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02 Jan 2022 19:10:58
At some point there needs to be an honest discussion on fraud. ED001 mentioned it lightly on the spurs review, how VAR was meant to help the teams outside the top 6 and it seems to have only widened the gap. We have had some dodgy calls go our way but in fairness I'd say plenty more against.

One thing seems to be a constant though, one of the wealthiest if not wealthiest teams in the world seems to have a scale tipping to one side way too often. The amount of times they get decisions for them vs against is worthy of at least questioning. Perhaps their players are just that good at making it look like a foul, where as the rest of the league needs more practice.

Arsenal played a great game, we're brave when needed, and at the least should have had a draw but my god, that was disgraceful. In the last decade there has been fraud in Germany and Italy, Spain too? I thought so anyway but could be wrong. Why would England be immune to it?

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02 Jan 2022 19:25:40
You just contradicted yourself when you said “the wealthiest and big sides” get the decisions when saying at the same time Liverpool “have had more against than for”

It’s not fraud or conspiracies, it’s just poor officials. Some go for you some against, it’s just the way it is.

02 Jan 2022 19:29:12
Some valid points. But, at some point, we need solid facts and solid proof. As was found in Germany, Spain and Italy. You can't go around screaming such accusations, without there being investigations and whatnot. I agree that VAR looks very dubious at times, clearly biased ad subjective, and I'm angered by it. Better to approach those who are responsible and insist on investigations.

{Ed002's Note - It is not biased - there will be some mistakes. Hopefully fewer as time moves on.}

02 Jan 2022 19:32:36
My 1st reaction was that it was a red for Sadio lad's no argument.

{Ed002's Note - Right - it was a mistake, no more than that.}

02 Jan 2022 19:42:51
I also thought it was a red Barry. He lead with his arm in the face and very luck to stay on the pitch mate. Just my opinion though.

{Ed0666's Note - blatant red and now the footballing gods have evened out the injustice of the challenge on Robbo by the nations darling

02 Jan 2022 19:46:21
Said same in a match post Barry, thank god that game wasn't ruined after 6 secs : (.

02 Jan 2022 20:11:03
Arsenal where their own downfall your man xhaka or what ever his face is shouldn’t be near a football field he runs at You your looking good for a free or peno.

02 Jan 2022 20:12:57
Only thing that saves him apart from it's only 6 seconds in is that he never looked at his opponent once.

02 Jan 2022 20:46:57
I must see things differently. He’s not looking at the player at all. Have any of you ever jumped? His elbow was high, it was a bit over the top, but red? The games gone soft.

02 Jan 2022 21:06:01
Yes, I didn't think it was a red either. Yellow, probably. He never looked at Cesar once, so where is the intent to injure or the dangerous play?

02 Jan 2022 21:14:26
He hit him with his arm not his elbow - a clear yellow.

02 Jan 2022 20:58:16
This stuff is embarrassing, they're all out to get us.

02 Jan 2022 23:16:49
However we feel about Coty getting the rub of the green is probably how all the clubs feel about us getting our share of lucky calls. I've neet seen the objective stats but imagine they balance out over time.

02 Jan 2022 23:35:26
Mane? not a red. jumpimg, eyes on the ball, doesn't throw his arm, wrist then hand connects. Yellow.

02 Jan 2022 23:39:16
If you want to investigate something, investigate the players cheating, not the officials. Until you cut out diving and trying to con the ref, you can’t even begin to complain about the refs making mistakes.

03 Jan 2022 00:24:12
I didn’t think it was a red, a yellow was fair for me.

03 Jan 2022 06:56:29
I bet a lot of opinions on this board would be different if the roles had been reversed.

His arm was up and he knew where the challenge was coming from even if he didn’t look the Chelsea player in the eye. In the old days it was called ‘getting your retaliation in first’. With today’s rules it was a clear red card.

{Ed001's Note - I disagree, Taylor would have loved to give a red card, he is a Mancunian, there is no way he would not give a red if he thought there was any chance it was a red. Mane has not looked at Azpilicueta once, not swung his arm, just jumped with his arm up. It is ones of those challenges that one ref will see as a red, another as a yellow and a third as just a foul and not even give a card. If Mane looks at him, so you can be sure he is going for him, then it is a definite red. If Mane swings his arm, then it is a definite red. But he does neither.}

03 Jan 2022 07:55:47
It was a red card definitely!
We then scored two superb goals and should have styled the game in the first half, but again our defence was poor, and our midfield was outrun and second best.
Not playing well enough to challenge City, and we should now focus on the CL, FA Cup and Carabao Cup and more to the point, getting our best 15 players fit and well.

03 Jan 2022 10:13:02
@Ed01, I hear what you are saying but we’ll have to disagree on this one - Mane is a top notch professional and is capable of receiving and giving the knocks. I think he played it beautifully and, as I say knew what was coming and where it was coming from and took the opportunity to clout the opposition player. Not looking and not deliberately taking aim at an opponent doesn’t mean their isn’t intent all the time. in this case I think he knew what he was doing and, as I say, played it beautifully.

03 Jan 2022 11:14:12
If there is going to be red cards given for a hand in the face then the game is going in a direction nobody wants it to go. Get up and get on with the game yellow card and look where your throwing your arms next time you jump end of discussion.



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