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17 Jan 2022 10:32:22
Ed001 I hope your ok mate and the love is going ahead as planned. Wanted your thoughts please on if you think Salah will sign a new contract and also what/ who we can realistic sign to revolve and move forward with our forward line over the next few seasons. It's been said that they are all in the 30's with only Origi as back up its soon going to be time that we make some changes and wanted your thoughts please on where that process might take us.

{Ed001's Note - it is a struggle to get moving anywhere right now! All the restrictions had been lifted when I started this, pretty much everything has already been shipped and then they start gradually tightening the restrictions and taking every country off the green list. So not sure now what is happening. All hinges on getting a visa now.

I can't see many options for Salah or Liverpool other than to make sure a contract is agreed. Looking at it with hindsight, it is clear we should have moved on Mane in the summer, though I don't see Jota as being anywhere near good enough to replace him in the long term. I think Minamino is far better than people appreciate, but he should play that central role instead of Jota, who is abysmal there. I have lost count of the number of moves that break down because he can't control the ball or pass it. At least with Minamino there some of those moves would have continued. Anyway Mane is the one I would replace asap and look to replace Bobby next, though for now I would give Taki an actual run of starts to see if he can be the one to do so.}

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17 Jan 2022 11:49:52
Exactly what I’ve been thinking about Jota for a while. I like him, scores important goals, but his pass is nearly always to someone he thinks will be able to assist him rather than to someone who could score. That’s fine if it means that we actually score at the end of the move, but far too often it slows down an attack and gives the opposition a chance to get in position. He’s good when we have a team camped in their own area. The transition of play is not where he excels.

17 Jan 2022 12:13:21
Ed001 I can see PSG being the biggest thorn in our side with regards to Salah. I don’t think Messi has been a great signing for them on the pitch and won’t have long left in him and if Mbappe goes as well then they would be looking for big statement signing.

They will also have no problems meeting Salah’s demands and if anything might even offer him more just to get the deal over the line.

The big thing on our side is Salah’s claims of his love for the club, City and fans. I suppose only time will tell.

17 Jan 2022 12:03:37
ED001 I agree Taki is definitely the better player in the middle, hopefully some confidence and run of games show it. Crunch time for him now.

17 Jan 2022 13:35:00
Cheers for your reply Ed001. Hopefully things will ease for you mate and you will get a visa etc. I agree with whst your saying on Taki he hasn’t done bad this season with his limited minutes he has played he has still scored and put in good shifts from what I’ve seen. I hope to god Salah agreement can be reached soon else we will have a lot to replace in the team and not many get the numbers he does. Any thoughts on anything happening in any area this window mate? I wouldn’t of thought so as we are still skint and can’t see anything ok the departures either.

Take care Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I doubt much will happen right now in or out.}

17 Jan 2022 14:34:47
The move breaks down every time taki takes the ball with his back to goal under pressure. Correct jotas link up isn’t great, incorrect taki could do better imo.

17 Jan 2022 15:44:01
FSG playing a strange game of thinking no one wants Mo, soon be PSG coming in and Salah not feeling wanted.

17 Jan 2022 15:58:50
i genuinely think Jota is only effective when he is at the end of the move i thin k his link up play deeper in the pitch is not strong enough with firmino not having long left a forward with good vision and play making abilities is what we will need.

17 Jan 2022 16:10:46
We have also grossly overpaid for jota.

17 Jan 2022 16:16:22
It's interesting how people see things so differently from watching the same matches/ performances. All opinions valid of course, but just interesting to note how one person can see something very positively and another person very negatively.

I agree Jota doesn't have the all-round game of Salah, Mane, Firmino or some other forwards, but to suggest that the second top scorer in the league this season (the only person ahead of him is the sensational Salah), should be replaced with Minamino, who granted hasn't had loads of opportunities but that's most likely with good reason, is a bit of a stretch for me.

I think one of the reasons we've scored more freely this season is because we now have Jota who has added more and a different type of goals.

17 Jan 2022 16:34:20
Genuine question, I'm not trying to be argumentative but am I missing something with Jota? Akira1892: "we have also grossly overpaid for Jota".

What was the fee? Something like £40m, maybe just above? Granted we probably paid a bit extra in order to get the agreement to pay in installments but I think we countered that by pulling Wolves' pants down for £10m for Hoever going the other way.

£40m for the second highest scorer in the league this season. A goal every other match. And proper goals as well. Good finishes at important times in matches (and he also scored fairly freely last season until his injury) .

