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14 Jan 2022 15:06:53
Ed666. Value your opinion mate. I read below what you think we should do in the summer and I'm In total agreement that an overhaul is needed. Now I have my opinion on FSG and the squad etc, which I have shared both today and last night.

First question for you is do you think there is a remote possibility FSG will sell up this summer or that's not on the cards for them and they are in it for a few more years at least? Hearing things like Klopp if he had the chance would like to bring in the likes of Bissouma, Bellingham, Saka if they were to become available but will never happen due to financial constraints is frustrating.

Second question is if you had it your way would you stick with the current owners or look to bring in an investor with the coffers to at least compete with likes of City, Chelsea, Man U and Newcastle?

{Ed0666's Note - Absolutely no way FSG sell this summer & I think they are here at least another two or more seasons. This is my feelings but I hope I’m wrong mate.

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14 Jan 2022 18:23:53
I think if they were planning to sell they'd have just agreed to pay Salah whatever he wanted months ago, cos securing Salah would increase the value of the "asset" (ie. the club) and they wouldn't have to worry about playing his contract in the long term.

The fact that there have been protracted negotiations, whatever the outcome ultimately is, suggest the intention is to be here for at least another bit.

14 Jan 2022 18:42:21
Fsg will get away with it til klopp leaves, and then the 💩 will hit the fan.

14 Jan 2022 19:23:02
I don’t think there is any chance of them selling before the anfield road end is complete. Because that will give them instant added value without them spending any of there money.

14 Jan 2022 20:14:42
How on earth do you think they have spent none of their money on stadium updates? The constant blaming of the owners is so annoying. Just hurry up and sell to another oil sheik so we can get one step deeper into ruining the game. Embarrassing. Tired of this stupid money being thrown around. These prima donnas are paid more in a week than many people earn in their lifetime. I’m hoping for the European super league just so you whiners can get those big name signings.

14 Jan 2022 20:21:24
LFC's value has jumped from 300M to almost 3B. I don't see anyone buying us in near future. That's humongous amount of money to just acquiring our club forget another 100s of million is needed to rebuild the team.

There's a reason the likes of City, Newcastle etc are being bought by middle- east billionaires coz it's cheap to buy them compare to UTD, LFC etc.

14 Jan 2022 20:54:06
Tjred it’s been said plenty of times the owners loaned the club money so it’s going back into their pockets with a bit more I’m sure! U get nout for free in this world!

{Ed025's Note - what about the metro?.. :)

14 Jan 2022 19:31:33
I really hope you’re wrong but time will tell. Important few years ahead either way though.

{Ed0666's Note - alas I don’t think I’m wrong mate

14 Jan 2022 21:41:04
Tired that have not spent there own money they loaned the club the money for the main stand. So they will get that all back plus it puts value on the club for when they sell and they will do the same with the anfield road en. Nobody as said they want an oil rich owner but when we are ok to spend over £200m+ without sales and still be in the FFP limit shows we have not been spending great amounts and we are not asking to keep up with city but the penny pinching cost us last season when everybody new we went into the season short on Center backs and again this season we everybody said that we was short and attacker and a midfielder. All we did in the summer was replace Lovren and we lost Shaq and Gini without replacing them.

15 Jan 2022 00:52:40
I really don’t get why we need an “overhaul”. We’ve dominated one of the toughest CL groups I’ve seen in some time. We’re in all cups, which usually we’re out of the carabao cup by now. Yes we’ve had slip ups in the league but city have set an incredible standard which we are (currently) falling just short of.

Add to all that we’ve had our best defender come back from a whole season out and shown signs of rustiness.

Despite all the above, we remain a great team. But we do need some additions. I do think some players won’t cut it and need to move on. Specifically I think we only need a midfielder to help keep the ball better and help defensively. And we need a forward. Ideally we’d get two midfielders but even with just the two signings I would have us up there instantly.

The main concern for me this season is midfield. We need Henderson to start sitting a bit more and showing some discipline. Need to get Thiago and Jones back fit and hopefully build from there.

15 Jan 2022 03:28:00
whenever FSG sell up they'll be passing on a club in a bazillion times better shape than the one they picked up of the scrap heap.

15 Jan 2022 05:15:16
Who are FSG going to sell to, lol?
They’d ask for well north of £2 billion and I’m not sure that there’s a list of potential buyers out there at this moment.
I certainly don’t want an oil state / oligarch as a new owner too.

15 Jan 2022 07:36:49
Juicer it mite be a consortium that buys us mate or another business who knows.

15 Jan 2022 08:16:43
I'm sure there's a long list of names/ consortiums with a couple of billion quid spare rattling round loose in their pockets that are desperate to blow it on buying the club.
And then add further hundreds of millions so we can win every transfer window buying only the most expensive players, just to keep a section of the fans happy.

Back in the real world, even if there was a potential buyer why would FSG sell if they're happy with what they own? To suit those same fans who want to win every transfer window? Dream on folks.
Whatever anybody comes up with is irrelevant, if FSG don't want to sell then they simply won't. No matter how much fans on here and other forums whine.
Why should they?

15 Jan 2022 13:27:01
Flash FSG are only here to make money so they will at some point sell LFC simple as that mate.



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