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16 Oct 2021 22:21:42
Would like to post a true dilemma

Salah. Pure amazing. A possible legend. But he does have a contract ending with demands above our level.
In the form of his life.
Sell at peak. Or leave for scraps? Feels like that's where we are. And I'd sell if it's near the value you'd expect £180m. (Kane apparently £150m and Grealish is at best half the player)
Hate to but feel it's best for club.

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16 Oct 2021 22:27:19
Best player in the world. Consummate professional. Always fit. A truly once in a lifetime player so tie him down.

16 Oct 2021 23:02:04
Is his contract demands above our level or is he a level above everybody else and he deserves his higher contract? I think if he is willing to sign a reasonable increase then we should sign him up. I don't know the split between base salary and bonuses but without getting too complicated, £350k a week and yes please just give it to him. Fit as a fiddle, amazing player.

16 Oct 2021 23:09:29
I get the feeling watching him and post match he seems in a much better place and very content. If so long it last!

17 Oct 2021 00:20:36
Salah is a much more rounded player at 29 than he was at 25 when he arrived. He's fitter, he's stronger, and he's smarter on the pitch. And he wasn't bad when he arrived, was he? So he's improved from a very high level to an even higher one.

His fitness levels and his intelligence on the pitch suggest to me that he'll be able to do this until he's 34. Losing his pace won't damage him the same way it damages some forwards.

But even if he doesn't, let's say he starts going into a noticeable decline at 32. He won't, but let's say he will: Giving him a new deal still gets us 3 more years of Salah if that happens. That, imo, is worth an extra £150k+ a week, and the potential loss of a £100m+ transfer fee. He's that good.

So yeah. I'd go new deal, and I think that's what the club are going to do.

17 Oct 2021 02:42:47
350k a week for Salah? He’d be selling himself short. If Man Utd are prepared to offer 300k+ to Harry Maguire to go along with what they’re paying Sancho, Varane and De Gea, Salah is well within his rights to laugh such an offer out the room.

{Ed0666's Note - they’re offering pogba circa £400k allegedly. United pay well but where not miserly when it comes to put paper in a players bank account. We have the second or third biggest wage bill in the country. But Mo’s contract has to be settled delicately as some Liverpool players may have a parity clause in their contracts so clearly FSG don’t want that sceanario. Worst case scenario we get £150-200 for a player and can have a mini rebuild best case scenario we keep a generational talent. There can be nothing in between tho. Watch this space!!!

17 Oct 2021 03:28:58
Ed - we may have a large overall wage bill, but by all account it’s an incentivized one that should be significantly lower this year than last. At least that is what is banded around.
300k with bonuses as reported is, frankly, a derisory offer for Salah. If any player other than, at a large stretch, Virgil has a parity clause with the highest earner, the club have badly mismanaged things. Salah is the best player in the world and will command a premium salary that his teammates cannot, and they should accept that with understanding.
I also don’t believe we’d be getting 150-200m for Salah, though he’s absolutely worth that at the very least. He’d be 30 and going into the last year of his contract. I feel the only option is giving him Pogba/ De Bruyne money at the very least.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m pretty certain Virgil has a parity clause the way he celebrates Mo’s goals every week…he doesn’t let go of him and has a smile on his face like he’s just climaxed. I’m just speculating on the parity clause I have no idea if there are any but one thing I didn’t realize is that if he only has a this season and next to go on his contract maybe a £200 million fee is highly unlikely. My only concern would be would a 33 year old Salah still warrant such a high salary? After today’s performance and the previous ones this season you have to give him the contract and worry about that when he’s 32/33. After all Ronaldo was still putting in ridiculous stats at that age and that’s the level we’re talking.
I only realized today Salah has been playing for us for 5 seasons, time has just flown by. I hope he stays another 3 and shatters some more records.

17 Oct 2021 08:24:30
@Lowe you say 300k plus bonuses as reported is a derisory offer. Is that 300k GBP or EUR? Is this what the club has offered as well do you mean?

17 Oct 2021 08:27:51
300k a week plus bonuses is a derisory offer?
Almost as if Salah just couldn't live on that wage, how on earth would he cope?

17 Oct 2021 08:49:47
Sean - I have no idea what Liverpool have actually offered, my figure was plucked from an above comment. With what KDB has recently been given, I’d have thought Salah would be asking for at least that or more. GBP I guess.
But I would maintain that 300k a week is low-balling for a player of Salah’s proven game-changing quality.
Ed - I agree with concerns about Salah doing it at 33. While sports science is ensuring the best players can do it until they’re approaching 40, it’s always a risk. While Ronaldo and Messi are still wonderful players, they are now tactical liabilities and have been for a number of years. That is the risk you take with an older superstar, not a decline in their output per se.

17 Oct 2021 09:33:28
FlashTheRed - Just what is the issue here? The market rate for professional footballers of Salah’s level is extremely high. If Liverpool offer him 300k in a market that could easily make an offer of double, derisory would be apt to describe such an offer.

17 Oct 2021 10:58:39
I'd sooner keep Salah at his peak and let him go for free.

18 Oct 2021 13:42:42
@Lowe, you were the first to bring up 300k in this thread and you said "as reported" so it sounded like you knew this is what Salah had been offered. Turns out now you just made that up so you were actually complaining about your own nonsense.

We all want Salah to sign. I said £350k a week to put some sort of a realistic estimate on it which would brake the club salary structure but not be crazy Mbappe type money. I don't see any chance of Salah getting £600k a week with us, money Mbappe can get at PSG or I also don't see Liverpool going to £450k a week either, regardless of how much Utd pay their players.



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