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29 Dec 2021 19:12:51
I love mane he has been superb, but sentiment isn't going to win us leagues and cups. Bare fact of the matter is if he was at city he would be benched and made to graft for his place . Yes we haven't got the money to buy mega star replacements but we have a squad that is not being utilised to its full capacity, our manager is amazing but he runs his favourites into the ground an doesn't seem to be ruthless when needed by using the squad.

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29 Dec 2021 19:37:49
So because we lost Mane isn't putting enough effort in?
Strange take on it.
His touch deserted him last night, and his finishing too.
Doesn't mean he was dawdling around the place.
Salah missed a penalty and the follow up, doesn't he get criticism too?

29 Dec 2021 19:50:54
I mentioned on an earlier post that Mane may bag a hatful at the AFCON and come back regenerated :)

29 Dec 2021 19:53:07
In my opinion, ever since we won the title two years ago now, mane has been abysmal by his standards. He has kost pace, aggressive play and ability to freely score goals. A real shadow of the class player he WAS. I posted yesterday on how furious I was on last nights defeat and I still am. Do these players not care about winning the league. Such a putrid, leaderless, weak, lack of grit effort to win a game and stay in the league contention. If souness or Hanson in that team, then we would have won. That game was there for the taking and we needed someone to give everyone else a right rollicking to win the match. its our achilles heal. If salah plays terrible, then we can't find a way to win. Look at our performance v city, spurs, whu, Leicester, Chelsea, Brentford. no aggressive winners in our team when salah has an off day. A shame we out of the league already. Chelsea will smash us next and we are hung on to finishing fourth. I thought the players wanted it as much as the fans do, but looking at mane, jota and ox last night, they couldn't care less.

29 Dec 2021 20:01:00
Why would you be "furious" over something you've zero control over and can't influence in any way shape or form. 14 lads lost a football game. Hardly life or death.

29 Dec 2021 20:14:55
Toys out the pram time!
We lost a game, Souness and Hansen lost their fair share of games they should maybe have won too.
But they never threw the towel in after a defeat, same as Klopp and this team won't either, even if some fans already have.

29 Dec 2021 20:24:05
agree with everything KK100 said.

29 Dec 2021 20:31:13

{Ed025's Note - very much so AW, one minute every player you have is world class the next minute half of them should be sold !!!, come on guys get a grip there is an inbetween and thats where you are, losing one game does not make you a bad side..

29 Dec 2021 20:32:01
Why pick out Mane, Jota and OX. Nearly all the other players were just as bad. Salah was poor, VVD never got out of first gear his longest pass was 5 yards. Fabs and Hendo never got any proper control of the game. Allison now he is the biggest culprit of them all. , mistake after mistake after mistake.

29 Dec 2021 20:40:50
Every ream goes through a bad patch stick with them through the bad times and rest assured the good times will come back we all love the reds and I for one will continue to think highly of them as work colleagues follow Norwich and the devil's 11 down at the dump @ old Trafford the guy upstairs from me went to the 5 -0 game earlier was laughing before he went on his return hid away from me for a few days the beauty of being a follower of the only decent team to wear red.

29 Dec 2021 20:16:44
Mane is my favourite player at the club but I have to admit he had a shocker last night and I couldn’t believe when I read he’s not scored in our last 9 games.
Last night he looked an extremely frustrated individual and his 2nd touch were mostly tackles. Salah has been world class this season but I thought he went missing last night and as bad as Mane was he was far more involved than what Salah was.

Also worryingly is Bobby looked like he was shattered when he came on last night after hardly playing any football this season so that might have been a case of not up to speed with match fitness. I agree that Klopp has his favourites and Mino isn’t going to get a look in so perhaps the Afcon might be a blessing in disguise as it takes Mane out of the frying pan and forces Klopp to have to play Mino. That’s unless Ox gets given the nod there and Mino stays on the bench.

29 Dec 2021 20:17:31
OMM I second those comments, we lost a game take a chill pill.

29 Dec 2021 20:17:37
Hardly life or death oh mane mane so why are u replying like your assed on a liverpool banter site were people have opinions from negative to positive an all inbetween . I am with king Kev in that I was annoyed last night cos we gift wrapped the game away that we could win because we were seriously complacent.

29 Dec 2021 21:01:03
No one has said sell mane or sell the squad we are trying too win the league or champions league and be the best we can be, also let's give up has never been mentioned so I don't know were that has come in to anything. We know we are not a bad side most clubs would only wish to be in our position, if fans are accepting of games like last night our standards are dropping.

29 Dec 2021 21:08:53
I have been just about Mane’s biggest supporter on here over the last few years but unfortunately it looks very much like his best days are behind him.

29 Dec 2021 21:23:45
I'm replying because I genuinely don't understand how you can be so p*ssed off about something you've no control over. I've been supporting since the days of Souness, Case, Heighway, Kenny etc and they lost games against teams they should have beaten at least 5 times a season. It happens. And here's a spoiler there'll be a game, possibly Sunday or a CL game, where we are outstanding and lose. It also happens.

29 Dec 2021 21:28:16
We stood still after the UCL in Madrid. Our team was miles ahead of City, Chelsea, Bayern etc. We signed Elliot in summer and then Minamino in Jan.
We should've signed Jota and Thiago. Then the following season when we needed Konate, we waited until this summer.
Last summer we should’ve replaced Gini. But we will replace him in 6/ 7 months time and sign a new midfielder.
We’re not trying to catch Man City, we’re playing catch up with ourselves because of previous transfer windows. Winning the league blinded fans.

