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07 Nov 2021 20:57:11
Proper funny reading on here. It's like were crap and should just give up.

We played badly I agree but West ham were decent.

You cannot win them all.

Long way to go.

Early doors in prem and smashed the group of death.

Come on peeps, keep ya chin up and let's get behind kloppo and the lads.

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07 Nov 2021 20:59:31
The amount of goals we are conceding is very worrying.

07 Nov 2021 21:03:49
Should we be made up after dropping yet more points to supposedly inferior opposition? We look suspect at the back, and seem to need far more chances than the opposition to score. It is early doors but it is hard to see us challenging for the title, especially as we’ll be losing some of our best players to the AFCON.

07 Nov 2021 21:04:09
West Ham are a quality outlet and were much much better than us today and deserved the win they have no injuries and are the better team right now, no exscuses. I would like to see us work on our defending and go back to basics why are defenders jumping out and levaing massive spaces. It’s like going back to skrtel sakho Johnson and Enrique hahahah. Just admit West Ham are a way better unit and team than us right now and we will do all we can to finish Top four this season.

07 Nov 2021 21:07:49
Was trent playing centre mid today or was he just drifting in alot?

Also, has anyone thought about a potential offside for Ogbonna for the 1st goal? When the corner came in he was in an offside ppsition and although he didn't touch the ball, he must be considered to be interfering with play? Surprised no one has mentioned it and surprised VAR didn't take a look at that.

{Ed025's Note - clutching at straws mate..

07 Nov 2021 21:17:58
Anyone who couldn’t see this coming hasn’t watched us closely. Brentford did the exact same thing.

07 Nov 2021 21:18:30
Many posters say the same thing. Don’t worry we are only a point behind, don’t worry we are only 2 points behind, don’t worry we are only four points behind. I would say the way we are folding in games it’s now a massive massive worry.

07 Nov 2021 21:22:50
I'd be more worried about the £70m keeper not being physically strong enough to catch the ball rather than a fictitious offside.

07 Nov 2021 21:23:18
Some decisions went against us true, but we wasn't good enough in any area of the pitch and got what we deserved.

What is worrying is we played like this for a while got away with it.

We have to suck it up and put it right .

07 Nov 2021 21:31:35
You can’t be offside from a corner mate. Agree re Trent, he was playing in the middle of the park which was odd hence they were constantly finding space down the right yet again and yet again Klopp and the team do nothing about it. Fabinho yet again was shocking, just check the second goal out. His heading is appalling, his tackling is appalling and his jogging back makes Keita look decent at tracking back. No way we are winning the league this year. City and Chelsea are better.

07 Nov 2021 21:36:16
1st and third goal Alisson has to take full responsibility.
Too interested in Antonio from the corners and got caught short twice. Could of been three times if Rice hadn’t of hit the bar. Plus the attempted save for the second was also feeble. Bad day at the office for the big man. We move on. YNWA.

07 Nov 2021 21:59:45
Bad day at the office for the big man indeed but he’s been 10/ 10 in pretty much every game so far so it’s hard to berate Alisson. Matip and Robertson have been crap for a while now but Klopp refuses to drop them despite having excellent players ready to step in who would have gone a long way to helping us pick up lost points. The midfield only seems to be playing at about 70% in pretty much every game without exception and we look a lot worse whenever Jota comes in for Firmino down the centre. We don’t look good enough to challenge at the moment as most of our defensive and midfield players simply aren’t hitting the heights that they were between 2018 and 2020. Either the manager changes something or they improve. If neither happens then we aren’t getting anywhere near the title.

07 Nov 2021 22:06:10
Bad day at the office? Happens. Take a breath, both Brighton and WHU are decent quality sides well coached and currently London Stadium is a union and now a tough place to go.
I would also in the same mind recognise the many mistakes made. But bigger picture we’ll bounce back. We’re CL group winners. One game. This game away from a record of unbeaten games since day dot. Ali still best GK. Klopp still best manager.
It’s no flash in the pan WHU are good enough on the day. Today was theirs. Nothing deeper.

07 Nov 2021 22:17:39
Up until this match we were the only top flight team unbeaten domestically and in Europe.
Yes, there are issues, but I wonder if the Chelsea fans are throwing in the towel after dropping 2 points?

07 Nov 2021 23:01:22
I’m sorry, we shall all be ecstatic and blind to the fact we still can’t deal with teams that sit back and hit us on the counter. Also teams are cutting us apart with one or two passes, which for any side is a massive worry. Midfield organisation or application or whatever you want to call it was poor today. Don’t know if Hendo was asked to play the 6 or 8 because it was like he was in a space not yet defined. Ox was back to the same ol’ Ox, which was efficiently inefficient. Fab was clearly not fit so I will excuse him from this. Love Robbo but his form has been below par for as long as I can remember. Some are saying he is over played and needs a rest then logic would be to rest/ drop him no? But what’s more baffling is the other left back he is keeping out the side has actually performed better than him every time he has been called upon.

Now, I love Klopp to bits but he is not above criticism. His faith or in some case “blind faith” to certain players is a gift and curse. It’s a gift as players will play out their skin for him because of it. However, it’s a curse as he sticks with certain players despite their glaring drop in form. Robbo is someone who should have been dropped ages ago yet Klopp has refused to do just that. Either he is too stubborn and his coaching team are telling him drop certain players or adjust certain tactics etc. Or all of the coaching staff including Klopp are blindly in agreement. Either way it’s worrying as it’s like we are not being innovative or showing signs of evolving. Btw, I am only using Robbo as an example but the whole team were poor and should take accountability because quite frankly we looked void of any ideas. This should land at the feet of both management and all the players as it’s not the first time we have been sat here saying we looked all out of ways to switch things up.

