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25 Dec 2021 14:54:41
Hearing rumours that Salah will sign a new contract til 2025. Eds.?

{Ed002's Note - Maybe if he drops his demands.}

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26 Dec 2021 14:55:48
Ed2. Do you know how much money per week Salah is asking for? If u would prefer not to get into that no problem.

{Ed002's Note - I know what Ramy Abbas was asking Real Madrid for and it will be similar to that. It is a huge amount.}

26 Dec 2021 15:33:36
Hes leaving. Just get used to it.

26 Dec 2021 15:50:58
As much as I like Salah and I have absolutely no problem with him being our best paid player I don't go along with this give him what he wants contract. Opens a can of worms as regards our other world class players. If salah on 500k a week why shouldn't vvd be on 450k a week etc etc. I think the club should make him our best paid player but they do have to draw a line.

26 Dec 2021 17:57:56
I didn’t actually realise Bobbys contract ended the same time. So basically in 12 months time 3 of our 4 main forwards can all start negotiating free transfers. Yes the club shouldn’t be held to ransom but surely there would have been a bit of foresight into this.
200 mill plus of talent leaving for far less or worse free.

26 Dec 2021 18:19:27
They'll all be over 30 and with the exception of Salah have, according to the experts on here anyway, been declining at a rate of knots. So 2 of the 3, again according to the experts, shouldn't really be missed should they?

26 Dec 2021 19:03:10
Yeah agree how dare them experts have different opinions on an opinions site.

26 Dec 2021 19:25:11
Who said they couldn't? Very sensitive. Point is if 2 of the 3 are in such decline then they won't be any loss and easily replaced.

26 Dec 2021 20:31:41
Handbags lads 🤣🤣.

26 Dec 2021 21:59:40
No handbags at all Marty. Klopp leaves the year after so he's not going to be overly worried about their contracts is he? In fact a complete rebuild with new players might keep him interested in staying on.

27 Dec 2021 01:05:11
will anyone else pay him 500k a week?

27 Dec 2021 05:12:33
Yes if he becomes a free agent.

27 Dec 2021 07:41:17
@JK23 - what makes you possibly imagine that the club doesn’t know when first team players’ contract expire? Serious question - just because it is the first time the subject has been brought up on a fans forum has no bearing on what the club has done, is doing or will do.

27 Dec 2021 08:57:28
WDW You must be an MP mate because how you have managed to come away from what I wrote with the club doesn’t know when the players contracts expires is kind boggling. As if I would suggest the elite mega rich business men don’t know when the contracts expire.

My point was that they all expire at the same time. In a few months time 1, 2 or 3 might have all signed new contracts and it will be all hunky dory. I’ve never negotiated a contract with a footballer before so I’m only guessing here but the fact all 3 can negotiate free transfers in 12 months or be sold for a pittance in 6 tells me that they currently hold all the power. For 3 of our best / important players to be in that situation for me lacks foresight. But hey ho it’s only an opinion.

27 Dec 2021 10:00:15
So what was the club supposed to do about it JK?

27 Dec 2021 10:08:43
Keep Salah, only club in the world where the fans would entertain the best player on the planet leaving instead of breaking our wage structure.

27 Dec 2021 10:11:35
Why shouldn't the best player in the world be paid what he is worth.

Give Salah what he wants or someone else will.

27 Dec 2021 10:20:13
Good question Flash.

As a fan I can only give an opinion and no opinion is ever right or wrong as their just individual to that person. For me the simple answer is get these players tied down to new contracts. Even if it’s just to protect their value.

The fact that all 3 expire in 18 months hasn’t just crept up on the club. They would have known this the last 3 or so years when they initially signed.

I must be the only fan worried then that in the next 30 months we could as a club lose any of Mane, Salah, Bobby and Klopp. Or worst case all 4.

Yes no player or any 1 person is bigger than the club and players and managers leave all the time. But the 3 players could leave for a massive £0 or in the summer we can sell the 3 for £100 mill and bring in Bowen and Toure

But as I said some or all might sign a new contract soon and all will be looking good but I’m just debating it now as we are allowed to debate stuff as fans even if it it differs from other fans opinions.

Personally I’d love to see all 3 stay here due to how great they have been for the club and are still producing on the pitch. But as every month goes on for me it is less and less likely but that’s just me guessing from the outside.

Flash, WDW and Mane oh Mane I’d actually love to hear what your actual thoughts are on it. As you’ve fired the questions out but you seem happy with the situation 🤝.

27 Dec 2021 10:23:11
JH not only does it seem fans are happy for Salah to leave but they’ve turned a blind eye to the fact that Mane and Bobby could follow him.

