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03 Jan 2022 18:27:34
Got a feeling mr klopp will be seeing out the remainder of his contract with what he has players wise. The C.V. was bad timing for us, we won the league 2 seasons ago as we peaked as a team. Now we have an ageing squad and no real resources to sell to make big money that we need to rebuild. Klopp has been brilliant but I just don't see the finances being there for a decent sized rebuild that will take us up a gear again, within the next 2 years. Klopp is a legend but I feel sorry for the next manager pulling off what klopp has with little resources over last 2 season.

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03 Jan 2022 18:42:19
I’m alone in this but When this season kicked off and Elliot was in the starting line up (ahead of Jones, Thiago, Keita etc) I thought he was being developed and showcased for a massive sale this summer and that’s where a chunk of the money was going to come from to start the rebuild. We’ll never know now because of the injury, but that was my initial thought. No idea now where we will get money from.

03 Jan 2022 18:42:19
I’m alone in this but When this season kicked off and Elliot was in the starting line up (ahead of Jones, Thiago, Keita etc) I thought he was being developed and showcased for a massive sale this summer and that’s where a chunk of the money was going to come from to start the rebuild. We’ll never know now because of the injury, but that was my initial thought. No idea now where we will get money from.

03 Jan 2022 19:00:53
If Klopp is leaving then why would he be bothered with a rebuild? He's not going to see any benefits from it is he?

03 Jan 2022 19:04:00
Nah I reckon there are plenty of finances in place for a massive rebuild and it’s going to be a project that Michael Edwards can really get his teeth into. If there was no money then Edwards wouldn’t stay. Oh wait there 🙄.

03 Jan 2022 19:05:12
Oh mane mane, klopp wanted to leave LFC in a better state than he found it. Hence a rebuild of sorts. He’s said this plenty of times. Maybe he cares more than you think. Why stay somewhere nine years and leave it in tatters when he goes?

03 Jan 2022 19:07:12
Sell Alisson keep Kelliher; sell Robertson keep Tsimikas, Sell VVD keep Konate, Gomez, Matip and Philips; sell Salah pay for new players; sell Ox should bring in over £20m; sell Fabino bring in Bissouma etc etc plenty of players we could sell if we wanted too.

03 Jan 2022 19:18:40
Took Dortmund a few years to recover after he left them with an ageing squad and he hasn't a Bayern cherry picking his best players here.

03 Jan 2022 20:04:38
i think he'll stay until he's 58/ 59 as don't think he'll want another club mg role but may take a national team job as his final mgt role when he's nearing 60 and there's one available. May depend on if he can get the signings he wants over next few years so he can actually rebuild.

03 Jan 2022 20:47:26
Ha war machine let’s just sell everyone and start again…. I sense you were joking but the hysteria on these pages is unreal. We have a quality team, but yes we do need to start to bleed through new players as this teams lifecycle is coming to an end. However, we have one of the best teams in Europe and one of the best managers. We’re playing exciting football, and we are in good shape to finish top end of league and challenge for all trophies both domestic and in Europe. This season is tricky with C.V. etc. Not an excuse but it is affecting performances for all teams. Let’s get behind the squad bad managers, I would be delighted to see us win a domestic cup, go deep in Europe and finish new top of premier league. We need to lose this sense of entitlement.

03 Jan 2022 21:34:32
Speaking way too much sense here, MOT. It’s always hysteria on here when we don’t win. “Oh, we should have kept Gini” is my fav as if keeping Gini (who can’t get a gale at PSG, btw) would have prevented Salah from missing a sitter that would have assured all three points vs Brentford, made us play our two worst games vs WH and LC or would have stopped the work due that Kovacic scored and I can keep going.

IMO, We are where we are due to CV and poor decisions being made on the pitch by players on the field (qbd prolly Klopp on the touchstone) . and most importantly, our inability to stop playing this all out attack system that gives the other team too many opportunities to score by playing too open. This has cost us leads in fakes hence, pointsdropped. This is the type of football we used to play btw ‘16 and ‘18 that got us nothing till we changed it.

Also, we lack the nous required or have lost the ability to slow things down when we have the lead. We need to stop turning games into basketball games were the pace us rampant with NO control whatsoever. Squad depth has NOTHING to do with it, IMO. Those are actual issues that are killing us BUT don’t worry, keeping Gini would have fixed all of that.

03 Jan 2022 21:42:06
Hysteria is a mild word for it. It's more like the Universe has gone through a meltdown and there is no hope for a sunrise ever again.

And then watch these same characters' posts after our next win. Shallow hypocrites. All this stuff used to be confined to the live chat but it has creeped in here, in a big way.

