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05 Oct 2021 17:17:10
So here’s a question for both eds1& eds666 and everyone else
Where does salah fit in our all time best strikers. Obviously there’s Hunt, Fowler, Rush, Torres ect. Now I can remember watching Fowler and Torres and thinking this can’t be beaten but can it. Salah it’s even finished playing for us. He is getting better and better. If he carries on he’s got to be in with a shout for the Ballon d'Or!

{Ed0666's Note - you bast*rd I knew someone would ask me this question 😂. It’s like choosing a favorite out of you’re kids. Ok here goes. This is so hard. Top 5…Dalglish, Rush, Salah, Fowler, Torres. Please don’t ask me to explain why as I’m in tears right now. And you’re top 5 mate?

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05 Oct 2021 18:49:24
For me Dalglish (obviously), Rush, Aldo, Salah and Fowler.

Very tough question, ask me tomorrow and it could well change.

05 Oct 2021 18:53:56
suraz better than torres imo, they both snaked us so can both go to hell! lol.

05 Oct 2021 19:34:56
Suarez Torres and Aldridge didn't stay long enough so King, Rushie, Salah, God, Owen in my lifetime.

05 Oct 2021 20:01:52
As Irish Rover said👍.

05 Oct 2021 20:37:17
I don't think Salah can be classed as an actual striker, certainly not like Rush and Fowler. . so instead I think he can go down as our best ever right sided forward. Now he makes our greatest Xi. .

05 Oct 2021 20:42:28
I know nobody likes him anymore but Owen scored a lot of important goals to. Dalglish, Fowler, Rush, Owen and Torres for me.

05 Oct 2021 20:50:08
I agree BenRichards. Not an out and out striker which makes his strike rate seen even more amazing. Salah just seems to influence so many games it's untrue. The players I've mentioned above could all suffer goal droughts but when Salah has done so he still created chances.

05 Oct 2021 21:12:56
Agree with Baz and Ben, gets in my alltime Lfc eleven as the right sided forward with Barnes on the left. Not even going to try pick who should play through the middle.

05 Oct 2021 21:28:14
I agree with you Jadon in terms of Salah, Barnes but surely Kenny plays through the middle. Imagine those 3 together.

05 Oct 2021 22:24:22
Surely Kevin Keegan has to be on that list?
Transformed a decent team to League Champions, FA Cuo / UEFA Cup / European Cup winners, and made the £500,000 on his sale that bought Kenny Dalglish and Alan Hansen.

05 Oct 2021 22:34:34
For me, Owen is lower than a snake. Sold his soul to the devil, that can’t ever be forgiven. You just wouldn’t…. shouldn’t…. ever!

05 Oct 2021 22:35:16
Keegan, Dalglish, Rush, Saurez, Salah great players every one but only one with two ballon d'ors ( though both admittedly whilst at Hamburg. but he was runner up in his final year at Liverpool) .

05 Oct 2021 22:41:05
How does the club’s record league goal scorer not warrant a mention in the list of our ‘all time” strikers.

The simple answer of course is that most of the members of the forum never saw him play.

There are two questions being asked really - who are our best 5 strikers in the past 30 years or so and who are your favourite five strikers in the past 30 years or so.

The best, in my opinion, were Dalglish, Rush, Fowler, Salah and Suarez

My favourites were Fowler, Rush, Torres, Salah and Firmino

If you extend the timescale I would add Sir Roger to the list of best, probably ahead of Fowler with God and Mo dropping back one and Suarez dropping off the list and I’d be likely to include Keegan / Toshack as a combined entry into my favourites to replace Bobby.

The best combinations, in time order, I have seen were: Hunt and St John, Keegan and Toshack, Kenny and Rushie, Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling (what could have been and so nearly was) and Bobby, Mo and Sadio.

And apologies to the spirit of all our centre forwards from before the early 60’s who . I never saw play.

05 Oct 2021 22:49:05
Ngog, Voronin, Carroll, Lambert, Borini.

05 Oct 2021 23:40:23
I was about to ask the same question Juicer.

06 Oct 2021 02:19:25
6 I'm not saying I like Owen as a person mate, I'm just saying he shouldn't be overlooked in a great striker debate. I would say Souness did something unforgivable to but nobody would ever overlook him in a greatest midfielder debate. Going back to Salah I would have him in my greatest ever 11, I think I would also throw in Alison and Virgil to.

