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20 Dec 2021 06:59:15
Now the dust has settled from yesterday and I have calmed down from witnessing some of the poorest refereeing in a long time, I actually think a draw is probably a fair result. Let's face it they created a lot of chances and Alisson was on top form, unfortunate error aside but he keeps us in so many games I think we can forgive him that! Whilst Jota should also of had a pen I also think I would be very aggrieved had Spurs scored a goal similar to Robbie with the suspect handball in the build up. I personally thought it would be ruled out and was surprised when it was not. Again I thought this was poor from the officials so this balances it a little. No excuses for the inconsistency from VAR with Kane and Robbo though. That was just appalling. All in all though they had a go and don't begrudge them a draw. Looks like spurs are going for top 5 so if we can be that unfortunate missing the defensive and midfield spine of the team Our strongest team beats that spurs side hands down 8 times out of 10. Proud to be an LFC fan and of the lads today getting a result.

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20 Dec 2021 07:53:21
Completely agree i was sat in with spurs fans in the stadium yesterday and they were getting so carried away bar one fan it was unbelievable. Yes they had the better clear cut chances and you have to say Alisson made some great saves but kanea finishing was terrible yesterday bar the goal. But they've played against a liverpool team without the best centre back in the world and their entire first choice midfield. Now I'm not going to slag Morton off as he's a young kid. But he was out of his depth and looked scared. Sure if he had fabinho playing along side him may have been different. The whole game our passing was short and we bottles the 50/ 50 challenges. Which inevitably led to their chances. Deli Alli looked the most aggressive midfielder in the game which is an embarrassment. I was amazed it took so long to replace Morton and not sure why Ox didn't get a run out even after Morron did come off then Keita looked sluggish. Again the Mane change surprised me as the game went on we were looking tired and couldve done with Mane s pace to create. All in all with the team that played a draw isn't a bad result.

20 Dec 2021 08:15:38
Westwood666, I agree that Sours deserved a point if not 3, for the way they played and the chances they created. We didn’t play well enuff to win and I can accept that under the current circumstances.

That said, we got absolutely stitched up, end if. We say Spurs had chances and Kane could have had a hatrick. Does that happen if Kane is rightfully sent off and Spurs play 70 mins with 10 men? No, it doesn’t. If Jota gets thrown we all know we deserved and at 2-1, it’s a diff game.

I wouldn’t read too much into their performance cos they played an LFC team that fielded its third team midfield trio. Let’s give it time and see what happens with them.

20 Dec 2021 08:17:29
We should all watch ref watch on sky sports this morning @ half past eleven and listen to dermot Gallagher defend MR Tierney VAR needs the consistency we all crave from the officials Mr Oliver is still the only decent referee in the league.

20 Dec 2021 08:57:44
Today's VAR meeting is crucial. I get the not stopping argument as you can't be 6 games behind but if we carry on playing with 4 or more of our first team players out then the title will be City's in January. We simply can't play a midfield like we did yesterday and win matches. Just stagger the breaks meaning those teams who have had 2 week breaks like spurs don't get the winter break albeit I get it also depends who they are facing and will take some working through. Otherwise title will be City's as they have the most depth of squad.

20 Dec 2021 09:15:02
The referee and Var were inexcusable yesterday and for Kane to say on national tv he got the ball after previously swearing on his sons life he had scored a goal shows he has the moral compass of an alleycat.

All that aside I don’t think we deserved to win abs Spurs created so many chances against us (albeit against a makeshift midfield and centre back partnership) .

I’ve seen comments say Spurs fans got carried away and who are we to begrudge them that. They’ve not won any trophies in a long long time so for fans of clubs in that situation beating us and City etc is their cup final. And shows how lucky a position we are to be in as fans

My final note is we have the best manager and side since the 80’s when we dominated English football. But it’s a travesty that at the same time point we are up against another world class manager and squad that is state funded in City. We have been so lucky (as in fans not as a team) to have won what we have under Klopp in his time here so far but in 99% of other eras we would have probably had a few more league titles and cups under our belts.

This season is far from over as we go for that title and CL but it’s a massive ask when our first team players drop out and our squad players have to step in. What the team and Klopp have achieved so far they can be immensely proud of. I’ve loved every game so far.

20 Dec 2021 09:41:11
You speak sense there JK.

20 Dec 2021 09:44:10
I thought they changed the handball law so that if it was accidental and not leading to that player scoring the goal then no handball would be called. Thought they called the Robbo goal perfect.

20 Dec 2021 09:46:50
I have been a defender of referees recently on here after they took a lot of stick a few months back and I still believe it is an extremely tough job. However, after the weekend, I simply cannot defend the decisions. Something seriously needs to be done about it as decisions like that can be the difference between winning a League or not.
I think it is about time referees take accountability for these decisions and are made to explain their thinking behind them.

20 Dec 2021 09:52:19
Spurs couldn’t be a LFC team with no
Midfield. They couldn’t beat us with there 13 men on and off the pitch.
The refere was a joke and the people controlling VAR are as well.

They are now hiding behind bar as a way of an excuse behind their inept decisions. The person controlling var won’t attempt to change it as there just as inept.

End of day 2-2 was a fair result based on them having 13 people helping them when we were down to 10 men.

Kane is a scumbag always will be he knows he’s protected. But to say he got the ball and that Andy agreed with him shows the level of deceit he will
Go too and get away with it, should be retrospective action regardless of the referee report but again they won’t allow that against golden boy.

20 Dec 2021 11:17:32
Rabh even before you do that, I invite you to watch the half time or post game analysis on BT (with Shay Given, Glenn Hoddle and M; Owen) where Dermott Gallagher was disgracefully trying to defend Tierny on the Kane tackle and Jota non-call and Shay Given wasn't having ANY of it.

Given literally told Gallagher to his face, that Kane should have been sent off w/ o question. Gallagher then said that the only reason saving grace for Kane was that Robbo jumped up and again, Given wasn't having it. Given responded that Robbo jumping was the saving grace for. Robbo. Not for Kane so again, a red card per Given. Disgraceful defence of the indefensible by Gallagher here.

Same for the penalty. Given ripped Gallagher for trying to defend VAR and Tierny by saying it was a pen and that even the one where Ederson cleans out Fraser in the Newcastle game was a pen as well. The refs. are circling the wagons now cos they know they messed up big time.

20 Dec 2021 14:46:22
Excellent point again mate fair dos.

20 Dec 2021 21:47:48
Oil - I agree bro, although I think that the info and insight from Dermot is key here. He is basically giving the framework for how the decision-making process is made. There is back and forth comms between the ref and VAR prior or whilst VAR are looking at it, and then VAR would take that into account before determining whether the ref has made a clear error. The bit around Robbo jumping, Kane being "low" (lol like wtf) are mitigating factors that the refs are looking at to make their calls. Whereas we, the sensible ones, just look at it and think um that's a red mate. push off lol.



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