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03 Jan 2022 08:05:41
Thought Fabinho was poor against Chelsea, he flapped a lot and gave the ball away a few times which is not the normal Fabinho way? I think he has been below his normal top standard for the past 6 weeks or so. Milner was also off the pace for me, Chelsea’s midfield outplayed ours for large parts of the game.
Our squad is tired and needs new faces (At least 3) I’m afraid.
Bissouma, Raphina or Neto and L Martinez would be my choices.

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03 Jan 2022 08:40:45
And so it begins.

03 Jan 2022 09:22:21
To be fair, he does have a bit of a point, I thought we looked poor in midfield yesterday and it’s becoming more apparent that Milner - great servant that he has been - just isn’t up to being a starter anymore. I’ve no idea what the solution is though unless we’ve found some ££s down the back of the sofa.

03 Jan 2022 09:30:07
Wishful thinking, or the truth Flash?
This current squad will not challenge City for the title lad no way, cups for us this season and top three finish.

03 Jan 2022 08:50:39
Fabinho wasn’t good yesterday but he is the least of our problems in midfield. Milner and Henderson were both dreadful as well - how they are both starting must-win games away to top opposition in 2022 is quite damning.
As for our squad, it is stale and in need of real investment. The players you have mentioned would all be outstanding additions to our team, but we won’t be signing any of them. I believe the collapse of FFP and the ESL will have a far-reaching impact on LFC that is currently not affecting us greatly.

03 Jan 2022 09:40:20
We need fresh faces, especially up front, if the club leave it another 18 months, we got a hugely expensive rebuild all over the pitch and the club will be in a real pickle.

03 Jan 2022 10:05:40
A couple of weeks ago Henderson was one of the best captains we've ever had. Now he shouldn't be starting. After a draw against cash rich title rivals who started the season looking like very strong contenders.
Every game we don't win brings cries for half the squad to be replaced.
Is that the answer when a player has a poor game? Immediately sell and replace him?
History shows that's not how Klopp works.

03 Jan 2022 10:23:21
Hey we can't even sort a new contract for the baest player in the world never mind signings. I really think liverpool have out grown fsg. They can't compete with city chelsea united financially. Even mike ashley invested more than they have.

03 Jan 2022 10:18:44
Well this didn't take long 😂😂😂😂.

03 Jan 2022 10:33:13
FlashTheRed - Henderson will remain one of our best ever captains even after he has retired, but that doesn’t mean he should be starting, especially in key matches away to excellent teams.
Henderson and Milner are not the players the were, hardly unexpected when they are 32 and 36 years old with a history of regular injuries in Henderson’s case and an increasing number in Milner’s. In addition, the difference in technical quality between our midfield and Chelsea’s was enormous, it wasn’t surprising in the least that we could barely keep the ball for longer than 10 seconds before Chelsea got it back. Whereas Henderson, Milner and Wijnaldum was chaos-by-design back in 2017/ 18, now it is just chaos and results in a basketball match every time.
The “cries” to replace some of our squad are because some of them need upgrading on, simple as that. This squad is stale, injury-prone and not as motivated as it needs to be (throwing away a two-goal lead four times in under half a season demonstrates that quite well) .

03 Jan 2022 11:07:10
LoweLFC - you are talking about upgrading a human being who has done more for the club than you or I ever have …. Perhaps we should talk about upgrading fans for a better version with a bit of respect.


{Ed077's Note - Thaiga and Elliott were missing yesterday and Jones hasn't played much in months due to injuries. The people that you should be looking to improve upon in midfield are the likes of Keita and AOC, who whilst still in their prime can't secure a starting berth ahead of an ageing Milner even when injuries/suspension has wrecked the team a bit

03 Jan 2022 11:09:44
Hendo is our captain. He was doing well before the sickness he got and yet got threw back into in cup game against Leicester. Milly unfortunately is on his last legs, he's supplied us with great service and helped these lot out no end with his experience and professionalism. However his te has ce to be let to leave.
Ox can go for me.
Keita has to go
Personally don't think thiago is suited to our play or the Premier league. Must be on some big bucks.
Bobby should be gone in summer and really should of gone 2 summers ago.
The defence is solid depth wise. So we need atleast 2 players for the midfield. Need another option for up front too.
After all that said. Reckon salah will be off, and the teams screwed anyway without extra investment which isn't likely.

03 Jan 2022 11:21:27
Rather than criticise Fabinho too much, I’d rather credit Chelsea’s very aggressive forward press. It was the outstanding feature of the game for me and dictated how the match unfurled.
They managed, by and large, to maintain it for the entire 95 minutes too.
It was the polar opposite to what they did against Man City at home.
Having said that, credit to our lads also, we went toe to toe there.
I do think a slight refresh is in order though, a couple of quality starters would make all the difference.
An awesome football match that, breathtaking.

03 Jan 2022 11:43:47
Yeah, West Derby Wanderer, you’re another one missing the point. Alberto Moreno has done more for the club than I ever have, he’s not good enough to be starting for us. At the other end, Kenny Dalglish has done more for the club than pretty much anyone in its history, and even The King couldn’t start for us now. As I said, Henderson will be regarded as an all-time LFC great, and deservedly so, but him and Milner starting for us in 2022 is greatly contributing to the problems in midfield. Milner needs to be moved on and Henderson given the former’s role in the squad. This isn’t to single them out - Keita and Oxlade Chamberlain absolutely have to be sold this summer, they have been horrific buys all things considered.

03 Jan 2022 11:51:35
So like I said a few posts ago, one draw and half the squad needs to go.
And as for claiming a squad is under motivated, show me a Klopp team that plays without motivation.
Comical reasoning to justify a transfer splurge that we don't have funds for. Which in turn very quickly turns to "FSG out, we need an oil rich sugar daddy owner" which won't be happening either.
I suspect the club has a little more money available than most guesstimate (is that word even? ), but don't be surprised if the youth is utilised more to see who can make the step up.

03 Jan 2022 12:18:35
No LoweLFC - I’m not missing the simplistic point you are trying to make and you are correct in as much as our squad needs improvement. It’s hardly an earth shattering insight - virtually all squads can stand improvement at any given moment in time.

The point I was making, which your follow up comments clearly indicated that you have missed is one of treating people with respect. I find the term ‘upgrade’ offensive and objectionable when used as a means of describing the replacement for somebody who has made a significant contribution to the history of our club - captain of the first Premier League winning squad and captain if one of our Champions League winning teams. Don’t get me wrong (again) - all players are replaceable and all players will be replaced (except of course Gini) but I think the players should expect (and be given) respect by someone who is a fan, or at least has LFC as part of his username. Just my opinion of course but, as we read on this forum quite often, form is temporary, class is permanent.

03 Jan 2022 12:27:43
Lowe no word of a lie mate I’ve just bumped into King Kenny in sports direct. He was getting sized up for some new boots ready to fill in for the lads at Afcon.



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