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20 Apr 2022 19:38:46
To all those who doubted Thiago I hope you all see now that he is absolutely world class. All I hope is that he stays fit for the rest of the season. When games are done and dusted like yesterday Klopp needs to take him straight off.

Also to give credit where it is due I have to say Keita has improved in the last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong I think he can still offer a lot more but he is atleast now doing the bare minimum I expect which is press and put in some effort. Still think we need to upgrade on him in the summer unless he continues to improve.

As a separate note, glad Klopp finally seems to have realised Diaz is in his best front 3 over Jota. Only wish he started him against City in the league as that game was there for the taking and I have a horrible feeling it may cost us the league.

{Ed0666's Note - I don’t think anyone doubted Thiago’s ability the doubt was him staying healthy mate. I was one of the naysayers because what’s the use of having a world class talent in the medical room for 75% of the season! You cannot say not playing Diaz against City cost us the league because when he came on in that game he had a purple patch for 5 mins and then he was anonymous!

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20 Apr 2022 21:17:25
The game against City isn’t the one that will have cost us the league if it doesn’t happen, it’s the draws against Brentford and Brighton and the defeats to West Ham and Leicester. Those are specifically the games that will have cost us the title.

20 Apr 2022 20:02:17
Ed there were some on here that actually doubted his ability. I agree with you on him needing to stay fit though. If we can keep him healthy until the end of the season I think it gives us a great chance of winning everything. For me he is the first ready made world class player we have signed in my lifetime.

I didn’t say it has i said it may. I take your point that he wasn’t great when he came on but you are forgetting how bad Jota was and how much pressure he kept putting us under by losing the ball every time he had it.

Either way we need to put into perspective how great this side is and what a brilliant time it is to be a Liverpool fan. Really just hope we can maximise these few years and win the number of trophies the team deserves.

{Ed0666's Note -

1. I think Thiago was the ready made world class player we signed. I don’t think Diaz is world class yet but he is certainly on the way and it won’t be long.

2. You had to mention the J word didn’t you mate 😂

3. We’ll only keep on winning trophies if we’re canny in the transfer market like we have been. City will have Haaland soon and pretty sure they won’t stop spending ‘irrespective’ off FFP.

20 Apr 2022 22:00:25
Jota’s goal against City in the league cost us the League.

20 Apr 2022 23:44:10
Which forward should have been dropped for Diaz against City? The best player in the world, the player that scored the first goal or the player that scored the second goal?

20 Apr 2022 21:50:11
Ed0666, when you say irrespective of FFP, surely if its being broken they will be told to stop spending. The Premier Leauge can't just allow them to keep spending like they are if its clearly breaking rules can they? And if City do as they please and ignore FFP as they see it as a joke and not anything to be taken seriously at what point does the Premier Leauge take points off them and force them to stop.

{Ed0666's Note - life is seldom played on a level playing field mate

20 Apr 2022 22:35:38
Ed0666 the thing that gives me hope with City signing Haaland is that when he signed a similarly big money target man at Barcelona it went really badly. Fingers crossed that it repeats themselves.

{Ed0666's Note - I really hope you’re right matey

21 Apr 2022 03:13:05
Haven’t City been under a on-going investigation for 3 years (according to the German press) .

There comes a point where you say ‘why bother? ’ If they haven’t managed to find anything then either the wrong people are looking or there’s nothing to find.

21 Apr 2022 04:35:00
No one doubted Thiago! It’s his fitness and injuries we doubt when fit he’s the dogs b#%#%#!

21 Apr 2022 08:42:34
I disagree, ED666. There were posters on here (and I can name a couple of them) who doubted Thiago's ability to fit the way we play and thought he was not suited to the premier league. One in particular whose agenda against Thiago was clear for all to see, said he expected Thiago and Jones to fight for a spot since Elliott was clearly Klopp's choice.

I know it's all in the past now and we move on BUT let's not act like his slanderers where not here giving him all types of hate even last season when it was clear he was struggling with CV, a bad injury in a struggling team.

21 Apr 2022 11:51:43
Isn't this site about opinions and not 'I -told-you-so' when a player manages to stay fit and show his quality? What I love about this site is the fact we can have these debates, we really don't need people coming out like the sun shines out their @rse. It's called 'Banter' page for a reason.

21 Apr 2022 14:02:39
Here here Stuie. People in glass houses and all that mate.

21 Apr 2022 14:08:35
Oli can start a fight in a phone box, lol.
He’ll be referring to me I suppose, though I thought I’d addressed my thoughts on Thiago.
Different seasons, different situations and different outcomes.
He’s always been a good player but he didn’t show it consistently last season.
Anyway, there’s no point getting into an argument, the football by the entire team is fantastic at present and all is well in the world.

21 Apr 2022 18:18:09
Juicer, Thiago proved you wrong. It’s all good, bro. Peace and Love.

21 Apr 2022 19:20:38
West Derby, it’s not that they haven’t found anything, but that the authorities have handled it so incompetently that it’s allowed them to get off the hook. It is interesting that the UAE government are big mates with Putin and cosying up to Assad as well as being accused of installing spyware on uk government equipment. I can see sanctions coming if things continue and it could certainly cause issues for city the same way that Abramovich has for Chelsea….



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