Oh yeah, you're allowed to express your opinion? Please do. This is mine.

03 Jan 2022 21:43:26
Stop whining about our finances; it's getting tiresome.
I get that some are envious of the business models of City, Chelsea and Newcastle but I'll just follow our lads on the field.
It's been a great few years to be a Red- even if we are in the Red- and you should be enjoying it and not getting green with envy about City, Chelsea and Newcastle. Newcastle, for Klopp's sake!
City are desperate for one CL and we have six.

03 Jan 2022 22:29:28
Aray who are you referring to with regards to shallow hypocrites?

Rigsby lots of posts and opinions are tiresome. Probably less tiring to skip passed them that waste the effort to reply and moan about them.

03 Jan 2022 23:10:04
Who mentioned Newcastle?

04 Jan 2022 00:03:53
Spot on, Rigsby and ArAy1969. They talk about City as if we are on the same level as them or just cos we crushed them to win the PL and have won the CL before them, we are in the same boat. WE ARE NOT! “City’s squad depth is insane”. Clearly, that has nothing to do with the 200’s of millions ploughed into it in transfers. That jus happened on its own and fir free, lol.

Decent to good managers like Mancini and Pellegrini won the title and trophies with City so you don’t have to be a top manager like Pep to win things at City. The reason they could do that is cos of the ginormous spending power they have and that has only been accelerated under Pep with over 1bn spent. Shoot, It’s a miracle we have won things and beaten them to trophies with our shoestring budget in comparison to a State funded club.

Anyone that thinks we can compete long term with City where 100m pound signing is often on the bench, is just setting themselves up for continuous meltdowns like we see each time we don’t win and say, “Look at what City us doing. Why can’t we be like them”. You want to be like City? Go get a sovereign nation to fund our club. Till then, You’re whinging into the wind.

04 Jan 2022 01:12:28
You're right, OliRed.
When another team goes 25 points clear of Man City then I might look at their business model.

JK23, maybe skip past posts defending the club rather than wasting the time and effort on posts whining about posts defending the club.

Andyjh04, there's loads of posts about how we can't compete with the likes of relegation threatened Newcastle. To be fair though, they are in far for Kieran Trippier and he is a better 31 year old English full back than than the best old full back in the world that is 22 years old.

04 Jan 2022 05:38:07
There’s surely a middle ground between the two extremes though, of absolute doom and blind support, where fans can discuss issues without firefights breaking out, lol?
I agree about the whole‘looking though the Man City prism’ point but, at the same time, they are setting the pace and we’re all just playing for 2nd place if you can’t improve the squad.
It’s gotten to ridiculous extremes where we’re getting 99 points and not winning the PL for goodness sake.

04 Jan 2022 07:22:03
Are they spot on because they are right Oli? Or spot on because you say they are spot on. You do know there’s a difference.

04 Jan 2022 07:31:28
Personally I think we’re having a very good season. Yeah things have fallen off in the league the last 3 games but there’s still ample of opportunity to make up for that. We have a perfect record in the CL so far and we are into a domestic semi for the first time in what feels like a long time. But as well as loads of things going right it’s still possible for loads of things to also be not right. We’ve lost 2 of our best players for a month (soon could be for good if we don’t sort out the contracts) we have no money to spend and we have a fixture congestion at the same time as our form has dropped.

There’s loads and loads of different opinions on here and i enjoy reading them all whether they are “we’ll win this league whilst stuffing every team it’s in the bag to it’s all doom and gloom” or everything in between.

Every single one of them is just an opinion and has
Zero baring on the club, manager and players or how it is run.

Unlike some I’m not pretentious enough to think only my opinion counts on an opinion website.

04 Jan 2022 17:55:48
JK, I agree with what Rigsby and ArAy1969 posted. Is that a problem for you now all of a sudden? Pls, people are free to speak (and MOAN) about whatever topic they want REGARDLESS of whether it has bearing on how the club is run or not. After all, we all talk about numerous subjects from transfers to global politics. Nobody needs you or me to tell them whatever.

Also, You keep spouting off insinuating that others think their opinions are more valuable than others. IMO, nobody thinks that BUT you and a few others. Why? You say that all the time and the worst thing is, you can’t even prove it. It’s just er, what’s that word again? Ah, an opinion.

So Maybe you should take Rigsby’s advice in the response he gave to you and stop judging others and insinuating things about them you CANNOT prove cos I couldn’t have responded to your post any better. Peace and Love, mate.

04 Jan 2022 22:58:01
Oli thankyou for proving my pretentious point 👍.



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