29 Dec 2021 21:48:42
I’ll be honest I was gutted about last nights game for the obvious reason but what was the really kick in the balls was the subs. None of them made any difference to the result or the way we played. On paper our team looks really good not as strong as city or Chelsea but a proper strong team. If you break the team down into 3 different positions then defence looks very very good. No need to buy really. Then midfield now this is were I think we really do need some help. I don’t enjoy saying this but Milner looks finished. The game looks to quick for him now. Keita needs to go ASAP he almost puts me off watching. He is such a waste of money and the place in the squad. Hendo (I was expecting more from him last night with him being the captain) obviously an ageing player. Thiago great when not injured but also ageing. The ox does drive forward but not much end product also doesn’t seem to give everything I’d say he need a fresh start somewhere else. Yes I know we have jones and Elliot but I really think we need to buy someone with real energy in midfield.
Attack origi looks like he’s going. salah is unreal but can we offer him enough to keep him. Jota is so unpredictable has a great game then goes missing. Mane he also looks lost sometimes and has never got back to his form before he got C.V. also ageing. Bobby I think his time is coming to an end with us. Mino god know why he’s not trusted as when he’s played he has never let the side down. We definitely need to buy at least one quality striker very soon.

29 Dec 2021 22:29:16
Agreed liverpoolFC8 what u mentioned gets me more angry than last nights result .

29 Dec 2021 23:18:58
Lose one game and all of a sudden we need a whole new team.
Overreact much guys?
Forget all about the amazing moments this group of players have achieved in the last 4 years and dwell on a poor 90 minutes last night.
You'll Never something something, remember?
This is still a team and squad to be proud of.

30 Dec 2021 00:18:13
But it’s not just one game Flash. It’s the defeat to West Ham, the draws against Spurs, Brentford and Brighton. They’ve exposed serious weaknesses in our squad.

This isn’t a one off, it’s the fact there’s no apparent plan to adequately replace attacking players entering the end part of their careers (who also will have 12 months on their contracts after this season), it’s the fact that for all the apparent “options” we have in midfield, we only have one who can actually play midfield anchor, it’s the fact that we can’t compete in the transfer market to such an extent we’re seriously looking at the likes of Traore or Sanches as that’s as much as we can extend to (neither of whom would even be considered by any other team with serious ambitions of competing for top honours) .

Time to take the red tinted glasses off, to quote the Monty Python sketch, there’s trouble at t’mill.

30 Dec 2021 05:06:31
**** *** catch a grip. The same moaners were the people on here praising the team because we were steam rolling through teams regularly and were top scorers in the league and now it's all doom and gloom after 1 defeat? What has happened to our fan base some of it is becoming toxic.

30 Dec 2021 07:35:17
Wow, we lost a game and drew some others, now the squad and team aren't up to scratch.
Newflash - even City aren't going to win every game and every competition.
Some of the fans are looking for perfection, win every game at a canter. The Leicester game was a wake up call that real life isn't like that.
I think this squad is exceptional, they've smashed all sort of records and won major trophies. Yet apparently "there's trouble at t'mill".
I think a good healthy dose of realism is needed by a chunk of the fanbase who want half the squad replaced if an opposing team dare to fight back against us.

30 Dec 2021 07:43:50
It’s amazing how the moaners put some good points across and it’s the super fans that revert to swearing and insults rather than put their points across 🤔.

30 Dec 2021 08:41:57
City doesn’t need to win all of the remaining hand Flash. There is no chance we are picking maximum points from our remaining games.

30 Dec 2021 08:57:09
Look lads this is the same team that went to Old Trafford and Vicarage Road and spanked both 5-0. Exact same team. Best in the world back then by a country mile if the posts on here were anything to go by. We are neither the best or after the other night the worst. It's up to Klopp and the players to sort themselves out and get us back on track. Anyone else see the similarities between us now and Klopps Dortmund side in his last few years there?

30 Dec 2021 09:22:04
Oh mane mane I agree mate. You cannot argue that this side under Klopp can be world class on their day. The only thing we are lacking is the world class consistency of 2-3 years ago. Back then we hardly dropped points regardless of performance.

For me Tue night was our worst performance of the season and regardless of the pen and chances missed we didn’t deserve to win the game.

But on the other side of the fence we are 3rd in the league (2nd If we win our game in hand) through to the next round of the CL after a perfect group qualification and into a Semi of a domestic cup. It feels like S##t to lose a game to Leicester but trust me there’s far more fans out there if other teams going through harder times than us.

We need to embrace what we currently have because I sadly think it’s going to get a lot worse (than what it currently is which is a brilliant team and manager) over the next 18-36 months before it gets better.

30 Dec 2021 10:31:49
I'd sooner have an in form Mane than out of form Mane. An out of form Mane might still be our best option, at the moment, though.

30 Dec 2021 12:17:30
The game was a disappointment and its hard to swallow being 6 behind man city when almost every other team in the league roll over as soon as they see that fixture.

BUT. we don't roll over against city, we may not beat them but at least we will make it competitive. Take 3 points against them and half the gap, maybe Chelsea beat them which closes the gap for us.

All of a sudden we are level pegging, city have let a 6 point lead slip, that's a big confidence builder for us and a big seed of doubt for city.

OK it's all ifs and buts, but very possible.

30 Dec 2021 13:41:17
And there it is folks, the toys are out the pram again. Someone please, call a whambulance 🙄🙄.



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