Yes injuries are not helping us and you have to factor that in to add context. But team selections and tactics ain’t either. There was a period of 5 minutes in the West Ham game where I kid you not we got cut open multiple times and left with one of their players against one of our defenders running in on goal. Once is bad, twice and you’re thinking what’s happening but three plus times is laughable. This is where the players, especially the leaders in the side should be asked some questions. Take control of the game and think for yourselves. Think, hold on a minute one or two balls is cutting us open. You know what we should drop back a couple of yards as a defensive unit and Hendo pulls back positionally to help Fab. Yet no one decided to do any of that that. Instead they watched the same errors occur over and over again.

The positive posse will say this is all doom and gloom
and negative. Yet, it’s being slightly concerned for seeing us make the same mistakes not just in this game but in others. Some of the problems and I stress the word some, can be alleviated by simply dropping the players out of form, especially when there is a more than capable replacement sat on the bench. Tweaking the tactics if it’s being exploited time and time again would also help the side.

07 Nov 2021 23:17:10
Beaten by the better side on the day, no excuses. Back to the training ground and work on the flaws. It's a long season and the teams above us are going to drop points again at some point.
On to the next.

08 Nov 2021 00:37:03
There’s literally nothing positive to take from that. That performance was the same as last week against Brighton, and Brighton should have beaten us, no doubt about it. Weak in midfield, defensively in disarray, and toothless for large parts. The sickening thing is that it could get even worse by the end of December. The AFCON starts on 9th January and is due to end on 6th February, but the kicker is that by all accounts the sides can call players up two weeks beforehand, which is basically the Boxing Day/ new year period as well, so 6 possibly 7 weeks without Mane and Salah. 3rd or 4th is going to be an achievement.

08 Nov 2021 00:43:49

Trent has been "drifting" for the past couple of weeks, of late he seems to play where ever he wants . difficult to be solid at the back when you are in a lot of situations playing "two" at the back.

Trent (and some degree Robbo), frustrates the bejesus out of me - in the oppositions half he is world class, in our half he is mediocre; just my opinion, but personally I don't think he reads or anticipates the game with any defensive know how . pretty hard too when you're rarely in a defensive position, (preparing myself for the backlash) .

08 Nov 2021 00:54:32
Oh god. First defeat of the season, first defeat after 25 games unbeaten away from home. Come on guys. Hold yourself together.

08 Nov 2021 01:42:00
Guru that's what Klopp wants Trent to do, it's upto the likes of Hendo Fab etc to cover those spaces when our FBs are in opposition half. Not only Trent even Milner have struggled there. Think it's more to do with midfield then our FBs.

08 Nov 2021 07:59:39
If that's what Klopp wants Trent to do then surely a quicker right sided CB is needed? . Matip is decent but hasn't the pace of Gomez or Konate.

08 Nov 2021 08:21:52
i think we all need to calm down, yes we lost and probably deserved to but a few days earlier we were awesome against Athletico, we score in nearly every game we play, its exciting and a joy to watch, don't get too down on a loss and enjoy the ride, come on get behind the lads this is an amazing team YNWA.

08 Nov 2021 18:41:54
Thing is, we needed to be building a decent points tally at this stage to make up for the fact we’re going to struggle for goals once Mane and Salah leave to join their respective countries in prep for the AFCON in January (they’ll probably be leaving around 27th December if their countries exercise their right to call them up 14 days in advance) . Drawing against the likes of Brentford and Brighton and capitulating against West Ham does not bode well for when we actually are missing those two.

08 Nov 2021 21:40:26
Gotta call a spade a spade. When we’re great we can say we’re great when we’re not then there’s nothing wrong with saying that.

For me the worrying thing is we are less than 2 games away from being 1/ 3rd through the season and we’ve only won 53.3% of our league games. We actually look far better and more comfortable in Europe so far this season.

Todays defeat doesn’t end our season but it’s a big speed bump in our road and it’ll bring many people back down to earth.

Without Wijnaldum and Kieta in the side to be the whipping boys it looks like we have a couple of new players who now seem to be where the buck stops but the truth is everyone was poor today.

Hats off to Origi for his goal which was top class.

All Klopp do now is regrouo the players get a rocker up their backsides and hope for no more injuries for the Internationals and next few months.

We’ve not been at our consistent best this season but we’re still very much in the title race.

08 Nov 2021 22:11:17
I thought that was a game for Origi, and I was ridiculed here for ever suggesting it. We need our front players to be a bit more clinical and sometimes we need to rotate some of them too. The West Ham players were so drilled and big and I thought we needed a big player like Origi to engage their centre halves in that low block.

08 Nov 2021 22:38:27
Take a chill pill, people. We have not been playing well overall in the PL of late and that much is clear and we deserved nothing from this game and that much is clear as well. Don't get too overhyped over a win and don't get too down over a loss or poor result. It's a football season. There will be bumps on the road and it is the team that deals with it the best that will carry the day. None of the favs are dealing with it well right now and it is still very early in the season.

No team is going to be ahead by a ton of points, IMO as all the favs. are losing and dropping points all over the place. It's a tough league as the quality has risen by a lot this season. Just look at WH. We take the L, learn from t and play better and esp. coach better. That's it for me. The OTT reactions are just that. Howling at the moon doesn't mean a darn thing.



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