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16 Jan 2022 17:28:46

If Salah does agree an increased contract would we then require to sell to buy in the summer after last 2 seasons of C.V. affecting budgets or will the Red Bird Investment and Nike contract permit us to proceed with planned signings?

In terms of outgoings if Salah stays I'll be surprised if 1 of Firmino or Mane are not moved on to start the rebuild, with the likes of Diaz, Bowen, Neto, Sarr etc all on the radar but do you know if plans are afoot for operation Bellingham to arrive in 18 months time with his hero in Steven Gerrard most likely to replace Klopp the summer after?

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure you understand about the Red Bird money - it is related to FSG and nothing to do with Liverpool. Nike are not funding transfers. Obviously all of those players will arrive with Bellingham's hero Gerrard - knowing that Kounde and Mbappe have already agreed moved this summer.}

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16 Jan 2022 19:31:42
My understanding Ed is the Red Bird money bought a stake in FSG which then would help FSG invest in their assets to offset C.V. effect of which Liverpool is one, allowing any planned investment in the squad to go ahead as planned, is that incorrect?

The Nike contract was also to increase revenues which also would increase the profitability of the club which would also increase the chances of squad investment within the FFP criteria .

Is that also incorrect?

We all know Mbappe is not coming and no need for Kounde but Bellingham in 2023 surely must be on the agenda and with his hero coming to Liverpool the year after that must have a positive impact on that happening like the next destination of Zidane is for Mbappe .

{Ed002's Note - No, FSG sold part of their business (about 10%). That money id not being given away the Liverpool. The Nike contract may be used to cover losses and loans that owners have taken out - or to play for the players the club haven't paid for.}

16 Jan 2022 19:42:48

16 Jan 2022 20:34:51
No one said it’s been given away to LFC but is available to be loaned to LFC like any other Creditor would and in same way FSG provided funding to LFC to fund the redevelopment of Anfield .

That would naturally be paid back like any other debt put potentially at lower than market rates that Commercial finders would charge.

Would that not help fill a funding gap created by C.V. losses and allow LFC to trade as expected to do before the C.V. effect affected those plans, while at the same time helping the club stay at the top table and protect the Capital value of the club for the eventual sale or to attract other investors either in the club or FSG as a whole?

{Ed002's Note - No, the owners are smart enough not to throw money away.}

16 Jan 2022 21:41:33
The owners will be throwing massive money away if in a couple of years we aren’t able to qualify for the CL.

16 Jan 2022 22:11:37
Why? They bought it for a steal so they'll make a profit if they decide to sell.

16 Jan 2022 22:45:05
Yes mane mate but their model has always been minimal/ self sustain investment coz without taking any risks their investment is getting bigger and bigger so in that (business) sense it makes no sense to invest their own money coz won't make any difference to their already soaring investment.

They don't like taking any risks including small ones interms of players hence our model has always been hand to Mouth.

I remember few seasons back they were talking with one of the major sponsors buying a certain superstar (by investing their own money) for that we can demand/ get huge sponsors etc but we/ they backed out.

At the same time it's difficult to soley blame them coz most of the top clubs are self sustained including Chelsea, City, UTD etc.

Just think we could and should do much much better in terms of our commercial side coz the likes of Chelsea, City, UTD and even Arsenal at certain commercial expect are way far ahead despite our Club being one of the major brands in world football tho.

16 Jan 2022 23:45:54
I’m not sure where this mysterious buyer willing to pay £2 - 3 billion is?
FSG have increased the club’s worth on paper but were lead to believe that they don’t take anything out?
So, in their 11 years ownership, they don’t pay dividends to their shareholders in the club?
The top brass of FSG are all on the board, so they may take wages at least.
At present an “out” for FSG is not obvious to me. I certainly don’t want a oil state or oligarch as an owner so I would think that FSG are here at least for the mid-term yet?
Any thoughts Eds?

{Ed0666's Note - I’d say they would sell if an attractive offer came along but I highly doubt their going anywhere for at least two or three years as there’s a cash cow to milk and why not any one in their right mind would do the same. Please remember these people aren’t fans they are profoundly savvy businessmen who have an extremely valuable asset on their hands and they’ll sell only if the price is right and not a moment before.

16 Jan 2022 22:03:33
Agree Mark .

If Nat Philips and others never had the performances they had in the run in and Allison never scored that header the lost income from no CL for 1 year potentially or more years would have had a damaging effect to their investment.

