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11 Jan 2022 11:49:19
Seems Salah is putting the emphasis squarely on FSG to do what is needed to get him to stay. That this isn't been sorted yet and with Gini's example last summer this doesn't bode well. Looks like a sale in the summer to fund a rebuild. although I hope not.

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11 Jan 2022 12:19:41
Personally think Salah should shut up and dribble. no class talking about these matters in interviews or wherever these quotes came from.

11 Jan 2022 12:21:38
Sell our best player, FSG will build a hotdog stand outside the ground, say it's for the club, to please the blind fans who continue to support them, it's a joke I've seen multiple reports, from financial experts, not myself, of the amount we can spend due to FFP, over £250 million just shows how much we've been mugged off.

11 Jan 2022 12:34:17
We’re not getting much if we sell him in the summer, age/ remaining contract/ economic conditions mean we will be seeing offers of about £50m/ £60m tops as the big money is chasing other players like Mbappe/ Haaland etc, which means that there won’t be enough for any kind of rebuild (after you take off taxes, agents fees and other disbursements) .

As for Salah, he’s an employee like all of us and therefore the man is entitled to vent his frustrations like any of us with our work. It’s up to the owners what sort of club they want us to be. If it means not having top players like Salah, then that answers its own question.

Anyone seriously suggesting we can adequately and easily replace Salah this summer is delusional, anyone thinking we can adequately replace him with the chicken feed we’ll get in transfer fee on a like for like basis if we sell him needs referring to a psychiatric unit. I genuinely can’t think of one winger or forward with the same output as him, at the same technical and fitness level as him (and those are the critical factors) even remotely in our price range. Not one.

11 Jan 2022 12:42:57
I think mo be sold he will pay for what they call a rebuild!

11 Jan 2022 13:21:59
Salah needs to shut up? How can you possibly take the side of a few billionaires who’ve disgraced the club so many times over one of our greatest ever players. He wants to stay and he’s making it known. There is not a single reason as to why he shouldn’t be signed to a king term deal on wages he reportedly wants. He doesn’t want enough if you ask me. We always here about how big a club we are and that Klopp made us a “destination” club. This contract situation will show where we’re at.

11 Jan 2022 13:26:54
"They know what I want, it's in their hands". Why not tell all how much it is he wants? Possibly because he has zero interest in staying at the club. He's an intelligent fella who clearly knows how to play the press and fans.

11 Jan 2022 12:59:27
Vvvv may I just say Aubamayeng and Ozil contracts, no way should the club be hold to ransom.

11 Jan 2022 13:34:02
As much as I absolutely kills me to type this but I agree with Jay. We absolutely need a rebuild and there is still value in Mo if we move him on in the summer. If we get a good price for Mo that will help us get some players in than it has to be done. Maybe as a parting gift Mr. Edwards come really pull some new signings for us out of the bag🤞.

11 Jan 2022 13:29:04
I think there is only one mug Lancaster Red 🙄.

11 Jan 2022 12:59:27
Vvvv may I just say Aubamayeng and Ozil contracts, no way should the club be hold to ransom.

11 Jan 2022 14:18:37
If we get £100m for him and that is a stretch. What sort of rebuild will that get you? Out of the top 4 is where we will end up if we sell Salah and then £100m is worthless.

11 Jan 2022 14:21:55
Let Mane, Thiago, Firmino, Williams, Phillips etc fund the rebuild. Since Salah’s form has dipped a bit we are throwing away points like confetti.

11 Jan 2022 14:25:36
FFP isn't the problem for us as I said couple of months back.

The biggest problem for us is that we don't have cash flow compare to other clubs and that's our biggest problem, hence ed2 criticizes our hand to Mouth model.

That figure just tells u how much we can spend but for that we need money to spend which we don't have.

We've already built decent amount of debt and our future earnings on purchasing players such as Jota, Thiago etc. I hope that helps 👍.

11 Jan 2022 16:05:41
Kopforever, exactly, these owners don't have the money to invest, so when this squad and Klopp disappear and we have 1 Prem and 1 CL to show for it, instead of 2 or 3 plus, because we never had the investment to build a quality squad, then we can all say, wish we had new owners, but let's wait and watch it all dampen out, Irish, you keep living in 2010, well done.

11 Jan 2022 16:16:54
If we sell Salah this summer, FSG will have made a mistake as bad as trying to push the club into the Super league. Their position as owners should be untenable if they allow Salah to leave. It would be the biggest indication of the lack of ambition at the club.

11 Jan 2022 16:33:01
I agree we shouldn’t fold to what Salah wants.

Yes he’s performing exceptionally well on the pitch and could be argued that he’s the best player in the world.

Yes he’s getting older. But we all know that on football manager players peak between 26-28 and nose dive soon as they hit 30.

Yes tv money, CL money, PL money, sponsorship and ticket cost is on the rise.

