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21 Apr 2022 17:59:03
How long do the eds and LFC fans think the new Man U manager needs to turn the club's fortunes around? I think it will take him 10 years.
The clue is in his name; Ten 😂.

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21 Apr 2022 18:08:10
He’ll more likely get ten months.

{Ed0666's Note - I think he’s the best appointment they’ve made since Fergie left. I really do think he’ll have them challenging within 2 seasons.

21 Apr 2022 19:25:50
It's certainly possible to turn Utd around in 2-3 years and ten Haag is likely to be a much better appointment than anyone else I heard seriously linked with them.

Will the board follow through on their promise to back him though? Cos if they don't back their man, it doesn't matter who's in charge, they won't challenge.

21 Apr 2022 19:29:32
He will be gone within 12 Months.

21 Apr 2022 19:30:54
I'm not Sure he's as good as people are making him, you just have to see how many ajax Managers who left the Club and have been successful outside ajax in last 2-3 decades

Think will get clear in a year how good actually he is.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure that’s a fair barometer of how well Ten Hag will do. You can’t judge a person on how well his predecessors have done in different jobs. For one thing he’ll raid the cream of Ajax i.e Alex and a few others. He’ll have an clear impression of which players to raid from the academy etc so that will be a plus and also he doesn't suffer fools gladly, it’s his way or your P45. Good luck to the guy I really like his attitude and hope he does well just not too well.

21 Apr 2022 19:46:00
Something red the board has backed evey manager since fergie, to the tune of 1.2bn, but their signing the wrong players so it'll be interesting to see who they go for now.

21 Apr 2022 20:15:11
The major issue I can maybe see with ten Hag at Man Utd is that he’s looking to implement a totally new, alien football style and culture which was hitherto ingrained at Amsterdam, and which their players were raised with from childhood.
Klopp was able to do it at Liverpool but he had total support from the fans and FSG.
I wonder how patient they’ll be at Man Utd.

21 Apr 2022 20:16:29
By the time Man United are back.
Newcastle will have arrived, and that’s the end of the lot of us.

21 Apr 2022 20:22:34
Like Klopp was going to raid Dortmund Ed? and get the best German talents? How many of that Ajax side are even good enough for a top English side with Gravenberch going to Munich. And Something, what recent manager HAV'NT the Glazers backed? a fortunes been wasted there.

21 Apr 2022 20:14:22
I hope he doesn't do well at all. I'm sorry but maybe in 30 years I might mellow a bit when they have been in the doldrums as long as we were 😁.

21 Apr 2022 20:13:37
Ed0666 I don’t think they will challenge within 2 seasons not unless Klopp and Pep do one.
I know Utd have a few players leaving at the end off the season but am not sure if city or Liverpool would touch any off there players.
Utd and been run into the ground by bad owners and I don’t think and manager would turn them around in 2 seasons with there owners. The only reason they did good in results of trophies at the start was all down to Fergy.
The ground is in a state the training ground is outdated and they need to add about 15 quality players to there squad to even get close to Chelsea let alone get near us and city I think spurs under Conte will make up the top 4 this season and will move on faster than Utd.

{Ed0666's Note - didn’t we finish a tonne of points behind city and then the following season get within a point? Maybe they do t win things but they’ll be in the top 4 shake up in a couple of years. Which is only great for the premiership. Newcastle, spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, city, United taking points off each other is exciting.

21 Apr 2022 22:43:52
I reckon a min of. 2 seasons to be competitive. That's what it took us, really.

I think he's as good an appointment as Jose, but the thing will be the relationship between the manager and the board, which is where - in my opinion - things went wrong for Jose. That and losing the dressing room. With so many players possibly moving on (1-2 seasons, coincidentally) ETH maybe has a better chance than Jose of succeeding beyond a 2nd place league finish and a Europa League because he can recruit players in his own image.

Have Utd not perhaps had to sign an agreement to not poach players, Eds?

{Ed0666's Note - I dont know about any agreement not to poach players I wouldn’t think so as Ajax are a selling club traditionally. Ten Hag will get rid of all the trouble makers and bring in proper professionals, player he knows/trusts so there will be little opportunity for mutiny I would have thought.

21 Apr 2022 20:02:25
Reported £200m war chest in the summer. Money has never been the issue for united, they've just bought poorly. If they get 3 or 4 signings right, they will definitely be challenging the likes of Chelsea more competitively. Hopefully still a long way off challenging for the title!

