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14 Apr 2022 02:43:17
I've always liked the idea of Joe at right back and Trent in front of him on the right side of midfield.

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14 Apr 2022 03:45:23
May be that's what we will do after selling Salah in the summer.

14 Apr 2022 05:55:40
I don’t understand the obsession with trying to play Trent further forward, is it because he was a midfielder in his youth or because he doesn’t fit the traditional mould of a right back. Right back is the perfect position for Trent, he should stay there.

14 Apr 2022 06:30:40
TB2 Trent is a top notch player, but RB is not his ideal position. He is positionally found out at times and defensively he lacks bite and consistency
He would be far better in a midfield four on the right, but I get that would mean a change in formation that Klopp would not likely be open too?

{Ed0666's Note - And let the backlash begin….

14 Apr 2022 06:56:52
We have one of the best defences in the League, Trent is part of that defence. He is a modern day full back playing for a team that are mainly extremely offensive. His assists are off the chart, how anyone can say he is better in a midfield four when he hasn't played a professional game for Liverpool in that spot is truly baffling. I mean how do you even know that? What we do know is what he brings as a full back tho. For me he stays there for a long time 👍.

14 Apr 2022 07:00:25
If people think Gomez is a better RB than Trent you have never watched a Liverpool game in your life.

14 Apr 2022 07:34:23
In fairness I wouldn’t mind seeing Vvd at Left wing and Mino at centre half.

14 Apr 2022 08:01:21
Trent could probably influence a game in any position he wants right now his best position for the club is at RB as proven over the last few years if he does move position like a Bale further forward or into midfield I'm sure he would be brilliant, he has decent pace a good engine a wand of a right foot and a good shot on him maybe something for the future but why change something that's not broken.

14 Apr 2022 09:15:09
How can you expect any RB to create 60-70% of our chances by encouraging him to be high up the pitch as much as he can with highline in the place and yet expect him to be perfect at the back? When one diagonal ball is enough to take him out of the game?

This is how Klopp wants him to play hence hendo is being told to fill that space when needed coz it's impossible for any human forget TAA to be at both place at the same time when one long ball is enough to take him out of the game when defending.

14 Apr 2022 09:42:12
Leave him where he is because he's clearly doing a great job. He's 1 assist off Mcmanaman's record (20). I don't think people realise just how incredible 20+ assists is from any position. I can only think of De Bruyne, Mcmanaman and Henry to do it for an English team in the Premier League Era. Whatever you think about his defending, he does not cost us anywhere near 20 goals a season so as far as i'm concerned he's still got a net positive influence on our results.

14 Apr 2022 10:25:27
People also have to consider how many times his passes start an attack from nothing. For example his pass to Diaz in the 1st leg against Benfica. Diaz gets the assist but Trent is the only right back in world football who plays that kind of penetrating pass on a weekly basis.

For all the talk of his defensive errors, statistically speaking he has made 2 errors leading to a goal in the last 3 seasons. For context, Alisson has made 5 and Van Dijk has also made 2 (and he missed a whole season so would possibly have more than Trent if he'd been fit) . It's very tiresome watching everything Trent does get cross examined.

He is so high up the pitch because Klopp tells him to be there. He gets caught trying to play offside occasionally because Klopp tells him to do so. It's the biggest myth in football that he's some major liability at the back for us and even if you do want to ignore facts and deal in sensationalist media influenced opinions, you still can't deny that his passing is worth about 20-30 goals a season to us at the other end of the pitch. Does it really matter that he's not Paulo Maldini?

14 Apr 2022 11:00:38
Has anyone seen the premier league pitch graph for I think it’s attacking passes in each zone. Trent is first in every zone on the right hand side and I believe is the first player to ever do it. From what I read the more forward zones are normally occupied by KDB but Trent is well ahead.

Anyway back to my point Trent is occupying every zone so if he was to move further forward I think that would restrict us as a team because he would then not be able to launch his attacking passes from deep as he will be further forward and it’s already proven as a Full Back he still gets into those forward zones and dominates them without the need to play further up the park in a position change.

14 Apr 2022 11:23:27
Stick TAA in a defensive minded team and he no one would question his defensive duties anymore than Reece-James. He only gets highlighted because of the way LFC are set up.

14 Apr 2022 11:37:27
Trent is playing in his best position. End of story really.

I am not a massive fan of the new system which brings him inside whilst the right no8 overlaps wide but based on our results and his stats, who am I to argue?

The other thing I have noticed about him this season is that he doesn't bother taking a touch anymore, nor does he carry the ball when given the opportunity. He just immediately chooses the attacking pass no matter where he receives it. Unprecedented stuff for any player, never mind a fullback.

14 Apr 2022 12:35:56
If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

14 Apr 2022 14:52:10
JK, I propose trying out Alisson at CF. We've seen he's good on corners with his head. 😉.

14 Apr 2022 15:20:22
Aray imagine Klopp pulled that rabbit out of the hat v Wolves to win the league with Allison getting the winner 🤣.

14 Apr 2022 15:38:11
If Alisson scores the goal to win the Premier League for us, I'd absolutely lose my head 🤣.



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