Yes we tried to broker a break away Super League where we get more money than the other thousands of football clubs around the world.

Yes staff are being furloughed who probably earn minimum wage or close too.

But at no point should we pay world class wages to a world class player.

What footballers get paid is amazing but that argument is for another day and let’s be honest won’t change, but the footballing world will continue to move up with inflation. If our wage structure doesn’t move with that then sadly we won’t be competing for trophies in the future. Not unless Klopp stays or we find the new Jurgen who seems to be able to get the best out of a squad despite a net spend of something like an average of 17 mill a season.

11 Jan 2022 18:16:08
Just to play devil's advocate and say Mo doesn't really want to stay. He has one eye on PSG, massive money and a huge Muslim community for his wife and kids to interact with. Happy wife = happy life. I take what footballers say with a pinch of salt. Sporting equivalent of politicians.

11 Jan 2022 18:16:24
How does a simple post about Salah's ongoing contract negotiations turn to "FSG out" in a couple of posts?
Is it because we're not "winning the transfer window"?
Remarkable stuff.

11 Jan 2022 18:22:42
Lots of interesting comments to my OG post. I would hope Salah would stay, but even with one year left and his age he would still fetch a decent enough fee I feel. Despite my OG post I don’t think a full rebuild is actually necessary. I think goalkeeper, defence and midfield is fine, especially in the latter area where I hope Jones and Elliot will provide some additional creativity to our current workhorse midfield. If we were to sell Salah and some other fringe players and bring in Luiz Diaz/ Raphiba and that Fiorentina lad I’d say that would be so bad. I would finish this thread with an observation though. Most club fans get attached to that one special player that’s in the squad and despair when it looks like they might leave. I’v seen it enough times in the last 25 years with Mcmanaman, Fowler, Owen, Nearly Gerrard, Torres, Suarez, Couts etc etc. Thing is we always come through it alright. I love what Salah does on the pitch for us but if he’s going to go then so be it. We’ll be alright. Whatever you think about FSG they want the club to do well so it is worth as much as possible when they sell. They will invest to protect their long terms goals.

11 Jan 2022 18:31:23
Get shut of keita and ox and thiago and origi and Williams and philipps. That's a lot of wages off the books and a few quid to buy maybe 1 player and afford salahs wage increase easily. If any1 thinks we shouldn't give in to him, watch city and Chelsea come in with offers and we'll be nowhere near top 4 without him anyway.

11 Jan 2022 19:21:54
Was Only a matter of time before LFC’s very own Karen commented on a post offering nothing but criticism to the fans below him 👏.

11 Jan 2022 19:22:50
Yeah no idea why people are moaning about FSG. It’s not like it’s them who are negotiating his contract 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️.

11 Jan 2022 20:11:27
Zagreb - not taking sides jus making an observation. Ed told us 3 summers ago that salah had his agent seek out real Madrid, so to me this is all leverage and a bit of clever PR from Salah. So yeah, he should just be quiet and do things the liverpool way. Discreetly and behind the scenes.

11 Jan 2022 20:27:52
It was only a matter of time before one sensitive poster got upset about a nothing post.

11 Jan 2022 21:29:38
I love the we shouldn't bow to salahs demands this and that yet we have the same fans calling him the best player in the world. Please give me a good reason why he doesn't deserve what he's asking for if you have clowns like Paul pogba doing nothing and earning more?

Simple facts are we can let salah go and sign 2 players on 200 grand a week each and both together won't score what he has scored or created etc. Salah deserves every penny.

Who's also to say that salah is only looking after himself, maybe he wants assurances that the owners are willing to invest in the team and keep us challenging at the top level and that's what's holding up any deal? let's not always jump and call a player greedy when we aren't in the discussions.

Just got to be careful what we wish for because without mo we are in trouble and a struggle for even top 4.

11 Jan 2022 21:49:52
Oh JK23, have you got a stalker 🤣🤣.

11 Jan 2022 22:02:33
Markp08. I would go further. I would move on Origi, Ox, Thiago, Neco, Mane, Keita, Firmino, Minamino, Nat P, Rhys Williams, Ben Davies and maybe Curtis Jones although I'm not sold on that idea.

Bring back Sept VDB in the hope that he can cover Right Back

Adrian, Karius and Milner of the books.

Buy 2 midfielders and 3 forwards as the start of our rebuild.

Pad the gaps in the squad with Morton, Gordon and Bradley.

11 Jan 2022 22:07:12
I love the way not one "fan" actually read the article that was making today's headlines, its from an interview in early November, klopp has since said they're having positive talks so may just wait and see what happens, as for having 250m to spend because some expert says so, well I'm allowed buy a mansion but doesn't mean I've the money to do it. I've never read such rubbish in a long gime.

12 Jan 2022 00:03:27
@Port red - stop it! This thread isn’t about common sense mate 😉

What I will say is that, if you rollback to 2010, we were teetering on the brink of becoming another Nottingham Forest and looking at the real possibility f sliding down a couple of divisions and heading fairly quickly towards receivership.

