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04 Oct 2021 17:03:26
Ed 1 i've been reading some of the replies you sent about the game yesterday. Its refreshing to see some perspective on the game.

I was telling my 9 year old (super LFC fan) son that city where poor yesterday, all this talk of Foden being world class, beating Milner all the time etc. He did nothing bar score a goal. For me Milner schooled him like he did Zaha, but people always say the young flashy players come out on top.

He was anonymous most of the game, id rather have Jones or Elliot any day of the week.

Listening to the pundits too, they all seem to have this thing for City and Pep, City got a lucky goal we scored 2 world class goals playing poorly. A draw was fair I think as 1st half we where poor.

We took the chances we created though city didn't for apparently they should have been 10 -0 up at half time if all the pundits etc are to be believed.

City are not the city of 2-3 years ago, and they lack a few players in my opinion definitely 2 strikers.

Liverpool might need a body in midfield but we don't have as big a job as the likes of City.

Man U i've read people talking up their squad? They have two 34 - 36 year old strikers who are in the twilight of their careers regardless if its Ronaldo or not, he can't be pulling Utd through ever week. They have a poor midfield average defence with a poor manager, not sure how they are even getting compared to LFC.

Chelsea are doing well but playing terrible football, for me there light on more players than LFC are as well. Any injury to their Défense will see them fall away. Lukaku isn't a big game player that's been shown time and time again.

Just wish the supporters had the same belief as salah clearly does, where going for the league and i think its ours to lose.

I think the fact Chelsea and City have spent 100 million pounds plus in the transfer market and we haven't yet are still right in the mix shows how good not only Klopp is but this LFC team. If we brought in 1-2 midfielders i think we would be a few points clear with more to come without them where still more than capable of winning the league and i think we will.

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure Millie schooled Foden, I think he was just awful, hitting everything other than his goal miles away from where he wanted it. He did get in behind far too easily, but that was as much about Matip not reacting to a long ball over the top as it was Milner. It is worrying how easily Matip can be caught by those, he gets so focused on chasing into the other half that he is regularly caught going the wrong way, without having the recovery pace of van Dijk to get back. Certainly City were the better team in the first half, but not by a large margin, as they were just less crap, rather than good.}

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04 Oct 2021 17:15:14
City where poor and Milner schooled foden! I stopped reading after that!
City where sloppy at times but they are being called poor what’s that make us in that game!

04 Oct 2021 17:41:26
I heard one of the pundits say city had done enough to win 2 games in the first half.
They had 1 shot on target the first half.
Work that one out🤷🏻‍♂️.

{Ed001's Note - exactly. But somehow they were brilliant. I don't get it.}

04 Oct 2021 17:50:12
Milner definitely didn't school Foden but Foden wasn't awful either. I don't think Foden should have shared the man of the match award though.
If Foden played as well as some are saying, or if De Bruyne had turned up, we'd have been well beaten.

{Ed001's Note - I agree with that. Bernardo Silva, much as I dislike him, was City's best player by a considerable distance.}

04 Oct 2021 17:58:38
We can agree to disagree jay red mate but maybe u should read the rest of it as it actually is aimed at doubters who are clearly upset we didn’t spend 100 mill on grealish who was schooled by Milner pmsl.

04 Oct 2021 18:01:26
Thanks ed1 I still think Milner showed Foden up maybe schooled was right word but for foden being this so called world class player aka the next Gazza he wasn’t at the races. Showed a lack of a lot of skill he apparently has. Milner used his experience in my view to good use. He did get past Milner but as u say Mario made that space equally so it’s a lack of understanding rather than foden being the next messi.

04 Oct 2021 19:06:04
Andy you must of watched a different game to me as I thought Milner was very poor yesterday, his lack of pace was highlighted and he was very lucky to stay on the pitch.

04 Oct 2021 19:22:00
Agree with you Pegleg.

04 Oct 2021 19:39:38
Milner wasn’t lucky Henderson fouled Bernardo first so no luck was there.

04 Oct 2021 19:59:46
I have to admit I didn't see the Henderson foul.

{Ed025's Note - there wasn,t one mate..

04 Oct 2021 20:11:53
Henderson should have fouled Silva but was very weak in the tackle meaning Milner should have gone.

{Ed025's Note - spot on WM..

04 Oct 2021 20:13:42
Watched it again. Don't know if the ref would have given a foul for that given that Silva had got away from Henderson. I would say the ref used the Henderson foul to get Milner out of jail. More than happy with outcome tho.

04 Oct 2021 20:22:50
Agree with you, Ed025. Milner was a lucky bloke.

{Ed025's Note - extremely rome mate..

04 Oct 2021 21:16:06
Saying you would have Curtis Jones over Phil Foden should get you a 12 month ban. Foden is so far ahead of him that it’s not even worth comparing. Hopefully Curtis can get to that level but Foden is the best young player in the world.

{Ed025's Note - certainly one of them mate..

04 Oct 2021 21:27:16
Foden did not get schooled by Milner, IMO. That said, City although they had a lot of the ball due mainly to our own failings, they still only created one shot in target on the first half and in fact, couldn’t really lay a glove on us cos they huffed and puffed and ran outta breath while we dug deep and defended well. It may have looked like we were going to concede but really, they did not create enuff to score, IMO.

As for the journo who said City created enuff to win two games in the first half, this is just pure agenda driven kap that literally has no basis in reality and also, how were they going to win two games with one shot on target? Exactly.

05 Oct 2021 00:19:28
Big rig your deluded to think foden is world class if he wasn’t English no one would be speaking about him coming from a scotsman.

05 Oct 2021 01:46:37
Same with Grealish.



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