06 Oct 2021 03:41:07
If you were picking a best (not favourite) team in Liverpool team in my lifetime I would go with partnerships rather than individuals so I would have Hansen and Lawrenson at the back, Xabi, Stevie and Masch in the middle and Bobby, Sadio and Mo upfront. I think that would be a really, really good combination for a team. Stick Ali in goal, Trent at right back, and if he could guarantee being fit Aurelio at LB and that would be a team to be reckoned with.

{Ed0666's Note - no rush & Dalglish??? You crazy

06 Oct 2021 07:56:49
My top five would have to be Dalglish, Rush, then am really struggling between Salah and Fowler then Torres. For me Owen comes no where near the top 5.

06 Oct 2021 09:55:37
Kenny was before my time Mark so i've only seen the odd clip, Aldo and then Rush returning was my introduction to the Pool! Fowler was my hero and could've broke all the records but for injuries and Torres was superb as was Luis so its just too tiight to call. Also i know he's hated on here but Owen was also a favourite of mine, top goalscorer.

06 Oct 2021 10:14:48
Picking 5 is very difficult, I'm going to go with my top three in this order Dalglish, Fowler and Salah. The remaining two are far too difficult but until someone mentioned Owen, he didn't even enter my mind, never in a million years but that's just me. Same goes for Torres, good yes but worthy of top 5? Not for me. Rush I think he has to be in there so he can be my 4th, I'm not even going to try and pick a 5th. I'd do my own head in.

06 Oct 2021 10:42:52
Kenny, Rush, Hunt, Salah, Keegan, so hard to have to have Robbie out.

06 Oct 2021 10:48:34
158 goals by the age of 24 for a club is till some going. Owen is not everyones cup of tea by if he'd have stayed and played with Crouchie and then Torres i think there's a chance only Rushie would have more goals for Lfc than him. Suppose the same could be said of God, a full career with us without the horrible injuries would have seen him near the 300 mark aswell.

06 Oct 2021 11:54:51
I feel sorry for those that didn't see Dalglish and Rush play together. They were unbelievable.
I used to stand on The Kop in the '80's and when we had a dangerous attack everyone swayed forward. If we scored people would be looking asking "who scored it? ". I'm quite tall and all I ever seemed to say was "Rush" when I replied.

06 Oct 2021 12:42:48
Dalglish and Rush's movement was as good and probably better than the front 3 we have, like Gerrard and Torres too, they just knew where each other was running too and could pick a pass, they could of been surrounded by 10 outfield players and they would still collect a pass.

06 Oct 2021 13:42:22
If Owen doesn't enter peoples minds they must have been in hibernation for the Houlier days which was just as well apart from 2001 but like him or not Owen was on fire for most of that era. Why is Torres not vilified for going to Chelsea after what 2 decent seasons and Suarez for the obvious. Bit odd.

06 Oct 2021 14:30:50
Lol warmachine, I guess I was in hibernation then mate because I remember the days very well, I also remember earlier days of the true legends and he isn't and never was one of them.

06 Oct 2021 14:33:21
From the players I've seen, it has to be Dalglish, Rush, Keegan, Salah, and Fowler.

06 Oct 2021 14:58:09
Well Salah the bloke was our top scorer for what.7 seasons on the trot? averaging 20 odd goals a season in a team that weren't as good as a lot of the great Lfc teams. At a lot of teams that would put him in very very high regard! At most teams he would be an alltime legend, shame the fact he joined UTD towards the end and was a bit of a prick in cardschools takes away from all the goals he got for us in some fans eyes, we are a saintly bunch aren't we.

06 Oct 2021 12:45:00
Ed0666 - I probably am 😁.

{Ed0666's Note - mate it’s all subjective I grew up west Ching the dynamic duo

06 Oct 2021 16:29:10
We have been blessed with some truly phenomenal players, that’s all I will say.

07 Oct 2021 12:41:19
Owen until he left us was a different level player, he was true world class, take away a grudge being held by fans against him and he was one of the best around, easily.



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