Like the wife leaving you and you’re happy she takes the two kids also 🤣.

27 Dec 2021 07:12:00
how much did they ask real to pay ed?

{Ed002's Note - Too much.}

27 Dec 2021 11:57:56
We have to keep salah.

27 Dec 2021 13:25:24
I said previously that one or both of Mane and Firmino may be sold / allowed to leave to retain Salah.

27 Dec 2021 14:21:57
Listen, we have the best trio upfront we could ask for and any club would love to be have what we have. Include Jota in that. The lad is making a name for himself slowly but surely.

We need to be VERY careful because losing 2 of the 3/ 4 could absolutely destroy us. Call me dramatic that's fine, we need to start upping our wages and giving our best players what they want. This is football now whether we agree with it or not (I don't ) if we don't agree to salahs demands somebody else will and we'll be left with god knows who.

Times are changing, football is no longer a sport, we need to keep our best players it all comes down to money. I think salah will sign a new contract but the doubt is there, why hasn't it being done yet? There's a reason. If we don't pay him what he wants then we're fools. He's the best player in the world, give the man what he wants before he goes elsewhere.

27 Dec 2021 16:13:34
I partly agree with that Salah (the poster, lol) .
Ordinarily, and my preference, would be to keep the old front 3 until they’re done, so to speak.
But wages are going ever up and there’ll quickly reach a point where the output of the players may not match their wages. Salah looks to be the one with more credit in that equation, and they’re going to need replacements at some point in any case.
By the time Klopp leaves, in Summer 2024 as it stands, a rebuild is required.
I think we’ll keep Salah and van Dijk as the top earners but a number of other senior players will probably leave or finish with Klopp.

27 Dec 2021 16:16:12
I'm not firing out any questions nor would I be happy to lose them but to play devil's advocate here, Bobby will be 8 years here, Sadio 7 and Mo 6 by the time 2023 comes around. Maybe they all want to leave and be free to go where they want like Emre Can did? Who knows? Maybe that's why Mo is looking for an absolute fortune because he knows we can't pay and he walks away with his reputation intact and its all the clubs fault.

27 Dec 2021 16:45:24
Mane oh mane interesting take on it and you could be right. I’d hate to sell these players at any price but if they aren’t willing to sign then the only option would be to sell them and now it would be at a huge discounted price. As I know for a fact we cannot as a club afford these to leave on frees. Not with our net spend under these current owners.

27 Dec 2021 17:12:59
Exactly JK23, I'm not putting down any person's opinion. As I said I'm playing devil advocate. Out of the 3 I'd personally keep Salah and Mane (personal preference though I love Bobby) . Others will think differently and that's fine. As for Mo stating he "wants to stay at the club", footballers are like politicians they'll say what the majority want to hear.

27 Dec 2021 17:34:13
Oh mane mane me making out you were putting other opinions down last night might have been the beer talking 👀🤣. So for that I apologise 🤝.

27 Dec 2021 18:23:03
No harm done pal and its your opinion and you've expanded on it so absolutely no problem. Me, I've swayed to the side that thinks Mo wants to go (will be delighted to be proven wrong) so I'm just going to enjoy having him play for us.

27 Dec 2021 20:39:54
In answer to your question about the contract extensions JK, without knowing the ins and outs of what's involved in the discussions it's hard to give a considered opinion.
I don't pay attention to the media spouting things like Salah wants half a million a week or he's demanding that we sign player X or he's off, so all we've really got to go on is Klopp's word that talks with Salah are progressing.
There's a fine balance to rewarding the players with improved contracts and being aware of the current financial situation, and considering the club's track record with transfers in the last 4 or 5 years I'd say that they've done a damned fine job overall.
So if any of the front 3 really want out then we can't stop them anyway, but other than financial incentives that we can't match almost any other club they go to currently would be a step down from Liverpool.
I don't see any particular reason to worry, the players seem happy and that counts for a lot. Ask Coutinho!

27 Dec 2021 21:28:10
Good reply that Flash. The only thing I can reply is football is an opinion game and as fans and we don’t know the in and outs of anything that goes on at the club or with the players but there’s nothing wrong with giving an opinion on it.
I get what you’re saying about any other club would be a step down but sadly I have to disagree. For example if Salah was to go to Bayern, Real, PSG or City then the likelihood is he will win plenty of league titles and have a great chance of adding to his CL winners medal. He’s been with us for 4-5 years and has 1 league title and 1 CL (I get the world club cup as well but for me it’s nowhere near as big as the other 2. Not even close) .



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