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02 Dec 2021 20:35:23
Interesting goal in the Utd Arsenal game what you think Eds?
Had to be a goal!

{Ed025's Note - deffo a goal jonesy..

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02 Dec 2021 21:23:12
How u feeling after last night 025?
Rafa didn't do himself any favours, hope he can strengthen in January so he can be jugded on his own team.

{Ed025's Note - i feel january may be too late for rafa jonesy, i dont want him out just yet personally but hes hanging by a thread mate..

02 Dec 2021 21:59:58
To be fair Ed, I don't think any manager could get results with the players Everton have. I mean aside from the odd talent, your squad is largely filled with medicore and sub-standard players.

If Rafa is afforded a couple of transfer windows, which in the current managerial climate is very unlikely, I'm sure he'd be able to make Everton a better club.

However, Moshiri seems to like him a lot and since losing to us yesterday, Moshiri has come out and backed Rafa so maybe he will be given the time needed.

{Ed025's Note - i hope so hsf, to be fair he inherited a load of crap if im honest but i dont think he has done himself any favours either, his stubbornness in picking the same underperforming players like rondon and iwobi every week is beyond a joke as well as his pragmatic systems mate..

02 Dec 2021 22:21:06
Have I misunderstood VAR or should that penalty not have been looked at? It was a clear penalty but I thought VARs rule was the window for looking at an incident if the ball was in play was until the next restart i. e the ball went out of play and got restarted which happened therefore outside the VAR window?

02 Dec 2021 23:13:51
The problem with hammering Rafa for picking Iwobi (£34m, lol) and Rondon all the time is who else does he pick?

Tosun? Rubbish player.
Delph? Also bad.
Kean? Not at the club cos he's comically unsuited to the Premier League.
Gomes? Can play a bit tbf, but constantly injured.
And let's not mention the other guy. You know the one.

After that, he has the kid that came on last night and Simms. Maybe I forgot someone. To me it looks like Rafa realised the only way of making anything of the season was to play to strengths of Calvert-Lewin, which meant buying two wingers and another big striker to act as backup to Calvert-Lewin so you wouldn't have to change the system. On a shoestring. Looks like he's done ok with Gray and Townsend. Rondon's pretty bad so far, but who else could he have got for nothing? Andy Carroll, maybe?

On the Arsenal goal, I'm fine with it standing. Yeah, Fred's stood on de Gea which I'm sure was painful, but it didn't actually injure him. I've been hit in the face and gentlemen's area whilst playing in goal and just had to get up and only got a breather when the ball went dead. He thought an Arsenal player had done it and he'd get a free by rolling around on the ground.

{Ed025's Note - the thing is SR is that hes playing rondon and iwobi week in week out and they are a tragedy, we dont have many options as you say but to pick the same team and expect a different result is insanity, give one of the kids a go you never know a bit of enthusiasm might just work?, rafa is not blameless in all this mate..

02 Dec 2021 23:23:52
Fair enough Ed025, i just don’t see where sacking him will get you or who you would get to replace him who would do any better. He isn’t a busted flush, he did a good job with Newcastle recently and Napoli before that. He’s an experienced coach who’s achieved a lot of success and i’m sure the penny will drop eventually. Even the very best managers make frustrating selection choices, and that's with groups of players far superior to Everton’s. Klopp, Pep, Tuchel, everybody infuriates their fans with selections now and again, but it doesn’t mean they’re not good managers. They see things others can’t because guess what, they deal with these players in training day in day out. Last season Klopp annoyed all of us with his selections and even he’d admit he got it wrong a times, but equally we have no idea how any of us would have acted had we been in his position. Rafa is a good egg but he needs better than what he has currently. That Everton squad is a disgrace and the only two players i’d consider good enough to play for a better side are Calvert-Lewin and Doucoure. The only way out of this imo is to sell what little assets they have and reinvest the money wisely, and also place more faith in the academy, which will be down to Rafa obviously. I just don’t think it’s his fault and the only alternative is to sack him and leave yourselves at the hands of another fraud like Silva or Koeman.

