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03 Jan 2022 09:25:29
Ok here’s my take on what the reds need this coming summer (eff all will happen in Jan)

Keita goes would take £10m for him, surely one of the German or RB teams would bite at that? Replacement Bissouma £35m

Ox and Milner both go, maybe get £8m for Ox? Replacements would be Bowen and Neto or Raphina £60m for either double signing

Origi and Mane go, and would fully expect £60m for the pair. Replacement Lautaro Martinez £60m

So you would now be thinking, hang on that is a net spend of £77m which Liverpool don’t have? So, we also sell Phillips, Gomez (he wants to go for reg football) Kelleher (will also want 1st team football and he is excellent and deserves it) which I would expect a minimum of £45m in return for?

Net spend £32m which surely FSG, prem tv rights, and prem finishing position could cover! It might leave us a touch light in defence, but I would be keen to see Pitaluga, Neco, Koumetio, Tsimikas used more regularly and add to that Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones, Tyler Morton and I think that’s a winning squad with fresh energy

Interested to hear your thoughts? And yes the money side of my equation is purely guesswork but ball park accurate surely?

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03 Jan 2022 09:46:02
No offense mate but money side of your equation isn't even in the right country, never mind ball park. Hope this was a joke.

03 Jan 2022 09:49:06
I think raphina will command a fee of 60 million on his own. Milner will go as will ox I reckon. Keita probably needs to move on. We need a bissouma type player for sure and a proven goal scorer. I have no idea who though. We need to start re building the team in the summer that's for sure. It's just a question if we actually have the money.

03 Jan 2022 09:57:01
Transfer fever. We aren't going to be getting rid of a third of the squad in one window.
And players like Ox and Keita are regularly touted as sales makeweights by fans (£18 million total for them both? Laughable), but Klopp sees things differently.
Nice theory, but not even close to reality.

03 Jan 2022 10:12:23
Think the likelihood will be players like Bowen, traore, sarr, Doku will be the options for a winger.
Jonathan David, adeyimi, will be the options for a striker.
Kessie, Bissouma, gravenberch, Bellingham, perhaps kalvin Phillips will be the option for a CM.

I think we need 2 CM’s and 2 forwards.
My picks would be: Bowen and David (would love latauro Martinez) for the forward positions. Bissouma (if this whole police incident is sorted from a few months ago) and Kessie.

03 Jan 2022 11:39:01
I haven't been overly impressed by Jessie, though I'm sure if the club do sign him, the scouts who have 30 years experience and have watched him dozens of times will be far better placed than me to judge!

03 Jan 2022 11:33:12
Forget Bowen or Sarr, we can’t afford either, West Ham don’t need to sell, Watford will ask for over £100m for Sarr if we make an approach. Traore is very likely as a replacement for either of Mane or Salah, which makes no logical sense as he can’t come close to replicating their goal output.

Keita going for £10m is about as much as we’d get, but there’s no way we’re going after Bissouma to replace him as Brighton don’t need to sell and will be asking for closer to £50m for him.

“Ox and Milner both go, maybe get £8m for Ox?
Replacements would be Bowen and Neto or Raphina £60m for either double signing”

Well Milner’s contract is up in the summer. That’s for definite, I can see Ox going as well. As for replacements, none of Bowen/ Neto/ Raphinha are central midfielders, and we can’t afford them anyway.

“Origi and Mane go, and would fully expect £60m for the pair. Replacement Lautaro Martinez £60m “

Origi’s contract is up in the summer, so he’s off for free, Mane will be a 30 year old entering the last 12 months of his contract, there’s no way we’re getting more than £30m at best if we sell.

“So you would now be thinking, hang on that is a net spend of £77m which Liverpool don’t have? So, we also sell Phillips, Gomez (he wants to go for reg football) Kelleher (will also want 1st team football and he is excellent and deserves it) which I would expect a minimum of £45m in return for? ”

We’ve seen before selling centre backs and not replacing them adequately is season ending suicide, selling both Phillips and Gomez makes absolutely no sense whatsoever as it leaves us with only three senior centre backs, as for selling Kelleher, again we’d have to bring in a replacement or equivalent quality, which would prove difficult and expensive.

