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22 Oct 2021 18:24:01
Loving Salah's comments about wanting to stay at the club for the rest of his career but it is up to the club. I'm assuming that means we've not offered him enough money.
Much better place to be in than him wanting to move on.

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22 Oct 2021 18:58:18
Klopp must step in like he did Henderson. We must tie this guy down he’s one of the best players in the world and he loves the Club, the fans, the city.
Make it happen.

22 Oct 2021 19:06:51
It's very difficult, the club could probably afford the wages for 1 player. But what happens when all the other players expect to be paid more than they are currently are relative to salah.

Not as easy as just pay him what he wants.

It could mean the player is becoming bigger than the club.

22 Oct 2021 19:27:37
If your the best player at the club / in the world and likely to be for next few seasons then you deserve to be on more than anyone else surely. Or at least on bonuses for performance that take you there.

22 Oct 2021 19:37:04
I am not saying he doesn't deserve to me on more, he does. But are we talking about him earning double what Van Dijk, Mane, Alison are on? If we are, are they going to be happy? U also need a good/ motivated team to win trophies not just one happy well paid superstar.

22 Oct 2021 19:51:35
Tough one I can't see us smashing our wage structure for Salah.

I actually think giving Salah a monster contract will motivate and attract other players and show them that we reward the best of the best but don't see how we can actually afford it.

22 Oct 2021 19:59:54
There’s no doubting that Salah is our best player but we also can’t deny that without Vvd last season at certain points we were a s##t show. And how many times has Alison bailed us out or mane been the match winner. Looking from the outside to in it looks like the harmony we have amongst the players at the club is world class. Would
That be effected if one player was earning double or even triple than others?

22 Oct 2021 21:06:45
If all the other players play as good as Salah and give us what he does grand pay them but other wise F off amd earn your wage! Simples!

22 Oct 2021 21:19:24
We can't pay him double but we would be a far worse team without him. If VVD is on £250k a week, I think everyone would accept Mo on £350k a week and some signing on bonus. I hope his comments are genuine.

22 Oct 2021 21:38:45
Then we are letting the best player in the world go and weakening our side considerably if we let him leave, how can we call our self a world class club if we cannot nail down our biggest player and he is begging too stay .

22 Oct 2021 21:48:23
Salah should just get the 500 a week base salary if that's what he wants. I think he gets something like 10.5 a year base and each season 10.5 in bonuses capped at 10.5 so realistically it's achievable for the club. I'm sure he brings an awful lot of revenue and following in the middle east and north Africa so why not. We will simply not find another salah and he could continue at this rate for the next 3 to 4 years.

22 Oct 2021 21:48:34
All I’ll say is if he goes who can we get to bring in of equal quality who is going to slot straight in and score 20+ goals in the league every year and as many assists as Salah gets too at a price we can afford if Salah goes? As there’s literally no one I can think of who springs to mind in our price range. By all accounts the club would seriously consider bringing in the likes of Dembele or Traore, as a replacement, which is about as palatable as a dog sh*t sandwich.

22 Oct 2021 21:50:47
Eds thoughts on all this?

Contract/ salary, agent trying to get a move elsewhere, what's this all about?

{Ed001's Note - I would say it was mainly about the length of the deal.}

22 Oct 2021 22:34:16
Nearly a done deal then ed001?

22 Oct 2021 23:17:42
It's comical reading these comments about wanting Salah to stay. Apparently he's been signing for Real Madrid every summer since he signed for Liverpool. I'd much prefer him to stay, but if the club can't afford the wages his agent is demanding and he goes then it won't be the end of the world, or the end of the club either.
All players come and go, only the fans and the club itself remain.

22 Oct 2021 23:22:03
Firstly, he’s fit as a fiddle and shows no signs of slowing. He’ll be at the top for at least the length of a new contract. Secondly, honestly, who at the club seeing the things he does and the standards he sets would even think to ask for the same amount? Thirdly, It’s a new contract, much like a free signing, you expect to pay a premium to keep the services of a superstar if you want to stave off the competition.

He’s the best in the world. Pay what he wants. We live in a time where the sort of goals that we watch football for are a regular thing with this guy.

I saw him against Tottenham in the uefa cup and thought he was special. Saw him a few months later against Chelsea and knew he was special. I was gutted when Chelsea signed him for a pittance. Was delighted when Chelsea threw away another superstar and even more so when he signed for us. He’s been more than I could hope for since then. Give him his money. We watch football for these once in a generation players and he plays for us.

22 Oct 2021 23:50:08
I think FSG will keep him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sold. It’s not love of lfc for these guys it’s money. As ed1 says it length of contract that’s the sticking point.

23 Oct 2021 01:10:35
Cheers for reply Ed. So you reckon, what - he wants a short term extension?

Is it clear yet what his salary expectation is?

{Ed001's Note - other way round, I would expect he wants a long term deal.}

23 Oct 2021 05:54:49
He’s the one player in the team who should get a long term contract. Dedicated, fit, resilient and rarely injured. He will still be a top player at 34/ 35 yrs old. He’s well worth the ‘risk’ of a 4/ 5 yr contract.

23 Oct 2021 08:15:16
Agreed IDOG. He has been a model pro since he has been with us and worked his arse off as well. Well deserving of being the highest paid player at the club. Surely the club can afford one player on higher than normal wages, not that I am aware or care really what the clubs wage structure is. If someone works hard enough to consistently perform at the level he has been then that deserve a bit of special treatment in my opinion.

23 Oct 2021 14:49:29
Piffmunda, not sure that while rhetoric of players wanting the same thing as Salah sticks in this case. Salah is mint and is our best player and should be paid accordingly. Pretty sure the other players agree on that and know he is worth it so why would they pick a fuss about it esp if hone if them are producing as much as he is?

As Ed01 has said, the wages aren’t so much the issue. It is the length of the deal which is normal due to his age. Also remember that we signed up our other big boys. Did you think they would have signed without getting assurances that Salah would be extended too? Think about it.



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