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22 Apr 2022 09:45:27
I love Salah but another interview about his contract breaking. This time he says it's not just about money.

Critical time of the season yet these interviews keep coming up most months. Hope it doesn't distract rest of the team.

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22 Apr 2022 10:39:54
Jordz he did one before the city he was in the midst of one of his worse goal runs at the club and it goes quiet now he scores 2 goals and it’s starts again right before the derby and the champions league semi.
I think if he wants to sign sign the deal or with everything that is going on he should just say we are at the wrong time to talk about these things with all the important games coming up so I will not talk about contract negotiations until the end of the season.
Then if he does not want to sign thank you Mo for the memories and he can move on and so can we he has not been great since the AFCON but we have still won most games without Salah’s goals so am sure Klopp will still have us up there because this is Klopp’s team not Salah’s.

22 Apr 2022 10:52:07
Are these old quotes being dug up?

22 Apr 2022 11:00:38
I think it’s important to know when these interviews were done. Because it is the press that then chooses when to release them to fit their agenda.

A few weeks ago a press snippet of a Salah interview was broadcasted in the main media that was from something like Oct/ Nov last year.

22 Apr 2022 12:02:28
It’s been reported in the athletic and four four two today. Fair enough there is no dates on the interview but seems recent.

Either way Bobby and Mane in there final years too aren’t they yet you don’t here the quotes from them.

Like I said I would Salah to sign just not keen on the statements and I’m not sure the club will either. It’s always been about the full team with Klopp not one person.

22 Apr 2022 12:10:35
Grino we may win games without salahs goals but don't under estimate his contribution to the team dragging defenders creating space etc he's an integral part of the team.

22 Apr 2022 13:11:49
It's all about posturing and being in a better position at the negotiating table. There was a standstill, then his agent posted some sarcastic cryptic things online, then Klopp talked about the "Salah situation" (which he admits he should have never done), then Diaz got signed, and then now there's news that Mane's contract is being worked on. And when you factor in that Salah absolutely wants to be the club's "main man" (that's my opinion), then there are bound to be some sparks from time to time. It's like a chess game.

Ideally, everything should have, and still be, done in a more quiet manner. We never heard a sound about VVD's renewal until it was done, and all this while he was injured for the year. Same with TAA, Robertson, Alisson and Fabinho. It's not like these guys don't have ambitions too, but neither they nor the club went about it the way this "Salah situation" is unfolding. And to me it's not just the Afcon that had caused Salah's slight drop off in form, I'm sure the contract situation has unsettled him a bit. I blame the agent and the club for all this. Both should have told Salah "listen, focus on the football, stay quiet, and let us handle it". And Salah should stop answering contract questions. He may not be happy about the progress (or lack of), but he should just set questions aside. Because journalists will always add the spin that suits their agenda, to it. And that's 100% guaranteed.

22 Apr 2022 14:05:19
Just a general question to see everyone’s thoughts?

Out of the 3 (Mane, Salah and Bobby) what’s everyone’s order on retaining them? Personally for me I’d be over the moon if we resigned all 3 in the summer but if we were to lose 1 who would it be and what if we were to lose 2.

My view (1 being most important and 3 least)

1. Salah - I think the guy is currently irreplaceable due to his numbers. And that’s number of appearances, goals, assists and the fact he draws at least 2 players to him at a time which allows Trent huge smoothed of space.

2. Mane - despite being written off numerous times he seems to have a new lease of life down the middle with 5 goals and 1 assist in his last 6 games. The fact he is our 12th best paid player tells me money is not a big issue for him so he would likely sign a new contract that falls in line with players who contribute far less but currently get paid a lot more.

3. Bobby - I think Bobby is enjoying far more rest this season and his numbers are at some of the best he’s had for us with the exception of appearances. He’s currently the 3rd or 4th highest paid player in the squad so for him to resign I’d imagine would need to be on reduced terms as I think he’s currently Klopps 5th choice forward (just going off the 2 selections v City) . He’s currently recovering from his 4th separate muscle injury of the season as well so with all 3 forwards not getting any younger he’s currently the one this season showing that age might be catching up with him or maybe he’s just been unlucky with injuries.

For me though if we announced in the Summer that all 3 had signed new contracts along with Klopp it would probably be the biggest and best transfer window in the clubs history.

