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30 Dec 2021 08:00:40
I think it high time we ignored the log (at least till the end of January), avoid permutations and concentrate on ourselves alone. We need to focus on winning our games and see where that takes us to at the end of the season. If it isn't enough, its not the end of the world but at least, we are competing for the top.

A few years ago, all we thought about was to finish in the UCL places and now, he (Klopp) have got us dreaming. Just how lucky are we to be in this position now? I have many Mancs and I know. One thing I'm sure of is that Klopp will deliver no.20 before he leaves. Would it be this season? Not sure but maybe. But I will free myself of the burden of permutations and enjoy the rest of the season. I only hope we win something this season though. Upwards and onwards💪🏼.

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30 Dec 2021 08:38:33
Klopp would leave us in two years time with an utter aging squad. We have hardly dominated the world in his regime. We stood still when city and Chelsea splashed money. That’s why we are not only fighting for the top and not finishing.

30 Dec 2021 09:36:38
So Keita which oil or state billionaires was this money coming from?

The only reason we have won both the league and CL in recent years is because of Klopp.

Without new owners you will see what happens if and when Klopp leaves.

30 Dec 2021 10:20:36
We haven't dominated the world but we've been English, European and World Champions under FSG and Klopp.
My stein is half full. Danke, Jürgen Norbert Klopp.

30 Dec 2021 10:26:41
Is keitas shinpad Harry? Sounds like his brand of positivity lol.

30 Dec 2021 10:34:43
Correct Rigsby. Keitas Shinpads post is just full of nonsense to be honest.

30 Dec 2021 10:58:59
We are bottom the pile when it’s comes to spending! I don’t think fsg are bad owners and have done well but time to open the coffers! We brought in one defender (only because we had 3 and which 2 very injury prone)!
I’m not asking for £80m signings but bring in some bodies for competition sell what we can and freshen it up! Just my opinion!
We where not good enough to win it last season why would we be good enough this season when we didn’t invest and others did?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool need to fund purchases and not keep building debt. The way to do that is through income from broadcast (which is doing fine), commercial (doing very well), matchday revenue (pretty much none for last season) and player sales (poor). If the money is not there then it will be difficult - this is the immediate impact of the pandemic.}

30 Dec 2021 12:12:10
Disgrace klopp hasn't been backed more in transfer market considering what he's done since he came in. I understand from ed2s insight into finances it not as simple as we think but surly we should be able to compete financially with clubs not in Europe.

{Ed002's Note - The club cannot simply keep adding players. Money needs to be raised.}

30 Dec 2021 12:50:09
Hi Ed002, could you give us your opinion on what the club needs to do this summer with the playing staff from a long term perspective?
Money definitely needs to be raised from sales. Phillips, Neco, one of Bobby/ Mane, Minamino, Davies, Ojo and few other loaned out players need to be moved on. Thankfully Karius and Adrian are out of contract and Milner probably will retire so we save quite a bit of wages as well.

{Ed002's Note - There needs to be a plan put in place to transition to a younger side over the next two to three years. That is key to going forward for Liverpool. The club has four players out of contract in the summer (Origi, Milner, Adrian and Karius) so something needs to be decided there. Another five will be entering the last year of their contract in the summer (Keita, Mane, Salah, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Firmino) so significant decisions maust soon be made. Eight players will be 30 or more in the summer - again that needs addressing. Thirteen players are out on loan - how many of those may make it? I think the minimum for the summer will be a GK, CM and a forward. Critical to all of this is a plan for the transition before Klopp departs in 2024.}

30 Dec 2021 13:30:18
Spot on, Rigsby. I’m good with what Klopp, the players and the owners have achieved forum esp dethroning a club that is funded as part of a sovereign nation’s budget to win the league in a stroll and winning the CL trophy while said club is still trying to get a shot on target in their ONLY final that cost them almost 2 billion to reach. Of course we can always do better BUT you can’t win them all.

As for Keita Pads or Harry in disguise instead of posting negativity all the time, you could just provide us a list of Oligarch owners or sovereign countries/ governments who are interested in buying us off FSG’s hands instead of rambling on and on about the sale emotional stuff and not providing actual solutions.

30 Dec 2021 13:16:10
Thanks for that 002, I trust there is a someone in the LFC hierarchy with your knowledge and insight who has been frantically drafting such a plan :)

{Ed002's Note - It needs money of course.}

30 Dec 2021 14:30:29
So we clearly need money from player sales, question is, who do we sell? The average ones we seem to value more than what they're worth which results in them doing bugger all for another season.

