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29 Dec 2021 21:39:58
Have a question guys.

Now the league is gone, what would constitute success for us? Number 7 would be great but I think that’s luck sometimes in addition to quality? Thinking of some teams who make the final some years.

League cup? FA cup?

{Ed025's Note - to say the league is gone is very premature TAA, beat city and you are 3 points behind mate..

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29 Dec 2021 22:35:59
Yes far too early to give up. We need to win our next few matches and see where we are. Players must improve though and sharpish. In answer to your question if we only won the league or fa cup it will undoubtedly be a poor season.

29 Dec 2021 23:10:54
Klopp and the players won't be giving the league up yet, that's for sure.
Damned right too.

29 Dec 2021 23:23:53
What a clown. One loss and the white flag is out. It’s going to be very very very difficult I know but talk about being a spoiled child, lose a game and “the league is gone”. I don’t think that we’re going to win it but it’s a bad result in the middle of a load of good ones. Take the little bit of rough with the whole lot of smooth.

29 Dec 2021 23:36:29
Reaching the point where I can tell who's being ironic with the "the league is over" comments and who means it.

30 Dec 2021 00:01:01
Probability would suggest that City will go on a run from now until the end of the season, they’ve done it repeatedly in the past. We’re now 9 points behind, with tough games coming up for various reasons, we’ll be without Salah and Mane from after the Chelsea game for a few games so potentially we’ve got 4 or 5 games where we might not pick up points and if city win those then it is all over. Given that we’re not going into the Chelsea game in good form a point would be a good result which puts us further behind, there’s plenty of reason to think it’s pretty much over bar the shouting. Can anyone genuinely see City dropping more than 9 points at this point?

30 Dec 2021 05:00:50
Vvvv yes they were poor last night got away with one any team can go on a run of losing games, drawing them injured players whether you've a big squad or not can affect the team. We don't need them to drop 9 points either just 6 we have a game in hand and that'll be 2 come Saturday.

30 Dec 2021 07:40:40
Mark I think to say if we don’t win the league it’s a poor season is nonsense mate. The owners, managers and fans will all possibly have different targets and expectations.

The perfect season would be winning the lot with a disaster season being getting relegated. For me I would say a poor season would be finishing outside of the top 4. We could even have a poor league season by finishing outside the top 4 but wnd up winning the CL which would be a great CL season. For me there’s loads of combinations but if not winning the league means the season has been poor then sadly that means Klopps time here bar 1 season has been a failure.

In any other era we would have a few league titles with this team but unfortunately we are in the same era as a juggernaut in Peps City. Saying that the league isn’t other this season but it’s now a huge ask and we are relying on others now as well as ourselves.

30 Dec 2021 09:09:57
Not winning any major trophy this year is a failure to me. Can you believe we are yet to start a rebuild with more or less nothing in hand.

30 Dec 2021 09:13:30
Finish in top 4, win a domestic cup and getting to at least the quarter finals of the Champions League would be a successful season with the squad we have. But really a successful season needs to also include us signing one or two world class or potentially world class players either midfielders or a winger.

30 Dec 2021 09:34:15
Ks as I said mate everyone will have different targets and expectations. Some fans will want to win every game otherwise it’s a failure and some would probably be happy with a title challenge and top 4 and then every combination in between that.

The most important people though are the players, Klopp and owners.

This is only me giving an opinion so it’s not gospel but I’d imagine the owners will be happy with top 4 and as high a possible league finish. That way the tv money and sponsorships keep rolling in.

Klopp and certain players will want the lot but Klopp has played his hand and has more or less confirmed he’s leaving in 2 years so he cannot really hold the owners to ransom and they will no doubts resist the urge to invest in a project that is leaving. Then we have the players. More importantly Salah, Mane and Bobby. Will they all be happy to stay here to compete for trophies that they aren’t necessarily going to win or will they look to go elsewhere where trophies are part of the furniture every season.

I 100% agree that we stood still after winning the league but I think things are going to get worse over the next few years before they get better. We could be with no money, No Klopp, No Salah, No Bobby and No Mane.

30 Dec 2021 09:39:54
Well the point is more, assuming we win the Leeds game, that’s 6 points behind city. They would have to loose 2/ 3 games out of the remaining 19 or alternatively, draw at least 3, with us remaining perfect to turn it around. While that’s not impossible, that would be their worst run of form since Leicester won the league which makes it improbable.

