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{Ed0666's Note - what about the Jota Pen? We had 5 starters out and the officials against us. Those red men out there were heroes.

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{Ed0666's Note - if we’d had another midfielder either Hendo or Thiago we’d have won. It was action packed and laced with mistakes because we had so many players out. But agree a very exciting game for the neutral

19 Dec 2021 19:44:54
No issue with that result today, in fact very happy all things considered. Not going to slate any of our players but I will massively praise them. 3 midfielders that have hardly played, best centre back in the world missing
Referee and VAR yet again are an absolute embarrassment. That's a point gained tonight and a point I'm not sure many if any other side gets with the players missing.

19 Dec 2021 19:54:14
Clear red for Kane, clear penalty for Jota. Can't complain about the red on Andy. Spurs missed clear chances. We outplayed them clearly in my view. Great teams overcome poor officiating. We will win the league. I think Ox should have come on for Keita at the half.

19 Dec 2021 20:37:49
We weren’t great people arguing for the Spurs chances as a reason as to this being a fair result. If a referee does his job correctly firstly by sending off kane, the chances woudlnt have happened. They got off with that and then a blatant penalty is ignored. VAR works fine, the idiots using it and officiating on the pitch need punishing. Referees should have to do an interview after the game and explain decisions, people argue it’s a tough job, they’re ha do Aly rewarded and chose to do this.

19 Dec 2021 21:37:41
I am always amazed when people state officials are against us, it’s shocking excuse to make. Poor referees are a problem but no one is singling out Liverpool, utter nonsense saying that. It’s just bad referees, we’ve had plenty of good decisions and plenty of bad decisions.

19 Dec 2021 22:17:13
It’s just I’m incompetence not bias. Worst referees in generations. Not a good one amongst them.

20 Dec 2021 00:38:04
We had no midfield and thankfully spurs had a manager who knew only to park the bus. Milner has to go as does Keita and many others.

20 Dec 2021 02:05:10
Officiating is embarrassing, to give them such favoritism with such key decisions is a joke and, if they weren’t so incompetent, would look like blatant corruption.

20 Dec 2021 07:15:09
@Keitas Shinpad, good to see you back mate - first time we don’t win in weeks and here you are, getting behind our reserves to stab them in the back.

We won a point with our third choice midfield against a to o 6 team, with a kid, an older player who puts in a shift and never let's anyone down and a back up player coming back from injury. Our full strength team wipes the floor with them and a cobbled together team.

20 Dec 2021 07:36:10
I thought Milner was great considering he was pretty much on his own in midfield.

20 Dec 2021 07:50:14
I knew that when we eventually dropped points there would be at least one that wanted half the squad replaced.
Toys out the pram time, comical stuff!

20 Dec 2021 07:58:58
@keitas shinpad. Problem is how many times would you expect all of Thiago Fabinho Henderson and Jones to be out. The likes of Milner Ox Keita Morton are there for cover but foe all 3 to play in 1 game and against a good team like spurs its harsh to blame them. We were over run in midfield and I'm very surprised Ox didn't come on at half time for Morton but even if one of Fabinho or Henderson woukdve been available that game wouldve been completely different.

20 Dec 2021 08:25:14
WDW, are you surprised? Got some on here, it is their stock and trade. They come on here running their mouths with their chests after we draw, lecturing us on how bad we are whereas when we won the last 8 in all comps., they were nowhere to be found. They’ll be back as soon as we draw a game spouting stuff cos some “fans” support their team by rooting for them to fail just for clout. Sad.

Now back to the gale, Spurs don’t get any of those chances had Kane been sent off and had we had our first team midfield rather than our third team midfield, we slash them, IMO. Isn’t it sad that tmregardkess of how much the officials blatantly screwed us due to their incompetence, all they got was a point? Now, that’s really sad.

20 Dec 2021 08:48:26
I don’t know why my post above was removed, but just to make it clear, I was and am fully supportive of the effort yesterday. No complaints from me and I enjoyed the game to boot lol.

20 Dec 2021 09:33:28
Juicer the same. I moaned about Var and officiating.

20 Dec 2021 09:58:36
JK Judge Oli is residing in Court One today lol.

20 Dec 2021 10:48:02
Judge Jury and Executioner.

20 Dec 2021 11:07:43
FlashTheRed once again, are you surprised?

20 Dec 2021 11:53:03
Not at all Oli. Not in the slightest.
That's the difference between a supporter and a glory seeker.

20 Dec 2021 14:19:00
Well that’s the dream. To one day become a great supporter like yourself. No1 fan 🙄.

20 Dec 2021 19:27:34
@JK23, the point I was trying to make that none of our starting midfield are automatic 4th or 5th choice starters if we have a full squad and one of them was just a kiddie starting in his 3rd or 4th game.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone is entitled to express it. Everyone is entitled to be critical but it serves a much better purpose if criticism is constructive. If we get rid of two of the three that played yesterday, who would have started cos for different reasons we had 5 midfielders not available - Fabs, Hendo, Thiago, Curtis and Elliot and Ox wasn’t chosen for the starting 11. I’m interested to know who the poster would have picked if he had chosen not to pick Millie, Keita or young Morton.

20 Dec 2021 19:54:10
WDW my post wasn’t aimed at you mate. And I 100% agree that opinion and constructive criticism comes hand in hand. When results don’t go our way some fans do come out of the woodwork to moan but who cares. I’m sure there’s some on here who rub their hands when we don’t win so they can criticise those other fans for not being as good as them or daring to have a difference of opinion. I’m surprised they have signal on their phones whilst gluing their faces to the M27 for climate change.

20 Dec 2021 22:08:22
@Jk23 - fair enough, I think we are on the same page mate.



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