I'm not suggesting Jota is as good as Salah or (prime) Mane or Firmino but based on what he's done so far, I think it's been a really good signing at £40m (and remember it was the signing that came in the summer where we were all disappointed that we didn't get Werner, who cost Chelsea about 25% more than Jota and currently has seven goals in one and a half seasons) .

{Ed0666's Note - if we were to sell him now I think we’d get what we paid if not a little more? What do you think mate? I think I’d take 40 mill for him now..

17 Jan 2022 16:44:56
Ed’s not saying replace Jota, he’s saying try Taki in that position and see if he can make it his own. I agree Jota flatters to deceive. Things break down in build up play with him but he’s got a good eye for goal and gets loads of headers for a little chap. It’s just his link up play he needs to improve.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d play Jota left, taki in the middle & Williams on the right against palace. Give that a go till Salah & Mane get back.

17 Jan 2022 17:39:46
Come on guys how would anyone say Taki could ever be the future? He has talent yes, but is the shyest most mentally weak footballer I’ve ever seen. Highlighted by a penalty over the bar when the pressure was on against Leicester and an open goal missed against Arsenal in the cup when it mattered.
Most premier league players have bags of talent but what separates the Salahs from the Takis is that mental toughness and ability to be calm and perform under extreme pressure. Taki can’t do that and I don’t think he ever will.
Jota bags important goals and wants the responsibility to score them. Is he perfect? No, but I’d much rather give a player with all of the tools the chance to grow into a role rather than replacing him with a player that might or might not poo his pants and miss an open goal with a minute to go in a CL final.
Taki is a good player don’t get me wrong but his timid nature gets in his way.

{Ed001's Note - Salah missed a pen recently, does that make him mentally weak? Some of the crap people make up to degrade a player is embarrassing. Being shy does not make a man mentally weak and shows how little you understand of footballers mentalities. Best was shy, hence why he drank so much.}

17 Jan 2022 17:42:10
Rumour mill today is Bobby to Barcelona in the summer. 17 mill. We’ll struggle to find a replacement for him at that price if true.

17 Jan 2022 18:36:17
That's a problem we're going to have with 'cashing in' on any of our front 3 though JK. With little time left on their contracts, they will likely fetch less than a proven replacement for them.

17 Jan 2022 19:19:48
Beckers Pecker was it not Minamino who scored at the end of the game vs Arsenal to set up the aforementioned penalty shootout? Did he not score then when it mattered?

17 Jan 2022 19:20:18
I’m shy Ed001 - Wondered why I drink so much 😃🍺.

{Ed0666's Note - Bestie can’t have been that shy with the number of notches on his bedpost

17 Jan 2022 20:40:20
My son is the shyest lad you will ever meet but he is very mentally strong and by god he can play football! Proud dad😉.

18 Jan 2022 01:01:10
I’m not degrading Taki Ed I’m just saying that in my opinion he is too timid to handle the pressure at a big club. I’ve said he’s a very talented player but at the top level you need more than that.
Yes manemino he did score the equaliser which shows the talent he has when it’s instinctive. When he’s got time to think he panics.
He’s a good player to have in the squad but if we are thinking of him as first choice I’m pretty sure we will ultimately be disappointed.

{Ed001's Note - ifmyou say so.}

18 Jan 2022 09:58:05
RR yes jota is 2nd highest scorer that's fair but he's also played pretty poor, it would be pretty easy to just talk stats and make a point for minamino though, he's scored 6 goals in 675 minutes so far this season, jota has 12 in 1875 minutes, so actually taki has scored more goals per minute than jota, I'd argue that taki through the middle would result in more goals for our other players too just based on the fact he's willing to actually press and get stuck in and work for the team as opposed to jota who tends to stand still and throw his arms up when a player doesn't pass the ball through 5 defenders to him.

18 Jan 2022 09:58:26
Beckers, No one is saying Taki should be first choice. You came up with that on your own. Taki is a very smart player who is able to find pockets of space in an around the box and he is always on the move and never hides. People are just suggesting that Taki should be tried there in place of Jota cos yes, his link up play is poor and has been poor since he got here and he is not improving on that front. In fact, he is getting worse.

And as for Taki missing a penalty, you do know that he was the one who got us to pens. vs Leicester with that sublime finish. So was he weak minded in that clutch moment or just cos he missed a pen (clearly, nobody had ever done that till Taki pulled up at Anfield? The slander is deafening, mate. Taki is not your fav. That's fine BUT don't start making up stuff just slander him. That is bang out of order, IMO.



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