When you account for agent fees, taxes and other disbursements, whatever is left to spend on players will be an absolute pittance, we also have to somehow convince Salah that he should commit the final years of his career to a team that needs rebuilding, and I’m afraid that he won’t want to given that our actual targets are Traore, Kessie, Dembele and Sanches, and if I’m honest, I’m not sure I can blame him.

Forget Martinez, Sarr, Bowen, Bissouma, Bellingham or Gravenbirch as none of them are going to happen.

03 Jan 2022 12:05:11
Would gini be opened to a return as he is not getting much game time in Paris also why no talk of Mcginn of villa surely worth a shout?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have no interest in them.}

03 Jan 2022 12:33:08
For 19 clubs in the league it’s the January transfer window. For Liverpool it’s just January.
There’s a few players in the squad that now need to roll up their sleeves and step up for the astronomical wages they are paid. No Mane or Salah allows others the opportunity. Those players have to take their chance starting with the league cup this week.

03 Jan 2022 12:56:08
We’ve no money lads stop wasting your time with your lists I know it’s frustration from the lack of spending etc but save it!
These owners are strict spend what you earn!
Ageing squad and klopp at the final hurdle these owners I expect will get the same faith as the previous cowboys!
They have brought stability 100% but klopp and his team have done wonders!
They don’t capitalise when when on top so we will fall!

03 Jan 2022 12:59:05
VVVV - Sarr is no way going to be sold for £100m.

03 Jan 2022 13:37:13
Love this football manager type posts!

03 Jan 2022 13:55:50
Add another 100mil in agents fees and signing on fees.

03 Jan 2022 13:58:43
JK it’s not a few players in the squad that need to roll their selves up, it’s the whole lot of them. Klopp very much included. You can count on one hand the players who have consistently performed this season.

03 Jan 2022 14:00:27
You're begging for a repeat of last season there mate. Koumetio is nowhere near ready and I don't think Rhys Williams will ever be able to play in a side that uses a high line at Premier League level. That leaves us with van Dijk, Konate and Matip if we sold both Gomez and Phillips.

03 Jan 2022 14:56:04
Williams- Gomez - Konate - Tsimikas
Morton - Jones - Elliot

So only replacements I couldn’t name were for Mane and salah

I think we are set up pretty well going forward and talk of needing to get in a third of a new squad is wide of the mark.

03 Jan 2022 15:12:09
I'd sell Alison before I sold Kelleher. He's the one "asset" we have out of VVD, Fabinho, Salah and Mane that we have a replacement that costs us nothing only wages and looks ready to stup up to the next level.

03 Jan 2022 16:00:03
We will Replace Gini in summer. And will be 18 months behind where we should be.
To get back to our champions league winning level we need too much now for one window. We need to be proactive, replace Mane and Firmino, Gini, and replace Keita who hasn’t worked.
So that’s 4 players, 4 world class players that have to hit the ground running. CF, Winger, 2 midfielders. No chance.
We’ll replace Gini and just expect miracles from Jones, Elliot, Minamino and 106 year old Milner.

03 Jan 2022 18:19:33
"Klopp needs to roll his sleeves up too" - comical stuff.

"To get back to our Champions League winning level we need. " despite just winning the "Group of Death" unbeaten for the first time in the club's history.

Gotta love the transfer window, folks just making stuff up to justify signings they insist we need.
Very entertaining!

03 Jan 2022 18:49:11
It could be rough, but I'm actually excited to see how we fair with mane and Salah away. We rely on them too much and mane has been very poor recently. I hope he comes back in form. I would like to see jota on the left, mini/ firmino in the center and Origi on the right. I agree jota hasn't been consistent in the center, but I'm curious to see how he does on the wing and origi isn't mobile enough for our false 9 role. With Jones/ ox playing the advanced mid role and Thiago back, I'm curious to see how our team copes. Everyone will know they need to step up and I'm curious to see where our goals come from. Obviously, we need some help with injuries to make this happen, but if our boys get fit, this is what I'd like to see.

03 Jan 2022 20:00:07
How does he not Flash? What has winning a CL group won us? The whole squad has underperformed so far in the league, so Klopp has to take responsibility for that. If he gets plaudits for the CL then he has a accept out PL form is no where near good enough.



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