21 Apr 2022 23:17:55
The standard points total for winning the league now is 90+ points, United won't get close to that for years. Chelsea can't get close to it and they have a far better manager and squad than United. United need to an Arsenal and clear out loads of players and build again from the ground but look how long it's taken Arsenal to be competitive again, they still aren't there yet. Ten Hag isn't close to Klopp or Guardiola's level.

21 Apr 2022 23:48:12
Challenging for what? Top 4?
They are well off the pace.
Man City and Liverpool are having close to perfect seasons these days and United are never catching up to that any time soon, let alone surpassing us.
They need more than a new manager to turn things around there.

22 Apr 2022 00:14:22
I think it all depends on how many of the current players buy into Ten Hag's system and the way he wants to play. The more players accept and buy into it, then the quicker it will be. Two years, perhaps a little more. If they stay arrogant then he'll have no choice but to overhaul the whole squad, and bring in a combination from the youth at their academy and external purchases; and this will take longer for them to reach the top levels once again. It definitely won't be 2-3 windows like Rangnick said, maybe 5-6 windows.

I also think there's one more factor. I have no idea if there was meddling by the Board and other senior executives in the team, after AF left, but I suspect there has been. If that is the case, and they continue to keep the old outdated management structure of 70 year-olds making all the big decisions (purely because they saw or played in games 50 years ago), then it will turn out to be more of the same ole, same ole. A modern management structure with a sport director and demarcated duties is the only way to go.

What is funny is that I don't see it beyond the Glazers to dump in another billion (which could be borrowed) . At what level is too much debt too much, before the club implodes?

21 Apr 2022 22:02:34
He's moving from the biggest club in an average league with few contenders to an utter cluster £#¢* in probably the fastest league in the world populated by Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel and Conte . Every target he goes for will probably get equal offers from clubs with a higher chance of silverware . IMO he can stop the rot and get them moving in the right direction but, titles? that's a hell of a big ask.

21 Apr 2022 22:17:40
Suppose he is the right man to have a clean sweep at Old Trafford.

He is in the big league now though and there is Jurgen and Pep in this jungle and they take no prisoners.

22 Apr 2022 00:42:25
I hope he doesn't turn them around and he can take as long as he wants to not do it.

22 Apr 2022 01:37:41
Seriously, who cares about United?

Good luck to Ten Hag but if you are talking about a rebuild who, in the squad they have, would you keep to mount a serious challenge on the PL? I honestly can’t think of many. If they give him the money to buy Gravenbach (sp? ) that’ll be a third to half of his money gone If Ajax have any sense) which will leave them still about a dozen players short of a squad.

We now have a very, very solid squad, constant, whining about one or two players notwithstanding) . Klopp became manager on 8th October. 2022 and he took about five years or so to build a proper squad - and not just a shed load of money each season on over the hill superstars. He is a better manager than most around, including Ten Hag and common sense would suggest that it will take as long, if not longer for Ten Hag to have a squad at the level we are currently at and I honestly din’ think the Glazers (or United faithful) have that sort of concentration span.

22 Apr 2022 01:55:04
Until blue nose f#%#s off Utd will keep failing anyway who cares!

22 Apr 2022 04:09:36
@WDW you clown Koop took charge on Oct 8th 2015 -give your head a bit of a wobble mate.

22 Apr 2022 05:55:24
To expand on the (good) point about how high the bar has been raised by Man City and Liverpool, both teams’ respective managers are also extremely attack-minded, much more so than other teams in the PL.
That can’t be a coincidence.
Utd need to return to that mentality, they certainly had it under Sir Alex.
But they will need fast, quality defenders with which to lay a base.
That’s where I’d start if I was ten Hag.

22 Apr 2022 08:41:32
Pretty Sure Gravenberch is going to Bayern.

22 Apr 2022 10:51:30
EtH's success depends on 3 things - (i) how patient United fans are willing to be (we have seen how quickly things unravelled with Moyes, LvG and Mourinho), (ii) how many troublemakers (on massive contracts btw) EtH can ship out quickly to avoid things getting toxic quickly and lastly (iii) whether United develop a sound football structure around him that he likes and can thrive in.

That's a lot change and even then there is no guarantee that United can become a 90+ point club, which is what Liverpool and City will continue to be whilst the current bosses are in place.

22 Apr 2022 11:01:23
The way Utd are going I can see them winning the league in the next 2-3 years.

I’d imagine the ever present Fulham or Norwich will give them a hard push for that Championship title though.

22 Apr 2022 13:17:49
😂😂😂. JK23.



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