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08 Nov 2021 20:41:15
I see they are going to trial safe standing in the January Chelsea v Liverpool game. What are your thoughts on this Eds/ others?
Can there ever be totally safe standing?
Is worth the risk just to up the gate receipts profits?

{Ed025's Note - big mistake for me jonesy, evokes too many memories and im still unsure about its safety mate..

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08 Nov 2021 21:15:24
I'm with you 025.

08 Nov 2021 21:24:02
Completely agree ed025. I don’t see what’s wrong with seated stadiums and just don’t see why we need to go back to standing.

{Ed025's Note - nor me bobby, probably to cram more in the stadiums mate for financial reasons, not for me im afraid..

08 Nov 2021 21:27:05
I think it can be safe if it is well managed. Stadium safety has improved massively over the past couple of decades that I think we should give it a chance.

{Ed025's Note - for what reason though piff?, certainly not comfort..

08 Nov 2021 21:46:01
They seem to handle safe standing well in countries like Germany so if we follow their example of how they do it I think we should give it a chance again. let's more fans see the game.

{Ed025's Note - personally i cant think of a worse reason BR..

08 Nov 2021 21:48:16
The standing isn’t for the oldies liike us. It is safe standing and 1 standing is the same room as one seat. There will be a barrier in front and behind. Also many stand at games now which is far more dangerous than the safe standing. A much bigger issue is they are trying to get drinking during the game. That’s a recipe for disaster.

08 Nov 2021 22:06:32
When there terrible disasters, investigations and reports recommend improvements and progress is made to prevent anything like it happening again. Its progress and the protection of future los lives. Industries and organisations do not try to go back in time to tempt fate again. How has this got approval or support from any governing body is beyond me.

{Ed025's Note - why anyone in their right mind would want to stand for nigh on two hours is beyond me jonesy, the bloody world has gone mad mate..

{Ed025's Note - people who were there may disagree RJ..

08 Nov 2021 22:10:41
Is it not insensitive to trial it in a Liverpool game also?

{Ed025's Note - absolutely..

{Ed0666's Note - please be show a little bit more sensitivity on a Liverpool fans forum when talking about standing at football matches. Nobody is disregarding your point it may have merit but do it in a more finessed way.

08 Nov 2021 22:18:51
Of all the fixtures they could have chosen! I'm lost for words I'm sure that once its more common knowledge that there will be some sort of protest.

{Ed0666's Note - stop being a dick for one second and try and have it in your heart to show some sensitivity and compassion. I take it your not related to any of the 97 that perished at hillsborough? I take it your son/daughter/brother/mother/father/sister didn’t needlessly suffocate? If you can’t see you’re being a Wally then you need some help.

{Ed0666's Note - Honestly Jeremy you are close to a ban and I don’t usually ban people

{Ed0666's Note - You’re banned you sicko

{Ed0666's Note - you are twisted get some help

08 Nov 2021 23:00:55
8 people got crushed to death at a concert in the USA just last week so you can have all the Heath and safety you want but if you’ve got thousands of people standing up in one place then someone is eventually going to get hurt. It’s not for me either eds25.

09 Nov 2021 00:08:22
What I don't understand is that since this is clearly a "public health and safety" issue, why is it under the purview of clubs or stadiums to even "trial it"? There should be clear rules and regulations about it already, and it's either allowed or it's not. But only after some govt. department or panel of experts have studied it and are in a position to execute findings through passing relevant laws. Leave it in the hands of clubs or stadiums and guess what happens? The almighty buck makes it's appearance, that's what. To "trial it" leaves the opening for another possible event and then we have another unnecessary crisis that could have been avoided. (I'll admit my knowledge of Hillsborough and the rules on seating in stadiums in the UK is very limited, I'm just wondering how and why risks are being taken with people in absolutely huge gatherings. Makes no sense to me at all, whatsoever) .

09 Nov 2021 00:18:34
Watch out ArAy you'll get Rainbow foaming at the moth again!

09 Nov 2021 00:24:18
My goodness, what an absolute moron. 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼. Neanderthal of the earliest crop. It's revulsing to see such people walking around with so little regard for human life.

09 Nov 2021 00:39:26
It's fine Jonesy227, I can take it. 💪🏼. But seriously, what a specimen.

09 Nov 2021 06:03:24
Jeez that rainbow person is some specimen.

09 Nov 2021 06:33:17
Rainbows posts are collectively probably the worst posts I’ve ever seen on this site.


09 Nov 2021 06:52:26
Wow, rainbow is a moron and is quite clearly not a liverpool fan. Well done for banning him Ed.

09 Nov 2021 07:17:32
Rainbow Jeremy has got to be the worst poster of all time. I would just like to add my weight behind the Rainbow Jeremy is a moron sentiment.

09 Nov 2021 07:52:23
Rainbow Jeremy will be throwing out all his furniture as we speak in protest of his hatred for seating.

{Ed001's Note - he won't have furniture, he even sleeps standing up.}

09 Nov 2021 08:12:47
Unbelievable really, I can imagine rainbow is currently wishing he had some friends.

09 Nov 2021 08:21:49
Maybe he was just being colourful. Sorry its early.

09 Nov 2021 10:11:18
A huge well done to Ed666 for that. Nice one mate. As the saying goes, 'there's always one! '. What a silly sausage.

09 Nov 2021 10:46:36
Even when you think back to the days of terraces, the vast majority of matches had absolutely no incidents. The disasters that did happen were due to miss management and not correctly managing the crowd.

Smaller allocated blocks would be safer and could be managed much better. We also do not have the enclosed pens with high fences.

If we were to not do things ever again after miss managed failures we wouldn't do things like fly on a plane.

Just my opinion but I can completely understand people's reservations, particularly the people of Liverpool who have been so badly affected by Hillsborough.



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