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27 Nov 2021 21:46:13
Reading this over the last few hours
From firmino to Konate
Everyone moaning and criticising them
On Konate
I read today 6 starts 6 clean sheets

Let's get behind the team it's a better outlook on life
We are on flying
So fly together.

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27 Nov 2021 22:51:36
Sweetcorn lovely to see you’re positive mate. But does it really matter what a load of strangers that we’ll never meet think. It’s all about opinions at the end of the day. And none of them will change the way the world turns.

28 Nov 2021 01:48:33
Well I mean I agree with us getting behind the team and stuff, no doubt, but I think being realistic about how well (or poorly) players are doing is OK. I mean Southampton were wretched today yet still had a fair number of chances which, for the most part, came about on Konate’s side. Can he be a valuable asset? Yes. Is he playing like one at the moment? Not really. Positionally he is really suspect and his reading of the game lacks, I think he will improve and eventually look the part but right now, against the likes of Southampton, he is fine as we are good enough, but against better opposition he will be targeted and exploited, I really think Gomez needs trying with Van Dijk again, it’s the partnership that has the potential to be best for us at the moment.

28 Nov 2021 05:11:11
Gomez is injured.

28 Nov 2021 07:48:57
Seano in fairness mate the way we press forward and hold a high line we give opposition quite a few chances every game regardless of who is alongside VVD.

That’s why Allison and Fab are so key to either cutting off those chances at the head or Ali as last line of defence.

28 Nov 2021 09:12:57
I don’t think a date has been given on Gomez’s but I hope it’s soon. Matip atm is the best option we have, but as we all say we will need everybody.

28 Nov 2021 10:52:51
Konate is 22. He needs time and proper coaching which he will get under klopp. Plus he has a world class defender to learn from. I'm not worried.

28 Nov 2021 11:25:54
Konate is a kid. he is massive, but he is a kid. Also when we say "the chances were down his side", does that mean he was at fault, or just happened to be cleaning up? I remember one of the "chances" came about after Trent threw the ball into no-man's land and he had to clean up.

THe kid is young, don't expect him to be VVD right now. We were never going to buy VVD at 21, did anyone know who VVD was at that age?

on being positive, it is just in general a good way to go about life lol but seriously, especially when it comes to youth, being critical just isn't helpful. I know none of what we say here is going to make an actual difference on the pitch, in training etc. but it does come down to styles and how people prefer to analyze players and the game. We basically do what Klopp and co after each match. I wonder how often says to his backroom staff right now - geez we have 8 midfielder but we have no depth. or Konate better get better or we'll have to bench him for Nat Phillips lol.

28 Nov 2021 11:28:20
Spot on, JK23. The way we play will gift the opposition chances and we are prepared for that due to Fab and the way our CB’s can defend 1 v 1 in wide areas and lastly, the colossal Ali we have at GK. We have been playing this way for 3 years now yet each time this happens, people go all OTT as if it is the first time they are seeing it. It’s baffling.

That said, the errors that let Saints in were school boy errors by Konate and Thiago which should not happen at this level and that is what Klopp is referring to in his post game comments. Make better decisions and none of that happens.

As for Konate, you’re going to have to play the kid at some point so might as well let the growing pains begin and get them out of the way cos he’s going to be here after Klopp is gone, IMO. It is what it is. People need to get used to it.

28 Nov 2021 12:03:32
Yes Konate can’t improve if he never plays. I would play him in the most important games though atm. I think Matip will start on Wednesday.

28 Nov 2021 13:22:01
Gomez will be sold in January I reckon.

28 Nov 2021 15:08:10
You heard anything Mane Mane? Think it would be a mistake, don't think Konate has been poor but don't think he's ready for the really big games and Joel usually gets an injury or two a season. That just leaves Phillips who im sorry, is just not a patch on Gomez.

28 Nov 2021 17:44:58
Based on absolutely nothing only a hunch JH. I'd said it when Newcastle were taken over that I thought he'd end up there but I'm leaning towards Villa now.

28 Nov 2021 18:12:41
Be a lot of money for Villa to part with when they already have Mings and Konsa there. i'd like him to stay, smashing player.

28 Nov 2021 19:43:37
Me too. For me if he stays fit he's Virgils best partner.



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