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22 Dec 2021 15:30:47
Hi Ed001, apologies for asking as I'm sure you are very busy but are we getting a match review from the Spurs game? I've been really looking forward to seeing your take on all that went on. Thanks.

{Ed001's Note - I am still trying to figure out what to say to be honest. I do intend to do one, it is just difficult to know where to begin!}

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22 Dec 2021 15:52:50
Start with the ref performance Ed001 and take it from there!

{Ed001's Note - yes but it is how to write that without expletives!}

22 Dec 2021 16:34:10
It should be out around the same time as the Southampton one lad's😂.

22 Dec 2021 16:47:11
🤣🤣🤣 @ Barry. If it was me, I’d wait until we played Southampton again and put that one up.

22 Dec 2021 17:04:15
Thanks Ed001 yeah I know what you mean, it was farcical at times to say the least!

{Ed001's Note - it was tantamount to match-fixing. The fact that the PGMOL have created a set of spurious excuses to explain away the bad decisions make it corruption. It has now become a cover up rather than a set of errors.}

22 Dec 2021 18:06:41
Maybe forget the obvious ref and VAR stuff ED01 as we’ll know it was shocking and focus on the dynamics of the game re tactics and positioning and player performances.

22 Dec 2021 18:14:01
I’ll give u a start tris! Robbed and the ref is a p#%#%

22 Dec 2021 18:17:19
This is why we have all been dieing to read your review eds. we can all get carried away in the heat of the game and wear tinted glasses at times but I think we all appreciate your opinion more than most. This game in particular has hurt more than a lost only because of the amount of (let’s face it easy decisions) that could have had a massive impact in the game at an early stage. If you couldn’t guess already am still hurting from that game!

22 Dec 2021 18:22:54
Eds, do you think the refs performance will be reviewed?

{Ed001's Note - of course not, they have circled the wagons and will defend each other to the end, just like all these kind of old boy institutions do. That is corruption at work and Mike Riley is the main cause.}

22 Dec 2021 18:54:02
You could replace all the expletives with sarcastic politeness? Call the ref a 'nice bloke' and PGMOL 'fuzzy bunny rabbits' instead of what you want to call them, for example.

22 Dec 2021 19:03:02
We need VAR to be covered by cameras and microphones. Will make their decisions more transparent. Right now i assume there's no way to see or hear Stockley Parks decision making process. The whole thing needs more transparency.

22 Dec 2021 19:08:36
Does VAR supposedly get something like 98% of decisions right?
But if there’s say 3 decisions to make per PL game and 760 PL games per season in total, that’s still around 150 decisions that it gets wrong?
Which sounds a lot.
I’m probably under-estimating the numbers there too because if it was 150 wrong decisions, that’s an average of just over 7 incorrect VAR decisions per team if they were distributed evenly.
So, there’s more to come chaps and chapesses, 🤣.

22 Dec 2021 19:18:10
It’s been a long day, I’ll correct myself.
760 games per season x 3 = 2280 VAR decisions.
2% is about 45 decisions wrong.
That’s just over 2 per team on average.
So seems too low, unless we’ve had our season’s worth.
Ahh I’m going for a drink and watch the game.
Is there VAR tonight? 🤣🤣.



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