I’m sure they have it all in order though to ensure the club stays at the top and give Klopp the tools he needs to make his last 2 seasons successful ones as it’s the least he deserves after bringing the success missing for years to the club to let the FSG investment increase ten fold 👍.

17 Jan 2022 02:14:46
With their acquisition of the Pens, LFC, Sox, Nascar I don't see them selling. When LeBron James retires he wants to own an NBA team. FSG will add that to the portfolio.
I don't get the hate, they have brought trophies, redevelopment of Anfield and practice facilities. They have proven they want to win and honestly its funny to see the tantrums about them. FSG tried to get the cash cow of the super league, there were riots. People here don't want Oligarchs or Oil money. So what would make you happy🤔.

17 Jan 2022 07:14:45
You say people don't want Oligarchs or Oil money, mainly because we don't have one 😅. I guess if there was one who owned LFC they wouldn't be too bothered. Personally I think City and Chelsea owners have been outstanding for their clubs.

17 Jan 2022 07:28:55
Its the length of contract not the money he is asking.

17 Jan 2022 08:34:26
Some things are more important than football.
There’s no perfect state or perfect human but not owners from a country in the depths of the Human Rights Index or a dubious enrichment after the fall of Communism.
And if that’s how football goes, or more particularly Liverpool, then I would check out.

17 Jan 2022 08:35:35
I don't see an oligarch buying Liverpool from FSG anyway. There is no value in us at the moment and there are plenty of other clubs who represent a better investment (ie Newcastle at £350m rather than us at £3bn) .
I'd be more worried about Klopp leaving than FSG anyway. Let's just enjoy the ride whilst we are great to watch and competing for the EPL/ CL. It's been a lot worse for us in the last 30+ years.

17 Jan 2022 08:39:18
So give him a 5 year contract on £100,000 a week then? I think you're making this stuff up Akira.

17 Jan 2022 09:33:06
Spot on, 420FL. The same people slandering FSG are prolly the same people who say they don't want a Chelsea or City-type owners so what gives? Nothing, really. FSG are here to stay, end of. No amount of whinging will change that and why should they leave the asset they have built and made more than viable? People have forgotten how much money the club was losing when they first took over and who covered the deficits? FSG. Now their asset is in the billions and now people want them to sell cos they are not doing what they want? Good luck with that.

They have brought us success and had it not been for some unlucky breaks in games and in Cup finals, we could have won even more trophies under them, fact. You can't win them all. Do they do dumb stuff? Of course BUT it is our job as fans to pull their ears and let them know we will be all over them if they pull such stunts. That's all you can do. Nothing more.

17 Jan 2022 10:21:32
I’ve already said FSG are here to stay Oli.
I’d rather them than the alternative any day of the week.

17 Jan 2022 11:43:54
In fsg time we have lost europa league final . champs league final. premier league by 1 point. and i think couple of other finals

They have kept us competitive and unlucky CV hit. or else we would be still much better off.

We have 40M OX, 55M keita, 35M Jota and 25M thiago who would be on bench when all are fit.

17 Jan 2022 15:54:50
Pretty sure we'd all take Newcastle's owners, being we have a positive net spend since 2018 on players i'd say the owners are more than happy with what Klopp has done and aren't willing to invest in the squad any other way than selling our stars, Salah is gone, he isn't appreciated by them, he is the best player in the world and will stay up there with the best for 2 or 3 years yet, what does that tell you about these owners, we have the best but don't want to pay them, he is a drain on the club to them and they need to go and soon, we have gone stale for 2 seasons now because they haven't freshened up each summer will quality, for me Klopp will be signing a new deal and i hope we have new owners who will back him.

18 Jan 2022 04:38:56
@Lancaster you might be sure but you would be wrong. As has been said there are more important things in life than football.

18 Jan 2022 10:04:32
LancasteRed, speaking in absolutes is a sign that you have no real arguments to support your point. And please, speak for yourself and yourself only cos I don't want any of them to own us and there are a ton of LFC fans who believe this are are consistent on this as well.

18 Jan 2022 13:00:35
@OLI, iv'e plenty of points to back my reasons for wanting new owners, A Ton of fans want FSG out too but you don't seem to believe that either so. For every person who doesn't think they want a City or Newcastle owner ill show you 5 that would, WDW there are plenty of more things in life more important than football, but clubs will always need owners and the richer the better, settling for skinflints like FSG might please you but i want more LFC.



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