22 Apr 2022 14:30:21
Redjoe I love Salah and hope he signs but since the AFCON he has been way off the pace and we have been fine and as much as I want him to sign it does not worry me if he doesn’t as am sure we will find a replacement and Klopp will turn him world class because that’s what he does.
But I do think that Salah and his agent need to stop and keep things to themselves at least till the end off the season rather than trying to score points with the fans like he wants to sign but it’s the club holding everything up it’s not like you keep seeing Runiger doing this and there seems to be more interested clubs in him.

22 Apr 2022 14:42:30
JK23 I’d just be happy with Klopp signing another extension. What he and his team have done I don’t think we will ever truly realise until he’s gone.

22 Apr 2022 14:49:27
JK23, id lose Salah before Mane and Bobby.
Would get more money for him and it seems like he's happy to do his contract negotiations in the public domain via interviews. Despite what everyone is saying, i think Salah is replaceable. There are strikers and wingers out there scoring 12-15 goals a season that would find their opportunities multiply in this team. The way Klopp has them playing and the space that is created means a natural finisher should score more with Liverpool than in less mobile teams. Jota wasnt a 20 goal a season player before he joined. Nor was Salah.

22 Apr 2022 16:41:30
Totally agree Gin. Goals are coming from all over and although I'd love Salah to sign no way do we pay him 400k a week. That's more than Mane Jota Diaz combined and I'm just not ok w that. 300 max and Mane needs a big raise imo. Unfortunately I don't pay the wages lol but playing for this club is a privilege.

22 Apr 2022 18:11:41
Salah's the best player out of the three. He has 30 goals this season despite just finishing a barren run, with 9 or 10 games left to score more. Could break 40 goals again. Players like that don't come around very often. The only reason to not want to retain him is this whole convoluted and increasingly public contract saga.

Mane's not far behind. He's playing as well as he ever has, has definitely shown that reports of his demise were premature and can play in any position in the front line. If Salah leaves, he could well end up playing RW for us again. And he'll do just fine there because he is a good player. We should keep him.

It's hard to judge Bobby cos he's been injured this season. I think he's played well whenever we've picked him and that shows in his 'per minute' stats. Personally I'd still put him ahead of Jota for the harder games where we need to graft more for control of the ball. I think the biggest problem for him now is that Mane has shown he can do the central role, including the link up play and graft, as well as he can. And carry a bit more of a goal threat in the process.

Being honest, as a fan, I will be upset to see any of them go. I think a bit a bad form here or there, coupled with being accustomed to the very high levels that these guys have played at consistently for 4 years, occasionally makes it easy to forget just how good these guys are. They're 3 of the 5 best forwards we've had in the PL era. But if we keep them all, we will be in a situation up the line where we need to replace three top quality players who themselves have little value due to their age. So unfortunately we can't keep them forever.

I think if it's up the club and Klopp, Firmino will be the one to go first. Unless the Salah situation ends up not being resolved.

22 Apr 2022 18:22:49
I have a gut feeling that Bobby will leave when his contract expires in 2023, and that would be THE most emotional final home game since Gerrard's last game.
Mane will renew and probably stay till he's 34-35, and Salah is anybody's guess.

22 Apr 2022 19:15:34
I can’t see Klopp wanting any of them to leave. Origi and Taki leaving frees up some space and we have 5 top players to rotate the front 3 positions. All have preferences but they can all play in multiple positions so I think any mix of them would work. Just hope Salah signs on.

23 Apr 2022 04:43:22
People keep saying we have been fine since Salah’s drop in form, implying if he goes he won’t be missed. I think you’ll also see that when he doesn’t score, he creates. Losing Salah would create a huge dent in Liverpool’s attacking prowess.

23 Apr 2022 08:05:48
Salah's presence also affects the opposition. They often have to double up on him as they're worried that he'll run them ragged on that side.
There isn't a team on the planet that wouldn't miss a player of Salah's elite calibre. He'd make even Everton and Manchester United better which is a colossal task on its own.

23 Apr 2022 18:23:58
Salah is an elite player and immensely talented. But more than that, he’s consistent and keeps himself in top condition. Anyone who even remotely thinks he wouldn’t be missed or is easy to replace is deluding themselves. I can’t think of many capable of replicating what he brings. To replace a talent like him costs a lot of money and certainly a lot more than the transfer fee we’d get for selling him.

24 Apr 2022 12:12:29
Spot on, Redjoe21 and Flash. We may win things with Salah but anybody who thinks we will win things this season without Salah’s goals or his aura and presence on the pitch esp in the run-in is fooling himself, IMO.



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