It’s not a childish reaction to one defeat, more a culmination of draws, and the odd loss which has opened a gap which I can’t see being closed. I hope something happens that proves me mega wrong.

Anyway, of jet from gladiators 😂 good post Bazza.

30 Dec 2021 10:25:34
The League has gone, has it?
What happened to "walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain. "? What happened in Istanbul? What happened at Anfield against Barca? What about Mo's t-shirt?
Shameful post.

30 Dec 2021 10:41:04
Ok rigsby, I understand we are a different club, but what do you see happening here? It’s not in our hands, do city collapse? I would love to see that, but to be honest they just don’t!

I’m not advocating that we give up. I think we have more chance of the European cup to be honest, but to win the league from here? What do you see that I don’t? Convince me we will win it! I’m open to it! I thought this would be our year, maybe that’s why I’m so gutted.

30 Dec 2021 11:59:41
TAA, I don't know what is going to happen. That's what is so wonderful about the game; and sport in general. There is always hope, mate.
Maybe we can't compete with City and Chelsea in terms of spending but we can compete with them on the field, eleven v eleven. I'm happy with that.
It's a struggle to keep the team on the field challenging City but we've got the best man to do it and I'll keep hoping that we stay fit and firing and that it's enough.

30 Dec 2021 12:55:35
City need to collapse do they? They're 9 ahead of us, which looks like a lot, but they've played a game more.

We win our game in hand the gap is 6. Losing a 6 point lead in half a season is not a collapse, especially when we still have to play them again, and thus have some control over 3 points of that lead.

I appreciate City are very good side that have set very high standards, I'm under no illusions that this'll be easy and we will have to beat them at their place to do it, which is a big ask. But we've beaten them before with worse teams than we have now. And to be straight, I don't think this City team is as good as what they had 2-3 years ago. They won the league on 86 last season. Even accounting for taking their foot off the gas a bit towards the end, it's still a far cry from the 95+ that was the standard 2 or 3 years ago. They've lost to Palace and Spurs this season, so they're still well capable of dropping points that they shouldn't. Every team is.

Remember Chelsea were apparently invincible a few weeks ago? They've dropped 6 points in their last 4 games. Against teams in 8th, 10th and 12th place. Things can change quickly.

tl;dr, it is not over and saying it is over is just silly.

30 Dec 2021 13:06:48
Hope so rigsby mate, bring me a bit of positivity going forward.

Be fantastic if they collapse.

Let’s hope we nail Chelsea on Sunday. They have hit a sticky patch and Tommy is starting to throw his toys out. 3 points and maybe an arsenal win all will be different.

30 Dec 2021 13:36:26
Something red good post mate. City don’t need to collapse but for us to make up those 9 points in means us getting maximum points from now until the end of the season.
City will 100% drop points from now and until the and so will Chelsea. We just need to make sure we don’t drop more than them by 9 plus.

30 Dec 2021 13:38:00
Forget the league for now cos we are on the outside looking in, IMO. We need to get back to winning ways FIRST before thinking of catching this ir that team or winning this or that title or trophy. And this starts with a win vs a reeling Chelsea team on Sun.

As for saying we stood still after we won the title, I must have slept thru the Tsimikas, Jota and Thiago signings as well as the C.V. that robbed us of the projected funds we needed to invest even more BUT whatever, right?

As for saying that the league is gone like the OP, not sure if it is a whind up, trolling or a real opinion.

30 Dec 2021 21:10:55
JK I totally disagree mate. We are not in any other era we are in this one and that is all that matters. This is our best team in 30 years and if we can’t win at least one more PL or CL then we will have underachieved with this team. The way it’s going this could be our best chance for the next number of years. There is no way after our 2 winning seasons anyone would have settled for not winning another major trophy in the Klopp era. That is why Klopp stayed.

So for me if this is the second season in a row we end up without a major trophy I will be gutted. I think Klopp would class it as failure as well. Am sure the owners are happy with just top 4 and a run in the CL.

31 Dec 2021 08:44:26
Mark good reply mate and I’d second the part about being gutted also. And you’re probably right that Klopp would see it as a failure because his goal is to win league and CL titles and if you don’t achieve your goals then you’ve failed at them. But just because we don’t achieve the goals or doesn’t mean it’s a failure. I’ve not achieved all of my life goals but it doesn’t mean I’ve failed at life or does it 👀😭.
I wish we were in another era mate. One where we weren’t being dictated too by a government over something that footballers are testing positive for 1 day and then 7 days later playing 90 min premier league games.



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