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19 Oct 2021 20:56:29
Our defence is suspect this season Throwing leads away far too often.

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19 Oct 2021 21:03:41
its the midfiled an more specificlly that donkey keita, who is by far the worst player i've seen in an lfc shirt.

19 Oct 2021 22:03:06
I'm sure someone will be along to point out that we won another game in which he started, Nath.

19 Oct 2021 22:03:43
Keita is a different player when we have a lot of possession, problem starts when we have to defend and cover the gaps when our FBS leave them wide open or when our defense push high up the pitch we struggle to win 1st or second ball when longs balls are played behind our midfield/ defense.

19 Oct 2021 22:06:01
U haven't been watching Liverpool long then Nath.

19 Oct 2021 22:06:43
Sorry Nathlfc but the defence was shocking. There were a few occasions where neither VvD or Matip had a clue what was going on and didn't see the player coming.

19 Oct 2021 22:07:47
A good result against very difficult and downright dirty opponents.
If you can't be happy after that, maybe you're watching the wrong sport?

19 Oct 2021 22:08:17
I thought he was going to have one of those games where he looks like all we hoped he'd be, beautiful volley, then its like he vanished after doing that great moment.

19 Oct 2021 22:20:51
True Flash, it was very entertaining and we won.

19 Oct 2021 22:23:00
Come on. That was Atletico Madrid, one of Europe's toughest teams, in their stadium with a hostile crowd and a dancing doll of a manager. We played well, got the right calls and we're going to top this "group of death". Why all the doom, gloom, slicing and dicing?

19 Oct 2021 22:38:23
Flash, I generally don't like being negative about players, especially after a win (which was very satisfying in nature given what a horrible, cynical, dirty team Athletico are), but Keita checked out of the game after 25 minutes tonight. I can accept a player who isn't the best technically, or is lacking a little bit of nous, if he at least tries and makes the most of what he has. I cannot accept a player who stops trying when things go against him. And Keita has spent most of his Liverpool career not trying. There's no way to sugar it. And I don't understand why he's able to pull the wool over the eyes of a significant minority of the fanbase.

We laugh at Man U for continuing to field Pogba despite the fact that he does not try a leg in at least half the games he plays, yet we have Keita doing the same thing in our own team. And any time we see so much as the tiniest hint of the talent he has, along come the hype squad to big him up and say it's finally going to be his time. And he inevitably falls flat on his face by the next game.

I do admire the loyalty to one of our players. But he hasn't delivered in three years and will not deliver for us, and it is purely due to lack of effort, imo. He hasn't got the mentality to match his talent. It's time to accept that and move him on.

{Ed0666's Note - you do realize we have a midfield injury crises at the moment and it’s all hands on deck?

19 Oct 2021 23:16:38
Tough game, against one of the toughest sides in world football, in a hostile stadium and we won. For what he’s worth I don’t think Keita was that bad (ffs he scored a wonder goal), their goals they came through consecutive mistakes, no one individual was worse than the other.

19 Oct 2021 23:15:37
You don't understand why he's able to pull the wool over the eyes of the fanbase, he must also be doing that with Klopp by default, right?
So either Klopp hasn't got a clue what he's doing and needs you to put him right, or Klopp knows what he's doing and asks Keita to do something different from what you expect or want.
If you think Klopp can't spot a lemon in our team, ask Benteke, Sakho, Ibe or any of the others who aren't here any more.
If Keita wasn't doing something to satisfy Klopp, he would be as gone as those I've just mentioned.

{Ed0666's Note - keita gone? You need suitors for him to leave. Great goal tho no?

19 Oct 2021 23:18:04
I disagree abt keita not putting efforts, if it was all abt he's lack of efforts then Klopp would've already shown him the door.

Keita just like a lot of players out there lacks work-rate or stamina to play in a Klopp team where midfield is all abt covering the ground and FBs are creator.

I doubt players like Bruno can play in Klopp's team coz Klopp wants players like Gini (hence played a lot) Hendo, Milner, etc who have unbelievable work-rate and stamina/ fitness.

19 Oct 2021 23:28:31
Pretty sure Naby played 3 games during the international break, then played against Watford and again tonight. That's a LOT of football and travel for someone who hasn't been playing regularly this season.

Perhaps he didn't have the legs for it tonight, but without his goal, we don't win, so perhaps cut him some slack this time?

{Ed0666's Note - great points you make rugby. Keita is knackered he must be and take into account all the travel to and from Africa, jet lag et al.

20 Oct 2021 01:07:21
I can't grasp why people look to slate their own players after a tremendous victory over the Spanish champions in their own back yard.
Is it some 21st century cool thing, rather than celebrating?
I'll stick to being happy after that rather than looking for an axe to grind.

20 Oct 2021 09:35:15
some of this really hurts my head. its not all down to the defence the midfield has a lot to answer for too. Naby was a problem in the first half, he let players run past them. When Fab came on we sort that out a fair bit.

If you look at who we are conceding goals to they are all champion league quality teams except for Bradford. No all goals can be stopped. you have to look at the quality of the opponents too.

20 Oct 2021 11:09:19
I’m still buzzing off of that game. It was an immense win. Make no bones about it. They’re one of the meanest teams around defensively and their keeper is incredibly good. I guarantee you that United will have watched that and will not fancy playing us at the weekend knowing we can turn over a team as good as Atletico on their own doorstep. Ole will be crapping his pants, as his tactics against us are generally that of a Poundland Simeone.



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