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04 Dec 2021 18:19:31
I think i know what 44200ns next cartoon wil be: footballer's try to recreate that Jota miss!

A totally deserved victory and Klopp got his subs spot on and we had enough chances to easily win the game.

This has been a very good reaction to the west ham defeat.

I don't know how origi keeps doing what he does, he is the reds modern day super sub and he took his goal superbly.

The one disappointment for me was the amount of play acting coming from the wolves players including one who had suffered a fractured skull, it is embarrassing and needs to stop.

I look forward to reading ED001's match review and his take on that jota miss.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend fellow posters and all the Eds who contribute to this wonderful site.

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04 Dec 2021 18:50:13
That Origi goal was reminiscent of a prime Gerd Muller.

{Ed0666's Note - now hang on Thunderbird are you comparing Muller and Divvy? Divvy all day long for me mate.

04 Dec 2021 19:02:10
When Origi scored and I jumped up, opened the front door and went running up the street.

I’ve just got back home.

{Ed0666's Note - How funny would it have been if the goal was disallowed by VAR and you got home to a 0-0 draw 😂

04 Dec 2021 20:39:12
To kingkenny7, I don’t think anyone from Liverpool fc has any room to moan about a player play acting! Especially when Jimenez in particular was clearly fouled!
Other than Jota’s miss I don’t think you really had any glaring chances and we did better than most teams this year in nullifying your incredible attack.
Coady hobbled through the game and Ait-Nouri did fantastic against Salah for his age!
Considering the amount of first team players (5) missing from our line up I thought we have a good account of ourselves and obviously feel aggrieved to be defeated in injury time.
Fair play lads, mark of a great team is finding a way to win but being gracious and appreciating the efforts of lesser opponents is also the mark of class fans. Liverpool fans of old had that, haven’t heard much of it from some of you lately.
Good luck for the rest of the season.

{Ed0666's Note - not entirely true Tommo we did have other glaring chances…Jota’s header and when Sa superbly saved Sadio’s shot inside the box. But apart from that I agree with you in that you did make it super difficult for us and I’m not sure we deserved to win.

04 Dec 2021 21:41:07
Tommy. ain't the wolves page missing you? You've spent more time here than most of us in the last couple of days! Lol.

04 Dec 2021 19:26:51
I would of had a s@@t in the front room and stamped in it.

04 Dec 2021 22:01:19
Point taken MartyNcFly, I’ll stay away. Just saw a post by one of yours about Traore and got involved in a conversation.
Feel really disappointed by the modern Liverpool fan as I’ve always defended you guys when all other fans were saying how arrogant, self-entitled and ungracious you were. It had never been my experience throughout your dominance in the 70s and 80s. However, since our return to the Prem I have seen their point. I’m afraid some of you are letting the true old fashioned scousers down and you’ve become just like the other red lot from Manchester.
Apologies to a few on here who clearly know where I’m coming from. I still wish some of you well but clearly another fans opinion is wanted here. All the best.

04 Dec 2021 22:11:19
@Tommo1970: First of all thanks for taking the time to read my post i appreciate that.

secondly we had plenty of chances to score a goal way before the origi winner.

Jota should have bagged 2, Thiago should have buried his chance and Trent should have hit the target, Mane also was wasteful with his chance and only a superb clearance stopped Salah bagging a tap in.

I was told that under lange your style of play had improved from Nuno's time, he would have been proud of that display!

You had no chances to speak off in terms of scoring and would have grabbed a undeserved point if not for your own time wasting and play acting.

You don't have to give a lecture to a liverpool fan about injuries you will know when you have hit crisis point when you are forced to play Neves at center back!

I agree with all you have wrote about Adama and i can understand your frustration when he plays- you badly miss pedro Neto a talent i very much admire.

May i be the first to wish you a happy christmas and i will be cheering wolves on next week when you play Man city.

04 Dec 2021 22:47:57
666 we deserved to win mate, you get the ball over the line fairly and you deserve the win. Wolves were good, not good enough though.

{Ed025's Note - i agree ashy..

04 Dec 2021 22:51:33
Tommo you are always welcome on here to share your opinion mate. Some posters don’t like any other LFC fan having a different point of view to them so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Good luck to Wolves for the rest of the season. They’ve been a good team for the premier league over the last few seasons.

{Ed025's Note - well said JK..

04 Dec 2021 19:38:23
Master of the cold shower, Ed0666.

{Ed0666's Note - those cold showers aren’t good for the old self esteem mate I stay well clear

04 Dec 2021 23:43:13
Just imagine if Wolves didn’t spend large swathes of the game feigning injury and time-wasting. They could have had an extra 10 minutes at the end to salvage a draw.

{Ed0666's Note - but why would they time waste when the referee adds it on at the end of the game?

05 Dec 2021 00:14:00
Ha Ha if only 666.

05 Dec 2021 00:28:24
Always welcome here thommo one mouth doesn’t speak or type for us all! And most will welcome your debate and interaction here me included!

05 Dec 2021 01:26:59
Tommo1970, i really think MartyMcfly was just jabbing you a bit with some sarcasm. In any case, you are always welcome here. We are all football fans first.

05 Dec 2021 04:24:57
No we’re not ArAy, sad but true I’m afraid.

Thommo is right - Liverpool fans have changed over the years (anyone remember the Kop applauding the opposition goalie when they were defending the Kop? ) . It’s not just Liverpool fans, of course nut it seems sadder for us as we were better than most back in the day.

Banter has, as a general rule, died away. Again, sad but true.

{Ed001's Note - Kop still applauds the keeper.}

05 Dec 2021 04:41:39
Thommo, I was just jesting my friend. I love seeing other posters on here and welcome good friendly debate. I was only kidding. I am not sure where you are coming from with the liverpool stuff as I think I've missed the posts you are referring to but don't tar everyone with the same brush mate. Happy Christmas pal.

{Ed0666's Note - Happy Xmas already??? Oh well merry Xmas one and all 😍

05 Dec 2021 05:11:19
Ha ha. Happy Christmas to all posters and all eds. Thanks for the hard work. I think some people just take themselves and football to seriously. It's only a game imo. I love that game but there is more to life.

05 Dec 2021 05:12:34
it's football. There are no points dished out for moral victories. We've certainly had our fair share of dropped points in games we've dominated and I'm really not sure any team can make a legitimate argument about deserving a draw in a game they rarely threatened to score.

This is football lads!
Now come on you wolves and deal to City!

05 Dec 2021 08:40:36
Marty just to point out mate my post wasn’t aimed at you. In fact it wasn’t aimed at any of the comments above it. It was just a general consensus post.

05 Dec 2021 08:48:13
Sorry Thommo but your assessment of the game is plain wrong. Jota had a great headed chance in the first half, Salah one from yards out, Trent with a volley, Mane with two excellent chances in the second half (one well saved), Jota’s sitter, Salah had a good chance he didn’t connect with properly, etc etc we had a lot of chances to score, we didn’t and you’s rode the game out well, but it was absolutely a deserved win. The play acting from your lot was a joke - Jimenez bravely managing to get himself back on the pitch only to throw himself to the floor to get “treatment” a particular lowlight. Your teams tactics were sit back sit back sit back hoof to Traore, hardly inspiring.

I think most posters would say any fan from any team is welcome on here for a chat, but expect opinions different from your own.

05 Dec 2021 11:05:17
JK23 I didn't think it was my friend. All good mate. Enjoy your Sunday.



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