I'm very happy with the position we're currently in but at the same time I'm growing increasingly concerned about the future. We're living for the day instead of planning for the future but that's just my opinion. IF this is true, we have a very rough patch ahead.

30 Dec 2021 15:00:47
Sell some of the fringe players to moneybags Newcastle this January.
The Ox, Phillips, Gomez and Keita should fetch a pretty penny from a team so rich and desperate. Then splash the cash on Bellingham and Haaland 💪🏼
Joking by the way, but wouldn’t mind selling them 4 off to Newcastle for inflated prices.

30 Dec 2021 15:33:04
The Americans owns Manchester United Oli and there is no shortage of money over there. You need to come away from this embarrassing excuses.

30 Dec 2021 14:10:06
I understand 002 :) To shop for immediate impact players yes but I'm sure there are a few more gems like Robbo to be found.
Regardless of what's in the pot the plan needs to be actioned accordingly.

30 Dec 2021 16:55:59
What have United won lately KS? Could you give me a list of the quality players they have signed? After all there is no shortage of more at United!

30 Dec 2021 17:14:24
You're right, Keitas shinpad, the Glazers' infamous generosity in pumping United full of money is why they're so popular with the fans.

30 Dec 2021 17:55:58
I wish fsg would put half of what the glaziers have put into the utd team. imagine what klopp could do with that.

30 Dec 2021 18:16:58
Hey Irish. My reply was there are clubs who has money and not owned by the Arabs or Russian. They could still turn it around as they have money while we are playing 92 year old Milner.

30 Dec 2021 18:18:28

FSG are popular for furloughing the staffs. Ain’t they?

30 Dec 2021 18:21:14
KS, what excuses? I spoke facts, man. The Glazers? Would that very same owners that the Utd fans literally hate and fir which they damaged their stadium in protest? Now I know you are scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for reasons to slander the club cos they are not doing what you want. And I’m the one with embarrassing excuses? You are a true gem.

You seem to love the other clubs way more than you claim to be an LFC fan so if you want us to spend the way Utd spend for the huge success they have clearly had by accounts, lol. Again, answer the question. Who are the oligarchs or sovereign states are you proposing to take us over instead posting nonsensical slander based on your mood swings? I’ll wait.

30 Dec 2021 19:03:30
You change your mind like the weather Olired. You were hammering posters at the start of the season when we said we need to buy a midfielder/ attacker. Now your blaming our players lack of form on City being owned by a Country.

The only facts are we are 9 points behind and the only reason is we have been below par in the league. Too many of our players have had too many poor games.

30 Dec 2021 20:06:58
To be fair Utds supporters stormed Old Trafford after the super league debacle. Our owners were at the forefront of that also. Utds owners have thrown money at their problems and it’s been spent stupidly. Let’s be honest we would love Klopp to have had that same money as we know it wouldn’t have been wasted. But we have no money available so Klopp has to work with what he has.

{Ed0666's Note - Not sure Klopp is the greatest scout in the world. His attributes are management and coaching.

30 Dec 2021 20:26:00
The rate KS is going at he'll be at the "FSG out" stage before the transfer window even opens!
This is the best spell the club has had in a long time, trophies, great football, matches that have gone down in history, youngsters coming through again.
And through it all some doggedly seek out any negativity they can find and cling to it desperately.
It's like the Premiersip title and all the rest just didn't happen for some.

30 Dec 2021 20:58:51
Truth is somewhere in between. When you are on top you must strengthen and we didn’t. This season we just haven’t been good enough but there is time to turn it around. We have to put a winning run together, it’s now or never for this season.

31 Dec 2021 03:00:35
Yeeeeeeee hah, and we are off.

I like the idea that we haven’t dominated ( which is wrong) and that we haven’t dominated because we didn’t spend heaps and heaps of money (which is also wrong) and that we would win everything going if we spent loads of money (which is also obviously not true - look at United abs Chelski and the Spuds) .

Other than that you were slap, dab, right on the money @KS.

Where’s the popcorn, transfer window time is here 👍👍👍.

31 Dec 2021 10:10:00
WDW except Citg and Chelsea prove that theory core t mate. Chelsea are current CL holders and both clubs have won 10 of the premier league titles in the last 15 years (5 a piece) spending money.
Utd, Spurs, Everton etc just show that spending money recklessly doesn’t help.

To use us as an example we spent big on Vvd, Allison and Fab and the trophies started. We spent recklessly on Naby and he’s been a major let down. The signings don’t always work but you have to buy a ticket to win the lottery and the fact we have no money means we can’t buy a ticket.



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