On a lighter note, Digne’s positioning and recovery for that Salah goal, something to behold. Better than Robertson in your eyes, if i remember correctly Ed😉.

03 Dec 2021 00:33:05
25 I wouldn’t let iwobi be a match day steward and rondon might be ok as match day security (although he’d probably be too slow for this) . I’d definitely give the youngsters a chance, they mightn’t be any better but they definitely definitely couldn’t be any worse. Couldn’t understand him taking gray off, he wasn’t going to make a difference to the result by any stretch of the imagination but imo he was 1 of your better players. That richarlison is a horrible horrible pr**k and he is absolutely wrong for ya’s. He didn’t want to know and imo doesn’t want to be anywhere near your club. It was never going to end well for ya’s anyway as soon as prickford laughed at Coleman for giving him a bollocking at the start. Coleman f’d up for our 3rd, he’s been a class act, albeit I think he’s finished but at least you could see from the start that he desperately wanted to win (unlike the majority of his team mates)

03 Dec 2021 03:42:42
Rafa is the best manager Everton have ever had Ed 025.

{Ed025's Note - i think a certain mr kendall and mr catterick would disagree with you there hughesy..

03 Dec 2021 06:30:58
A few blues I know say he should be playing some of the youngsters coming through 25 mate.

{Ed025's Note - im one of them drogie, can they do any worse than the crap this lot are serving up?, ask your stubborn ex manager mate..he picks the side..

03 Dec 2021 07:06:37
It can hardly be Rafa's fault that Everton pi##ed £500 million up against the wall and left him nothing and bunch of crap footballers. Having to scratch around for players like Townshend. Personally, now I hope he leaves the poisoned chalice that is EFC.

03 Dec 2021 07:55:18
In fairness we are defending Rafa here like a parent would defend their child. For me Rafa will always have a place in the clubs history but

1. No one forced him to go to Everton our derby rivals with no budget and a poor squad.
2. Did he really do a good job at Newcastle? Pretty sure I read somewhere his stats were very similar there to Bruce.
3. Rafa did very well for us during his time but let’s be honest a large amount of games were like watching paint dry. Compare his style then to Klopps now and it’s literally chalk and cheese.

For me if Klopp had to leave tomorrow then I wouldn’t even want Rafa in the running to be looked at to replace him.

As I said Rafa did very well for us but he is very much in our past. That’s not saying we should forget about him or hang him out to dry. But we are solely defending him on our emotions.

03 Dec 2021 08:01:07
The issue right now is that you bring young kids into that **** show and it could bury them.

There’s every chance he’s actually protecting them and relying on his experienced players to get themselves out of the hole they dug.

Or it could be stubbornness.

Just offering a different perspective.

03 Dec 2021 08:47:21
Ed25, Bang on the money. That was a 100% legit goal. Nothing strange about it at all. Fred injured his team mate De Gea and a goal was scored. What were the incompetent manc fans expecting? That the goal be disallowed cos Fred and DDG had a brain fart? The ignorance and self entitlement of some of the mancs is deafening here.

As for Rafa, I told you ED25, that he would regret taking that job from the off. He would never get the credit for any success and would take the blame for all your ill's. I know he has not helped himself with some of his blinkered choices as you have laid out BUT he was in a lose-lose situation from jump. Should have kept it moving when they came to him and now we are seeing why.

{Ed025's Note - yeah oli its been difficult for him, hes in a no win situation and some of the support has now turned toxic which is not helping anybody, the arsenal game at home this week could be the catalyst and i believe a loss could spell the end for him mate.
any way im sure you are all fed up talking everton on here so lets get back to how well the reds are doing..

03 Dec 2021 14:02:46
Yeah, Edé (. I get it. Enuff of Everton. Up Da Pool!

{Ed025's Note - absolutely oli...except the last bit.. :)

03 Dec 2021 16:46:55
I for one take no pleasure in Everton being so poor 025. The season is far more enjoyable with more competitive derbies and the city benefits more from 2 x successful teams. That goes for Utd too, I dislike them as much as any LFC fan but take more from wins when the opposition actually put up a fight.

{Ed025's Note - fair play to you jonesy mate..



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