Roll forward 11 years and we have won’t the PL, CL and World Club Cup - out of all the teams playing football in the country can claim they have done that?

We also have an improved ground (bringing in additional revenue for future player sales) and a state of the art training facility that houses all our age group teams making it easier (in one sense) for talented youngsters to come through the system - and a system of playing that they are used to and comfortable with - improving our home grown capability and saving literally tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions on the need to purchase ‘ready made’ first team players.

The situation in 2010 was rescued by FSG and the success we have achieved was made possible by FSG. Even IF, a really big hairy a*sed IF, they haven’t put all the money in themselves their business acumen has meant that we have achieved a level of success that 99% of fans can only dream of, playing football that is the envy of 99% of football fans, no matter what they might say or sing.

We are currently 3rd in the league and will move second if we draw our next game and there is still basically half the season to go. We are into the last 16 of the CL having won all our qualifying games- which nonEnglish club has ever done before. We are in the semi of the League Cup and we at home to a team from a lower division in the next round of the FA Cup.

As usual, everybody is entitled to an opinion, even those who have the concentration span of a gnat or who do not exercise their brain in any form of thought before providing an ‘opinion’, but really some of the posters on this thread really need to get out in the fresh air, take some deep. Deaths and imagine what if would be like playing in League 1 or 2, which could well have been our fate - then we might have had reason to constantly whine.

I’ve been a fan of Liverpool for nearly 60 years, I love the club, I love the atmosphere at the ground and I love the fans and the ‘craich’. So, yes I support FSG and yes, I also understand they are businessmen, but they are businessmen who have (for whatever reason) provided us with a brilliant group of talented players to support. Enjoy it, it won’t last and it would be a real shame to miss the chance of enjoyment.

Anyway, another rant over.


12 Jan 2022 06:28:15
Irish living rent free mate 😜.

12 Jan 2022 12:34:45
@Port Red, if you have funds to buy a mansion then you can, a collection of multi million/ billionaires waiting for their massive pay out off the club while the team and fans miss out on a real chance of pro longed glory, seasons are passing by while Liverpool's "brand" grow and the team suffers, open your eyes.

12 Jan 2022 15:14:21
Lancaster red, you really don't read what Ed 02 says about owners and how much they can put in and how it works, some financial expert says we can spend 250m and not break ffp and it's take as gospel, he has no clue what money is in the club or debt we have. City have had to create sponsorship deals to spend and we call them cheats, you make up crap in your head and convince yourself your right, so open your own eyes mate.

12 Jan 2022 22:49:41
Spot on again Port red - a financial expert says we have £200+ m that we could spend before encountering issues with FFP rules so that must automatically mean that we have £227m to spend on transfers - simple 😁😁😁.

13 Jan 2022 08:17:14
Good to see a reply i wrote wasn't put up again, @Port, I have been on this site for years and read everything in Red, have no problem with anything but you also take everything the Eds say as the only truth so no different with what I've read from multiple sources, not one place, @ WWW, has nothing to do with thinking we must have that amount of money, I would think a a multi billion group has £220m + to put into the team, they just don't and hide behind FFP, the owners have done great but they reached their limit when we won the League and have let the side and Klopp down massively.

13 Jan 2022 10:41:23
@Lancaster Red, FFP is the rule. It s simply not a case of hiding behind it - they are obliged to follow the rules. So yes a ‘multi billion’ company could potentially have considerable investment power but it is meaningless if the owners are not permitted to spend it by the rules of the sport’s governing body.

Did you not notice that when we won the League there was actually nobody in the ground? Did you not notice that the revenue streams that are the main component of potential transfer funds was massively impacted ( and not just only for us) ? The revenue streams were curtailed by a world wide C.V., not by FSG ‘reaching their limit’ (although that seems to contradict your previous sentence about them being a ‘multi billion group’.

The fact that we are going strong in all three Cups we have entered and will go second in arguably the toughest league in the world to a team very adept at finding sponsorship deals from companies whose management group bear an uncannot likeness to members of the football team’s owners doesn’t seem to suggest that FSG have let anybody down recently “massively” or otherwise.

Anyway, suffice to say I disagree with your opinion and I’ll leave it at that.

13 Jan 2022 11:34:36
I'm happy you have your opinion and i certainly won't try and belittle you like others on here do, a couple of things, this is a figure we could spend before reaching FFP, other clubs work round FFP, let's not pretend they don't, the stadium was empty for half season when we won the league, wouldn't of impacted before then, what's the excuse there?, The stadiums will be paid back over time with interest, again making money back which will be covered, i have said before and i'll say again, nothing against the owners until we started winning and they seemed satisfied with that and didn't have the money to kick us on and attract top players, they said the right things but never backed them up, they have to sell to people who want more than a bit profit, they did well but are now holding us back.



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