 11:42:30
Ed - Off the field he may well be a nice guy, he certainly seems it from YouTube content etc, but on the pitch there is enough behavioural evidence to say suggest he can be petulant, hence why he has picked up 3 red cards in his Spurs career so far. Perhaps ‘well-known’ was the wrong phrase.
And, excuse me, Ed, I don’t have an agenda against any player, thank you.

{Ed001's Note - I never said anything about being against any player, I was talking about your attempt to present your point was the agenda I referred to. You ruined your whole point with a total lie about Son and there is not enough evidence at all. 3 red cards is nothing in this era when a clean tackle can result in a red card.}

13 Sep 2021 11:44:56
Yeah, Son seems a great bloke and a great player.

13 Sep 2021 11:58:21
3 red cards in 6/ 7 years? 1 of which was rescinded, same as yesterday's will be. Yes a terrible petulant player with an horrendous disciplinary record. Get a grip.

13 Sep 2021 11:56:11
Ed, what I said about Son was not a lie but a misuse of a phrase. Politely stop that, thanks.
And no, 3 red cards is not ‘nothing’, especially when you consider two of his red cards were for violent conduct involving kicking out at opponents. Neither were especially aggressive but both were petulant. To suggest 3 red cards is ‘nothing’ even in the modern game is just untrue, isn’t it.

{Ed001's Note - oh whatever. I can't be arsed with your 'misuse' of words which you are still defending so clearly don't believe it to be a misuse. Pointless this. You just carry on without me, I am done.}

13 Sep 2021 12:19:29
Apparently Vinnie Jones used to have posters of Son on his bedroom wall. He was the hard man Vinnie wanted to follow into the game.

13 Sep 2021 13:20:20
Respect Sappy thank you.

13 Sep 2021 13:23:46
It's really hilarious reading these pages sometimes. So much ample proof of the "fake news" culture so prevalent around us. People just make stuff up as they go along. Thankfully enough people actually read, use their brains, and put an end to it.

13 Sep 2021 14:21:52
Wow what a load of nonsense. Put down the shovel LoweLFC.

13 Sep 2021 22:54:54
Son is known to be petulant. According to who? Son is known to be one of the nicest guys in the game. Petulant? Nah, Lowel. You made that crap up from whole cloth cos none of it is true or are you trying slander a perfectly nice bloke just to prove a point?



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