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16 Apr 2022 20:08:28
Lessons from the ManCity FA cup game.
1. Mane has broken Salah's mojo. He was invisible until Mane was subbed. He needs to be benched for a while and used as super sub.
2. Firmino and Jota should not play together.
3. When you a choice between a tired Fabinho and a tired Thiago, don't take out Thiago, especially if you are left with Henderson and Curtis.
4. Needs be said there is something wrong with VVD, his partners are out performing him this season.
5. Keita has maintained fitness.
6. Mane still has poor first touch but his the best harrasser of the opponents' 18.
7. Henderson/ Klopp needs to hand over vocal duties to someone who plays regularly.

The Quadruple is possible!

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16 Apr 2022 20:34:48
I don’t know if this is meant to be a joke! In the off chances it’s not…

1) Salah is having a rough patch but he’s still had great moments (assist for mane at ethiad for example) . Let him play himself back into form.

2) why? Are you basing this on the 10-15 mins they got today?!

4) vvd is still comfortably the best defender by a mile.

5) in other words, he played well. Let’s give him the credit he’s due after the ridiculous abuse he gets on this site.

7) huh?

16 Apr 2022 20:43:31
Wow this is a joke right? We beat the so called best team with best manager in a semi final and all you list is negatives? Unreal.

16 Apr 2022 21:03:12
Some tripe.

16 Apr 2022 21:11:44
Lessons learned. Our best midfield doesn’t feature Henderson. Period.

16 Apr 2022 21:18:38
What are you basing the Firmino and Jota thing on? How long did they get when we were already 3-1 up?
And if Mane is scoring two against City when Mo isn't performing, I'll take it.

16 Apr 2022 21:27:06
Let me reword this nonsense post

What we learned from the ManCity FA cup game.
1. Isn’t it amazing to have so many options in the front free all firing when the others have quiet days!
2. I have never seen such quality options available from the bench in every game
3. We were treated to a Thiago masterclass today, did he put a single foot wrong? Wonderful player lucky to watch him week in week out
4. It’s great to have centre back competition all fighting it out pushing each other to be better and better
5. Keita is beginning to show the potential that made us spend all that money on him, he still has a way to go but signs of progression are there
6. Loved seeing Mane sniff out danger and the press worked wonders today especially in the first half
7. We have so many leaders all over the pitch, saw Ali giving some words to Konstantinos after the Jesus chance, so many leaders and players will listen to them all, a great attitude

I hope that clears it up.

16 Apr 2022 21:53:55
Virgil being outperformed? Only reason you think that is because he is less involved because the opposition try their best to avoid going near him for the 90 minutes. Attackers don't even try taking him on anymore.

16 Apr 2022 22:01:43
Henderson has more appearances than any other Liverpool player this season, but he needs to hand the vocals over to someone who plays more regularly?


16 Apr 2022 22:04:38
Yeh agree with none of this, keita has moments of brilliance but also gave the ball away too much, but something about him makes me think he can step up. Second point is everyone skates mane too much, man’s given his all, he’s never been someone who’s clinical but he gives 100% every game and is effective show the ald the respect he deserves. My 3rd point is Diaz is going to be a star, he can do everything Bobby does but bette rand if he can chip in with a few more goals he’ll be a world beater.

Refereeing is piddle poor in our league, how many yellow cards did Manchester City get away with too.

16 Apr 2022 22:42:48
The transition troll is back again. Henderson is needing a break and hence is used sparingly. He was brought on late int he game against a team looking for 2 goals, hardly his fault for taking that thing called time to get up to speed and for me did **** all wrong.

I do love how bitter some people get on here when we just beat the so called greatest team ever.

16 Apr 2022 23:00:12
Agree sailor… didn’t get the clamour for mane to be sold in the summer! Still one of the best players in the league.

Re Diaz/ firmino I think they’re different type of players personally. Just great to have the depth we’ve never had.

16 Apr 2022 23:17:15
you don't just hand over vocal duty lol those guys are born that way.

16 Apr 2022 23:34:11
Wow, we are doing stuff that nobody has done in the history of the game - think about it - nobody has been in this position in about 150 years of playing the game and for all we know it might be another 150 years before it happens again, if it ever does.

Whilst it is perfectly valid to be critical, or rather to provide constructive criticism anyway, I can’t help thinking that some people are missing the simple enjoyment of watching what the boys are actually doing - making history on a weekly basis. Like I say nobody has ever got to where we are now and it seems a shame that we aren’t all enjoying it perhaps as much as we should.

Personally, as a fan, I can’t wait for Tuesday.

Like Juergen said, let’s all join the ride - a bit of a roller coaster perhaps but all the more exciting for it.

Come On You Redmen!

17 Apr 2022 00:19:45
The day we qualify for an FA Cup final against probably the best and most expensive team the in world and I’m unhappy, knock me out.

17 Apr 2022 00:59:42
Who is this guy?

17 Apr 2022 01:18:20
Three times Fernandinho clipped the heels of players running away from him and no punishment. Mane did it to him in City’s half, first offense, and got a straight yellow. No conspiracy theory, just yet more woeful refereeing.

{Ed077's Note - Fernandinho makes about 10 cynical fouls every game (all yellow worthy) yet escapes any punishment.

17 Apr 2022 02:25:27
League cup winners.
2nd in the league.
FA Cup final.
Champions League semi final.

Bro we are potentially going to win the kloppruple, and you are picking holes in the team? Step off.

17 Apr 2022 04:36:18
The way Fernandhino plays he should be getting the same amt if red cards as Roy Keane did
I’ve no issue w his aggression, but serious issues w him getting away w it all the time.

17 Apr 2022 06:24:56
City were so lucky yesterday not to have 2 players sent off. The ref seemed intent on not giving them any yellow cards. Fernandhino should of been sent off for 2 yellows before his lunge that could of been a straight red. Awful standard of refereeing again.



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